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Araxxi's eye
After 107 kills, I've finally received my eye :D
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The world wakes low level bossfights
The world wakes has some pretty tough bosses, definatly for low levels, Here you can see how you can kill every boss 0:25 Automatons 1:53 Kree'Arra 6:48 General Graardor 8:25 Zemourgal 13:39 K'ril Tsutsaroth 15:43 Enakhra Stats I had when I did this quest http://runetrack.com/history.php?user=Matthiruler&m1=10&d1=24&y1=2013&m2=10&d2=24&y2=2013 Magic: 75 (link says 76, that's because of the reward the quest gave me) constitution: 68 defense: 65 prayer: 57 summoning: 39 (link says 40, got a level that day) combat level: 142 (75 mage + 65 defense + 2, quest only requires 140 cb) ----------------------- ranged: 59 attack: 61 strenght: 61
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Runescape double nomad eoc
How to do the dominion tower's special mission "No more Nomad, no more" sorry, i forgot to put music on it.
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1.000.000 Dominion factor
Getting the max dominion factor possible
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38 KC Telos pet
Imagine putting effort into thousands of bosskills, without any pet! Now look at this beauty, with a nice 1/1400 droprate, hell did I know I could ever get a bosspet :3
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Loot from 5 hours of ascension creatures
I killed ascension creatures for 5 hours and here you can see what i got Music: Psy - GANGNAM STYLE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9bZkp7q19f0 ~I do not own RuneScape, RuneScape is owned by Jagex Ltd games studio~
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green dragonbots killing guide
how to kill green dragonbots? you see here XD
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we will rock you rsmv
my 1st runescape music viedeo Please enjoy it, leave a comment and rate and maybe you even want to subscribe =)
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Runescape max skill icons
I wanted the get the most reachable skillicons and i did it
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RuneScape save clanwars huge moneydrop
I drop a huge amount of money in the safe fore all clan wars zone. 10M Ow no i faked it it was only 10k XD. The cb 123 tried to kill me (a cb 88 that didn't wear any armour) with mage and..... you'll see. And I hope he also see than he will know.
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Elite clue scroll
The loot sucks but it was quit fun to do another elite clue, it's only my 2nd i've ever got enjoy
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Runescape members moneymaking guide
A moneymaking guide. Minimum levels: attack:50 def:50 strength:50 credits Maker: matthigast others: fl1pfly
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nex with deathtouched darts
I killed nex 3 times with my 3 deathtouched darts (used 1 on jad)
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99 slay and selling 90-99 slayertab
I get 99 slayer in this video and after that I sell my loot from 90-99 slayer
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I DO have brains!
More info about my new li'll friend: http://www.runescape.wikia.com/wiki/Brains follow me on the twits: https://www.twitter.com/matthigast Play RuneScape for free at: http://www.runescape.com Music: JBlanked - Roy (Free Music Archive) - https://www.goo.gl/fnCIrh
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Account progress
I'll tell you theprogress I've made sice the last video
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bloodvelds slayer task guide 2012
a guide showing you what to do to kill bloodvelds added subtitels on 24/05/2013 Like if you want more of this
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going to RuneFest?
3 months after I got banned, they put bonds into the game wich give you membership with ingame money, they also can grant you tickets to RuneFest, I want to go to there and get my and "valy225's" accounts unbanned, please support and vote in the following link http://www.thepetitionsite.com/134/125/089/runescape-banning-the-innocent/
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easy herbrun guide (high level)
Are you a skiller, here's a skillerguide by a big RuneScape YouTuber - Willmissit's herbrun skillerguide: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_xJz3dOXOb8 DISCLAIMER! RuneScape is a trademark owned by JAGEX, I do NOT own RuneScape nor JAGEX. The game can be played for free at www.runescape.com
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Let it go parody - divination is slow
After 12 hours of singing, editing, failing, saving (man that takes long) looking how my programs work (yep, used new recorder(s) and used 2 editing programma's. everything I used: youtube Lamp (specialy for you ryan) laptop Microsoft expression encoder 4 (screen capture) Hypercam 2 (He's back) notebook MS word 2010 (starter) paint Runescape (official client) Runescape (official HiScores) (they seriously say hiscores) (video) Laptop's webcam (sound) Trust - headset micro Tea and loads of things to get rid of the pain in my throat
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4:25 araxxor Ironman (pb)
Enjoy my Araxxor pb with some sea shanty 2!
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my first 99... MAGIC =)
A clip where I get 99 magic and give a dropparty and fight a ranger with my 99 magic, he even used protect magic XD
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