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I do not own the video. Marduk parody band.
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A shitty cover of a great song Krisiun - Kings of Killing
Was just fooling arround with my first guitar :D
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Obituary - Don't Care (friend's N95 test)
Youtube screwed the vid. What you see is basically a slideshow.
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Don't mess with these two...
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Obituary - The End Complete (cover trailer)
Working on it atm :D It's a test video. Shoot by my cell phone. It looks shitty, so maybe I'll try borrowing my brother's phone.
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Morbid Anal
Pure decay and evil
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My guitars and amp
This is a short vid just to show my guitars and amp. Epiphone G310 is quite badass, it's got nice fast playable fretboard, it's very comfortable to play. Overall a good guitar for a low price. The warlock is a no name guitar with "tk solid guitars" label on the head. This guitar is a piece of shit! It could have been a good guitar some years back (I'm not the first owner), when it got it's neck straight. It wouldn't be a problem with a normal guitar, where you have a nice thingy called NECK ADJUSTMENT! the neck is a fucking boat and there nothing you can do. The amp is Kustom QUAD 65 DFX, and it's a pretty decent amp. It's got nice sound, it's laud. The onboard distortion is very nice, and does satisfy me so far. It has some nice effects like reverbs and that kind of stuff.
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Koci adorator
Taka sytuacja
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GTA IV - teaching pigs how to swim
Gdyby w Polsce policjanci byli tacy zaangażowani... xD
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Return of a dead taxi man!
Funny accident xD
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WTF I don't even...
GTA IV drunk randomness
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