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DR1-race drone toy
Great for a kid or someone who has never flown a drone! But i need more lol
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SMART OBSERVATION DRONE 1st and last flight
I won this drone on YouTube from j.p.vidioes months ago. But with the snow and wind i waited for good weather to fly it. And man it is a cool looking drone and the little cam goes up and down a little bit. That's the beeping sound you will hear. As soon as i wanted to let off the throttle a tiny bit to bring it down out of the wind. It just shut down and dropped around 50 feet on to the parking lot. Why not the grass!!!! I about shed a tear i am still very upset! I haven't been working allot and i am addicted to drones! So winning this was a dream come true!!! My 1st drone RTF grasshopper f210 flew away and now this! I would like to say that i am sorry i was going to use it to get more footage for my channel! But the sky hunter flew great and came close to falling in the river because of low power lol! So it could be worse at least i only broke the one!! Still it kills me im going to try my hardest to fix it but it broke in allot of places! Ill post the sky hunter latter! For now watch this drone just drop out of the sky! And please do not buy this drone!! If i spent the 100 they wanted for this and it just dropped like this man i would be even more mad!!! I want to thank all of you for showing your support you have no idea how much it helps me!!!
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A gift from the Gadget inspector! A great guy with a amazing you tube channel! Thanks again!
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Furibee x215 pro from gearbest
In 1st and 2nd mode angle and horizon mode it drifts to the left!! Not happy !! I heard in acro it does not do it!?!? Ill find out !! At least it flys i should be able to fix that in trim??
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I won this drone on JPVideos!! Thanks man
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All you have to do is watch subscribe and hit the bell!! If you can share with people you know i will be giving this drone away when i hit 1k subscribers!! Thanks to all
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SMART observation DRONE!
Thanks to jpvideos channels GIVEAWAY i have this!!! It looks really cool! So i am waiting for good weather to fly! Thanks again man!
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Cx-10 4 CHANNEL micro drone
I won this on a giveaway from "one board portarican" make shure to go check out his channel!! Here is a link to his channel! https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC7q_4CRxmJdvi0p5Pyxm5ew?view_as=subscriber
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Just making shure everything is good for some flying!! It is working GREAT!!
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Warm tunnel under downtown cleveland
I had 2 hours to kill at work so i went walking around. I have never seen this place. I always see homeless people in the winter and wonder how they stay warm. Now i know...
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Jjr/c gps tracker drone
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Just flying the sky hunter wanted to see how hi up it would go!! Not far lol i say like 100 feet and it starts dropping or acting funny!! At the end it seemed to have a mind of its own!! And flew right into a tree!! But this thing is a real trooper! Everything is ok nothing broke!! I just got a older action cam !! Going to get that to sit on my race drone and get some really good flight footage!! I love flying all drone so fun!! And thanks for watching if you like drones please hit the like button lol thanks
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A package from md95tsi!!
They sent a my 1st drone for the kid that will be here in 2 month's!! So cool thank you Chris!! I really hope this is something i can do with my kid one day!!
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F.p.v. drone.
Huge shout out to Homegrowncanadianfpv and rotorgeeks!! If you like fpv footage check out Homegrowncanadianfpv and if you need to order anything drone related check out Rotorgeeks in Canada!! Going to order new batterys tonight!!
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For all of my subscribers this is a all around good drone!! For using wi-fi this has been the best so far!! I try to up hi but at 150 - 200 it just acts like it is loosing signal??? It is a wi fi drone!! Still a whole bunch of fun!! Thanks to all you guys and girls out there that take time out of there day to watch me fly! At the end of the post look how weird it looked when i held the remote&phone up to the drone lol i love drones!! Tomorrow i am going to buy a S.D. card
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DOG wants to eat the drone
Crappy screen recorder sweet drone footage
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Still nothing works in betaflight! Going to work on it tonight!
Let me know if you have any ideas of what i am doing wrong thanks guys!!!!
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Furibeex215 pro
When in acro mode well watch and you can see!! If this happened outside sounds like it would just take off into space!! I am new and still learning betaflight any help is welcome thanks
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Upside down flying
Shitty little drone can fly both upside down and right side up
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Jist went and flew the sky hunter! Had to see how hi the water was. And it was not that hi! At the end there was a huge bird!!
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Sweet graffiti/Art
Looking for good spots to fly. This spit has cool art but to much train traffic
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Furibeex215 pro with a i pod touch e-taped on top looking down at the props
I have no go pro so i thought y not try to e- tape my little i pod touch to it! Well only place i could was on top looking down on the props! So if you see pink lines those are the props! Sorry it is so crappy but i am hoping to get a go pro soon!! It was flying great no drift at all!! I really like it!! Can not wait to get in to some fpv i just have a really bad cold!! Thanks for watching and subscribe if you like drones!! There will be a lot of drones on this channel this year! And soon im going to plane a drone giveaway!! Im am close to 100 subs and that means a lot to me! I never thought anybody would watch what i post!!
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SKY HUNTER DRONE from my friend the "gadget inspector" Please go check out his channel THANKS
Just a little flying!! You can watch me fight the wind lol it is cold and just a little windy today
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Drone close to water!
After the crash i had to fly the trusty old sky hunter lol still find the name funny! But it has never just fell out the sky for no reason!!
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Gadget inspector sent me a gift!!!
I was feeling down about my mom and dad dieing in the last 4 years!! And i left a comment on the GADGET INSPECTORS channel!! And he responded asap! And what he said made perfect sense! And he gave me some hope! So thanks. For watching and remember life could be worse be thankfull for what you got! And ill post more soon 👍
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Just wanted to try to get a good shot of downtown cleveland! But the wind took me into bushes lol windy and cold
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Doberman and puppy play with drone
So the Doberman and my puppy love chasing micro drones!! Half way thu the vidio you can c the doberman whining! Thats because she bite the sky viper and it stopped working!! So i pulled out the airhogs micro and if u watch close the puppy bites it while in the grass and it did not break! And i crash it a couple times too. Sky viper flys faster and has faster yaw but airhogs is a tank
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FuriBee X215
It has come!!! Just so cold !! And i need to go get a battery!!
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Got home from work and their where 6 deer like right next to me!! And when i filmed the. It just looked soooo creepy!!
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Doberman and puppy try to eat micro drone
Sky viper nano 550 is what i was flying. I use to have a sky viper nano200 untill the Doberman got it!!
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Tattu r-line battery has come!
It only took 2 days from Amazon 1st time i ordered anything from them! I like it!
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Finally got the qx7!!!!!
It looks like it is just what i needed. I ordered it with a x215 but still waiting on that just standing by my front door
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Another dog another drone
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The dog is back
Dog dnt like drone
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Drone vs dog 3
He loves this thing
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DRONE 2 sharper image streaming drone
Just recorded what the drone sent to my phone! Looked horrible lol i was just flying then i looked at the footage! So if you want a drone that can stream good footage then this is not for you!!
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furibee x215 pro with a vivitar hd cam e-taped to it
just wanted to see if this hd cam would stay on this beast!!!!!!! BIG SHOUT OUT TO "md95tsi" for hooking it up with this cam!! Thanks man
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Death to a drone
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(VINCE IRIE)/jedeye Fpv/\ Drone Racer ....GIVEAWAY backpack has come!!
I got the backpack from the giveaway that vince irie had and it is great!! Big shout out to vince ire or jedeye Fpv/\Drone Racer he knows how to do a GIVEAWAY!!! THANKS
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1 drone 2 dogs
My 2 dogs love running after small drones! But the Doberman will bite it! She has broke 3 of my little micro drones!
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Drone footage of downtown cleveland!!
It was raining so i thought under a bridge would be a good spot! At the end i dropped my phone! Every video editor i download really sucks so i just posted it fuck editing
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