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Rex Reed addresses students and staff at Kenowa Hills
Rex Reed addresses his students and friends and tells them about his medical condition.
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Samuel Reed 1:11 "LOOK"
A live performance of the song "LOOK" from the album "Reedemption 1:11", on October 5, 2015 at the cHURCH OF MONIKA in Grand Rapids, MI. (Part of the Rumsey Street Project) during ArtPrize.
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Sam Awry - ***Parental Advisory*** EP
Sam Awry, lyrical assassin extraordinaire, has released this FREE Hip Hop music into the streets!!! this shit is dope!!!
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AL Sings at Founders Brewery
AL Sings at founders Brewery 12-15-2010
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The Message
Samuel Reed 1:11 and Sam Awry team up once again to bring you more Explicit Truth!
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Samuel Reed Sings Tribute to Father, Rex J Reed, 2009
Samuel Reed, son of renouned school teacher, coach, and prophet, Rex J Reed, sings a tribute to his Father at Kenowa Hills High School. With thousands of friends and loved ones in attendance, Sam sings "It Is Well With My Soul", accompanied on the piano by concert pianist and childhood friend, Dave Colburn. ...Followed by a slideshow of pics taken around the time of His passing.
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LOUD - Samuel Reed 1:11
Music video for the song "LOUD" written and produced by Samuel Reed 1:11
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"Wouldn't You Say?" -Sam Awry aka. Samuel Reed 1:11 (BandLab Fork)
Sam Awry is up to his old time traveling tricks again... SINGING THE OLDEST SONG IN THE BOOK!!!
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JoMarie  (karaoke- as made famous by AL)
Karaoke track for the song "JoMarie" by the singer/songwriter AL. produced by Samuel Reed 1:11 aka. Sam Awry, at the International Office of Creativity (2018)
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"Questions of My Own" - Samuel Reed 1:11 (J-Dilla beat)
Sam takes this Hip Hop Classic beat by J-Dilla, and uses the "questions" concept, started by Common and Mos Def to get a little more focused on some of the problems faced by self proclaimed godly men and their followers...
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Steve McGlynn -"fade away" (feat. Dan Rickabus)
Improvised rendition of original Song by Steve MvGlynn... Live from Founders Open Mic Hosted by Nicholas James Thomasma... Featuring Dan Rickabus on the Bongo.
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Bass Guitar and Improvised Vocals - "For Lovers Only" - Maxwell
Samuel Reed 1:11 sings "For Lovers Only" with his Bass guitar.
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"Forgive Them Anyway" - D. Alfred Jones
D. Alfred Jones shares a short testimony and poem about forgiving those who treat you bad and bully you. Forgiveness is a powerful weapon in the face of hatred and bigotry. Featuring D. Millz Hosted by Casey Schreiber and Brian Sing
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Richard uses a chili-bomb to scare away elephants.
Would this work on a herd of swine, as well?
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Samuel Reed 1:11 - Extreme Underground Eclectic (Full Album - 2017)
Samuel Reed 1:11 Extreme Underground Eclectic International Office of Creativity (Jan. 11, 2017) I Wanna Know You (Badu) – Radio Cut The Cleaning Lady (Donnie Destro) I Wanna Go Home (Flynch Beats) Injustice – Live from the I.O.C. The Message (On the Warpath) LOUD – Experimental Loop Worship The Lord My God (Frankly Esquire) Good News – A’Capella Loop Comforter All Songs Produced and performed by: Samuel Reed 1:11 (I.O.C. Copyright-12-5-2016) Other performances include: Track 1. Recorded at Cold Clutch Studios, (Grand Rapids, MI) track by: Will Chrispman/ Track 2. Rhyme and track by: Donnie Destro (Grand Rapids, MI)/ Track 3. Recorded by: Michael Chevis at the Platinum Palace (St. Paul, MN)/ Track 7. Recorded By: Frankly Esquire (Portland, OR)
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Samuel Reed - Reedemption 111 (full album)
I hope you enjoy listening to my full album! this is just the beginning... Thanks for the help! Deborah Diaz, Donnie Destro, JEFF OXFORD, STEVE MCGLYNN, SEXYREXY, and DJ-DeerNad for all the support! Ingredients: 1. "I Still Feel The Same" 2. "Always Somethin'" 3. "I promise - Rexmix" (tape-jam, "Areo Speed-Jam") 4. "(:LOOK:)" 5. "I wanna Know You (Badu)" 6. "Over For Me (True Story)" 7. "When I Feel You Touch Me" 8. "Don't Judge Me" 9. "Songs of Freedom (Live)" Bonus - "I still feel the same" (video snippet) -"king Crimson Sample"
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"I Wanna Know You" (Badu) - Samuel Reed 1:11
Sam shares his secret celebrity crush through this original song written for Her... "Her name is Erykah" he says... hosted by Casey Schreiber, Bryan Sing and D Millz at the Absinthe Lounge in Dallas, TX
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Songs of Freedom
eye has not seen nor ear has heard cant be described just by using words they don't know about the times we share they don't know about the things prepared, no if what I have is just a taste what about then, when I see your face? girl, for you I would do anything give my life for you, more than willing, oh because I love you! holy woman I worship you father I adore you! how can I put it into song? the kingdom of god is at hand are they ready to walk through the land? let me be a living sacrifice! will they ever sing along? these songs of freedom... you can chose to let it go I got these songs, got these songs, these songs of freedom! won't you sing along, won't you sing along with these songs of freedom? FREEDOM...
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"Soldier Of Love" Sade Cover -Samuel Reed 1:11
Samuel Reed does a little Karaoke...
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Reedemption 111 - "Precious Little Child" (live)
Reedemption 111, featuring Daniel Rickabus, from South Of Wealthy. Performing "Precious Little Child" for founders Brewery. 12-15-10
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I still feel the same (music video)
Baby, my Love for you has never changed since the day you brought yuour Love into my range but, if you notice a change in what I say It's not because I don't got heart, it's cause I don't got time to play I still feel the same... You know, I feel the same, baby... yeah Now that I know the man, I AM I see the responsability in my hand I got to travel cross the land so I can see the day my lover takes my hand how did I recieve the truth? because I learned to work that weapon since my youth the WORD is like a razor blade quicker than a speading bullet to the brain now they tell me I'm insane when they the ones walking 'round here thirsty in the rain I still feelthe same! you know I feelthe same, baby...yeah
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The Tabernacle of the Lord (Inside the Sanctuary)
Just some graphic artwork I would like to desplay for anyone interested in ancient Hebrew symbolism. The book of Exodus, Ch. 25-27 is a good reference point to start.
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Samuel Reed 1:11- "Precious Little Child" (Live Demo)
Thought i would give yall a sample of what i been working on for christmas... Yeah i know its a pagan holiday, but there is a true story attached to all the commercialism... hope you enjoy this little ditty... hopefully we can get the sound nice and clean for the album, whenever the next one comes out. Here's my song "Precious Little Child"
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cut my own hair...
Sam got sick of people talkin junk about his hair so he decided to cut it himself since his wife wont do it for him and he cant afford to pay some "barber" that will just jack it up anyway.
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Samuel Reed 1:11,  "I Wanna Go Home" - Live From Bachman Lake
Dallas Texas: Sam Performs live from Bachman Lake. "I Wanna Go Home" -Samuel Reed 1:11, Michael Chevis
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4th Annual Rex Reed Round ball Ruckus, 2014
Highlights from the 2014 basketball tournament hosted by the International Office of Creativity in association with Steel Horse Enterprises at REED ARENA.
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Always Somethin'
Everything I knew before was a lie It never worked no matter how hard I tried Still trying to find the place where only Love can survive Back to a time when life was so simple But there's always, always somethin' yeah there's always, always somethin' Its easy to think back on simpler times When you and me could just sit back and unwind But still, those things would always get in the way I wish that we could still just laugh about it and say... ...that there's always, always somethin'... From the album: Samuel Reed - Reedemption 1:11, Recorded at the International Office of Creativity in Grand Rapids, MI by Samuel Reed 1:11 (Featuring: Steve McGlynn- guitar)
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disgusting toilet plunge
futile attempt at plunging a disgusting pile of black turds down the toilet at Toukies Restraunt
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Sam on extra small merry-go-round
Sam is riding a merry go round that is meant for toddlers while his wife taunts him.
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Reed Wood Floors- Commercial
Reed Wood Floors, Flooring Commercial, AL, Founders
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Steve McGlynn - Live at Founders
Steve McGlynn Performs Live at Founders Brewery, 12-15-10 Featuring Daniel Rickabus, from South of Wealthy.
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"Again" - Live from Grand Rapids, MI
Samuel Reed 1:11 fills in for Jeff Oxford and Dan Agne in this 2013 Art Prize Entry.
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Failed Dunk attempts off trampoline
Dan, Tele and Jajuan try to dunk off tramp
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Steve Harvey is presented with reading glasses (conractual obligations)
Song: "to the beat of a different drum" - Samuel Reed 1:11
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Re: Brian McKnight - Still in love with you
Video Cam Direct Upload
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Samuel Reed 1:11 - National Anthem
Samuel Reed sings the National anthem for the final home game of the Grand Rapids Fusion 2014 Basketball team. (Reigning IBA Champions)
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Samuel Reed 1:11 Interview
Mr. Ty Boulter interviews Samuel Reed 1:11 for the International Office of Creativity at the Reed Arena in Grand Rapids, MI Featuring a sample of the song "UNQUENCHABLE" by Sam Awry Topics range from Sams childhood and musical influences to some of his current endeavors...
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Let Them Go (400 Years)
"Let them go. Didn't you know? They been locking up Israel! BREAK THEM CHAINS..." Written, produced and performed by Samuel Reed 1:11 at the International Office of Creativity... NO RIGHTS RESERVED!!!
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Stuck In the Room - Short Film
A boy and a girl get stuck in a room and start to freak out...
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Ja'Juan Dunks over friends back at practice.
12 year old, 5'4'' boy dunks over friends back at practice...
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Rex Reed Round-ball Ruckus 2014, PLAY OF THE GAME
after a great drive and subsequent miss by the "bricks", "Smooth Opps." put on a display of "how it's done" give-and-go... old school.
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Still in love - the whistling version
I love this song and I love to whistle.
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Ride On King Jesus!
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"To Change A Life" - smooth mix (Matthew Sligh West, Samuel Reed 1:11)
Written by Matthew Sligh West and Samuel Reed 1:11 - mixed by NURI Boswell. Grand Rapids, MI 2016
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"Not Too Late To Say Goodby" - Nicholas James Thomasma
Nicholas James Thomasma Sings a heartfelt tribute to the late Rex J Reed before thousands at Kenowa Hills High School in 2009.
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Samuel Reed Commercial
Just a little snippet to get your attention.
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"I Wanna Know You" - Radio Cut
Heeding the voices of his critics, Samuel Reed 1:11 decides to remake one of his original songs to be more "industry standard"... ColdClutch Studios, Grand Rapids, MI
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A Message from the legendary, Steve McGlynn.
A message from the legendary, Steve McGlynn. (rare footage) Explaining why he has been" laying low."
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Battle part 1
Sam initiates a battle with his little brother Jeremiah
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Crossing the Golden Gate Bridge at Night
Decided to kill some time and drove up to Oakland then went right back over the bridge and paid $6 to get back into Frisco. Won't be doing that again.
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