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Freezing Moon (Mayhem Cover)
No backing track, no solo. Just winging it.
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Get Back in Line Motorhead guitar cover
Ibanez destroyer going through audio technica vhf wireless receiver into a maxon od808, and boss ns-2 into a peavey 6505 + head using a 1x12 speaker of a peavey 6505 plus combo amp
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Marshall DSL 100H metal demo
Equipment used: Ibanez Destroyer DT520, boss ns2 noise gate, maxon od808, marshall DSL100H into a Marshall 1960A cabinet loaded with Celestion GT12-75 speakers.
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My new Peavey 6505 plus! Metal demo
My brand new amplifier came today! Playing various riffs I know in Half step tuning to demonstrate the awesomeness of this amp!!! I didn't mention in the video but I also used a Maxon OD808 pedal through a boss noise suppressor as well to enhance the tone!
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Motorhead-Slow Dance Cover
You will not hear a backtrack to the song, I couldn't really do that on this webcam because the distortion from my amp sounded really bad and kept fading in and out so i had to plug my guitar into the laptop with a distortion pedal.
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The Somberlain- guitar cover (no bass or vocals)
Drums with ezdrummer. Played in D Standard with an Ibanez Destroyer through bbe sonic maximizer, maxon od 808 into a peavey 6505+
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Motorhead- Suicide (guitar cover)
Playing the rhythm guitar tracks on my epiphone prophecy sg custom ex through a marshall mg10. Credits go to Bear fan ron for editing and syncing the song to my guitar track :) Suicide is taken from the Inferno album and without a doubt motorheads finest album to date :)
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Unboxing the Marshall DSL100H
Got new gear in the mail today! Here is the unboxing
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Testing out the new Marshall 1960a Cab w/ 6505+
Guitar is a epiphone sg prophecy model with emg 81/85 pickups going into a boss ns2, and into the 6505 +
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Signature Dave Mustaine VMNTX Demo (Seek and Destroy Riffs)
Newly aquired Dave Mustaine signature guitar! Heres a quick demo to hear how it sounds playing some random riffs from Metallica's Seek and Destroy through a Peavey vypyr 15 watt amp.
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Vader 2x12 test
NEW vader 2x12 cab!!
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Schecter A-6 At Guitar Center w/ Marshall JVM210h
Playing in the loud room on the schecter a-6 50th anniversary using the Marshall JVM205 head on the ORANGE channel and going into a marshall 1960A cab.
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Everlong- Foo Fighters guitar cover w/ Dave Vocals
EZ Drummer used. Played through a Peavey 6505+ with a peavey retro fire guitar.
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Alice in Chains- Phantom Limb (Guitar Cover)
I understand the volume for my guitar is extremely low. Might end up redoing this
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Everlong- Foo Fighters guitar cover
signal chain: line 6 g50 relay (from guitar), maxon od808, BOSS ns-2, peavey 6505 plus head, peavey 6505 plus como amp speaker 112
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Sex Pistols God Save The Queen Guitar cover
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One More Fucking Time
A rendition and reimprovision of "One more fucking time"
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King of the Hill Theme song (Electric Guitar)
This is my rendition of the king of the hill theme song (short version) I know alot of people on electric guitar play it differently but i use all power chords, some do some don't. This just sounds better to me.
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Testing out the sm57 and m-audio interface
I wanted to test the playback quality of the sm57 through my interface playing through my peavey amp.
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Marshall JVM410 demo and showcase
A quick showcase of the Marshall JVM410. Remember this video is about the amp not my playing. Recorded on an iPhone 6
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Alice in Chains- Hollow (Guitar Cover)
Recorded on iPhone 5, sorry!
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Marshall DSL100h cranked! (LONGER METAL DEMO)// Lead 2
A more lengthy metal demo with various riffs from random songs
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Megadeth- Symphony of Destruction Guitar Cover
Tuning: Standard E (EADGBE) Artist: Megadeth Guitar: Epiphone SG Custome EX Prophecy Amp: Peavey vypyr 15 Camera: Sony Cuber Shot 14.1 Megapixels
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Tone test with Testament
FIlmed on HP PAVILION camera
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Maxon OD808 Demo and Test
Signal Chain, Epiphone SG Prophecy (EMG 81/85) ---Maxon OD808----Boss ns-2-----Peavey 6505+ combo amp
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Line 6 Wireless g50 relay
After reading the manual, I learned that the timer i saw on there that read 4:20 was saying how much estimated time is left in battery life for the double A sized batteries in the transmitter. This thing is going to make jamming with a band a hell of alot easier!
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Motorhead Killers Guitar Cover
Ill be doing a second one sometime soon, but right now im satisfied with this :)
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53rd and 3rd Ramones Guitar Cover
Trying to turn a trick
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Runes to My Memory Amon Amarth Dual Guitar Cover
featuring Charlee Katastrophe
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Nymphetamine Fix- Cradle of Filth Instrumental cover
Complete with guitars, choral, string and keyboards along with bass guitar. Feel free to leave any comments you like.
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Seek and Destroy
Playing unaccompanied rhythm guitar for Seek and Destroy by Metallica
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Runes to My Memory-Amon Amarth Cover
Playing it alone this time on a seven string.
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The God That Failed OFFICIAL Guitar Cover
No solo just rythym
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Before I Forget- Guitar cover
Slipknots "Before I Forget"
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