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ALL Eeveelution cries slowed down... Yikes.
run as fast as you can *run* EDIT: Omg, 3,000 views in 4 days? :0 EDIT 2: 7,000 views?!?!?! EDIT 3: 10,000 views?! WHOA!!! EDIT 4: WTF OMG 20,000?! EDIT 5: HOOOOLY! CRAP!!! 66,000 views! WOW! Thank you guys so much! Also: I've noticed a rise in videos similar to this lately. Please give me credit for the trend I started if you decide to make a video on Pokemon cries slowed down. Thank you. ~Nini~ Thank you, guys!!! P.S. Please do NOT complain about my intro! I'm changing it soon, because it was made on my older computer.
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MLP MV LPS Best Friends Forever
Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon take over a song sung by The Biskit Twins from LPS. They try to convince Babs, singing in Blythe's place, to be their BFF. EDIT: (April 2016) OMG 6,700 views? I'm amazed!!! Thank you, everyone!!!)
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MLP Character Themes Part 1
MLP Songs that I think fit the characters. EDIT: NEARLY 1000 VIEWS! PAWSOME SAUCE!!!
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Shiny from Moana, but every time someone says shiny it's replaced with a PokéTuber saying shiny
I don't own the song, movie, or Pokemon Company. I just simply made this for fun (mostly as a meme), but also to show you all that I'm not dead. I also do not own the thumbnail. :3
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Zoe Trent This Day Aria LPS MLP
Zoe Trent from Littlest Pet Shop sings This Day Aria (From My Little Pony)
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Kanine Kingdom Fireflies MV Voice Video
This is just a sample of how I want the voices to sound. I will be doing Dog-E and Pompom, but the others already have actors too, so PLZ DONT ASK. Edit: Yes, this is a quiet video. Plz turn it up. 100 views! Woo-hoo!
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MLP Rainbow Dash'es Grinch Reference
This is so funny! I never knew Dashie stole Christmas alongside her buddy the Grinch. Hmm.
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Hidden Secrets in The Return of The Phantoms!
A bunch of little places you might not know are in this adventure! I will make a second part which will also include the order to save the bunnies! (I just finished the first part when Bandicam cut off my recording lol) Thanks for watching!!!
Small DeviantArt Scam "Rant"
PLEAAAAAAAAASSSSEEEEEEEE stop these?! (Zoom in, use full-screen or pause to read them)
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Shiny Eevee uses Z-Move, and evolves into Sylveon!
I already completed my shiny Eevee collection on Omega Ruby, so I decided I would catch another shiny Eevee and transport it to my copy of Moon! Here she is :D #pokemon
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AJ's new Flamingo can dance to ANY SONG!!!
!!!PLEASE READ!!! What do you think about that? One of my previous videos actually predicted the new animal! :D Anyways, I do not own ANY of the songs used in this video, and I am not using them unfairly. Please do not strike me for copyrights. Thank you. EDIT: I did not know another Jammer had already made a similar video using the coyote. I thought of doing that when coyotes were released, but couldn't think of any songs to use. XD
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Finally filling the OR/AS National Dex!!!
C'mon, I'm only two years late! And I make a big deal of every small accomplishment! ...resulting in this video.
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why did i make this
I do not own the song nor the video, I just simply mixed them together. Please do not witchhunt me for "copyrights"! That means you, YouTube.
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Please watch (if you play Chicken Smoothie!)
I need to quit making poorly-edited videos, I'm just sorta out of ideas until closer to Christmas. But I'll have a whole SLEW of stuff then, believe me.
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MLP I'd Like to Teach the World to Sing PMV
This song is by The New Seekers, and I luv it so much I thought I'd make a video of Fluttershy singing it. Sounds like something she would sing if you pay attention to the lyrics, not to mention sorta close to her voice! (This is a 70's song, plz no mean comments, respect the classics!) :)
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Club Geoz Music, Animal Jam
I mixed the normal music from the building Club Geoz and the music that comes with the new Club Geoz AJ Toy playset and can be played in your den. There is actually a difference, even if nobody thinks. (Notice it sounds different in each ear because I made the original on your right ear and toy version on your left. I also upped the base and treble a tad. (Ignore the video lol just one I had on my computer) Thanks for watching and ~Stay Pawsome!!!~
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Nintendogs Walking Theme Remix #2
An exclusive Remix of the Nintendogs Walking Theme Programs used: Audacity, Picasa 3, Windows Movie Maker.
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Rainbow Dash: DO I LOOK ANGRY?!
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Winning the BONUS on the Storm Stopper Arcade Game!
Yeah. I make a big deal out of small things, so what?
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Nintendogs Theme Song Remix #1
A cute remix I made of the original Nintendogs Theme Song. I do not own the music, but the programs I used were: Audacity, Picasa 3, Windows Movie Maker.
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New Intro or Whatever
Maybe everyone will be happy?!
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Pokemon Evolution Music REMIXED
(not really much of a remix but didn't know what to call it lol) All of the Evolution songs from each game in the main series, pasted together. I upped the bass and a bit of the treble, and also added some cool sound effects at the beginning and end. I just used a GIF of my Flareon yawning and stretching, because why not? XD
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"Should I be Concerned?" DSi/3DS Animation
RIP 3DS also sorry about the crappy audio, oops
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I'm not giving my items away. I probably will start playing a bit again, once I can afford another full-year membership. After I buy a few things I'd rather have. So if you only care that I'm quitting because you think you'll be getting items, please go away. All of the masterpieces that I've ever made are in my current den. Just go there to look at them, so I don't have to make another video! ~Thanks for being there with me, through four years of this... amazing game, buddies.~
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DSi and 3DS Short Animation
Short stupid animation I made while I was half asleep.. What can I say? I was bored. It took an hour or so.
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Using Twizzlers as a straw! {CHALLENGE}
I drank Pepsi, while using a Twizzler as a straw. Yes, it's weird, yes, it's sorta a face reveal. Yes, I have an ugly face and acne. If you want to try the challenge, try drinking another drink with a Twizzler as your straw! (And credit me for creating the challenge!!!) I nominate all of you!!!
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LPS Classic MV
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Pixel the AIBO loves the red Gameboy
Pixel the AIBO ERS-110! This is the first video I've posted of her on YouTube since I got her nearly a month ago. It took me so dang long to save up for her and I had to cut back on buying small things. (hence, why I haven't had anymore Pokemon unboxing videos recently) I also got a Zoomer Kitty in the past month, and my Zoomer dog's back legs are no longer working, but I made some videos of them and will try to upload them soon. But anyways, here's my first video in awhile. Pixel really loves this red Gameboy Advance SP and had a tight grip on it until I gave her the ball. I guess she thinks it looks like the ball, haha
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This is How we Do AJMV
Disclaimer: I do not own the music or Animal Jam, which are owned by Katy Perry+Capitol Records and Wildworks+National Geographic. Please don't take this off for copyrights: An AJMV of Katy Perry's This is How we Do! I used all of my animals to this date lol, and I did dancing for the last part of it due to the chat restrictions in AJ. (Wish we could say more!) ~Nini~
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Idk, a random team I put together on Pokemon Showdown. People should battle instead of always forfeiting when they think they are gonna lose, SHEESH!!! Thumbnail by talbyt on DeviantArt!!!
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Wii Shop/DSi Shop Remix, {WiiSi Shop}
A remix I made in Audacity. I blended the two themes together, and edited the speed and beginnings a bit to make them sound more harmonious. IMPORTANT!!!: If you want to use this song in a video or something, you can, but you must: 1. Credit Nintendo for both themes 2. Credit me for the remix Thank you for watching!!!
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little eye stains
this is sorta the unwanted sequel to "why did i make this". I do not own the song nor the video, I just simply mixed them together. Please do not witchhunt me for "copyrights"! That means you, YouTube.
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She's so sweet AHHHH
She hardly ever barks 0_0
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Animal Jam Timber MV
Its my second music video!!! (Animal Jam, of course)
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AJ Art Studio Speedpaint, Moon Wolf
Idek bored I did it quickly. I can draw best in Sketchbook or with a pencil... :/ :\
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Channel Preview
My channel has been down for awhile, but now I've started renovation! New year, new me!! I'm changing up a few things, but I'm gonna start making better content for all of my subscribers ;D I do not own the song used! Please do NOT copyright block me!! Song used: Best Friend by Sofi Tukker https://youtu.be/grQDRC6aYFM
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A Few Short Animations!!!
These are just a few little animations I made on my DSi, and there will be more (yes I have a 3DS too...Duh)
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How to get LOADS of gems quickly on AJ!
Hey, so, this is my first Animal Jam video!!! I am nintendogslpsgirl, buddy me and subscribe! Sorry its a bit blurry dunno why... EDIT: SO long ago but so few views and likes! This has stuff in it jammers today have never even seen :D
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Please watch?
Why do I even make a description... Nobody even watches my videos anyway lol But anyways, please watch!
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IMPORTANT: Please Watch!
Here's the link (lemme make it first lmao) https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNCTQsc4rNofdhwi_YCmR3A
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Kanine Kingdom Character Themes
If you wonder what Kanine Kingdom is, it is my upcoming Anim'e show on YouTube!!! I made this video with the songs that suit each dog best, also to help you get to know each one! EACH SONG BELONGS TO ITS OFFICIAL OWNER, WHICH IS NOT ME. PLEASE NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!!!
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How to make cool items in AJ
EDIT: The bed was made up by Bepper, sorry about that!!! The awesome Arctic Wolf with me in the thumbnail is my cousin :) She's rlly cool, too! Go send her a buddy request!!! She's Mlpgirllps! The bed was made up by Sakura Fairy, I believe. go see her channel! She rocks!!! I made the other two. If you wanna make a vid on how to make these items, please ask first. Common courtesy.
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AJ Artist Spotlight, Ep. 3
Episode 3 of Animal Jam Artist Spotlight!!! As always, I do not own any of the art or music used in the video. I simply made it for fun, and to promote a few of the lesser-known artists on AJ. Please don't strike me for music copyrights, YouTube!
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{IMPORTANT} Please watch...
I promise I'll be back soon, please, nobody unsubscribe. I really love and appreciate all of you. I'm not totally leaving, I just won't be posting as frequently for a while. I can't deal with all of this, and maintain a channel, too..
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Google Halloween Game 2016
Playing the mini-game on Google Search, it's so cute!!! I made a video of it, because most of these aren't online for very long and are taken off within a few days.
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AJ Artist Spotlight, Ep.1
Please do not harass these users. They are my good friends, and I only hope to help promote their art a bit, not to get it stolen. SO, with that, I also hope you won't steal their art! Thanks for watching! (also, read the rules at the end of the video if you'd like to be in the next one!)
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MLP Love Is In Bloom Nintendogslpsgirl Remix
I love this song from My Little Pony, and I made a PAWSOME remix of it!!! I used Audacity to make this, so hope you enjoy!!!
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Why I hate Perish Song.
AFFHSKFHSOFBEHUH excuse the curse word
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