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05 BMW X5 leak
Showing sources of leaks for customer Lower hose from transmission cooler thermostat
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92 Mercedes 500SL muffler resonator delete exhaust sound
Dual cats, Y pipe to single with resonator and muffler removed
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02 E65 BMW 745i transmission swap
DIY transmission swap
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Marc's 87 Harley FXR
New tires, bars, battery, tune-up, rear fender swap, & general clean up.
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96 BMW E36 M3 US muffler delete
Seems louder than what the video records, though still debating whether or not to keep it that way or install the Cherry Bomb Extreme. Only time will tell... and of course an updated video. UPDATE: Every once in a while I get a comment or replay it's not a real M3. For one: It's the US imported version so it doesn't have the true 300+ HP ITB engine that the Europeans got. Two: The car sat for some time not running and the previous owner may have sold some parts off it that were then replaced with non M3 body parts later: I.E. Front bumper, mirrors, etc... The US version got the 3.0 and then later 3.2 liter 240 HP engine. Pretty much just an over bored 2.8 liter (from a 328i model) with a single throttle body. A little knowledge goes a long way before making an uninformed comment.
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96 BMW E36 M3 with Cherry Bomb Extreme 7481 muffler
Amendment to a previous video with no muffler comparing exhaust notes Also wanted to note: Previous owners replaced the original front bumper and side mirrors with standard 3 series. I suspect the car broke down or they didn't know how to repair then parted out some of the M3 pieces. The next owner got it running then replaced missing body work.
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1991 Mercedes 300TE 4MATIC
I went with music from Tenacious D (Jack Black) because I was so annoyed by the countless W124 videos with either rap crap or techno monkey circus music. Enjoy ☺
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97 BMW E36 328i convertible
136k miles ASC+T, AC, CC. PW, PL, powered top, heated seat, Alarm, keyless entry, Full OBC display NEW: Alpine HU, paint, windshield, struts, valve cover gasket, brakes,wind deflector, inner/outer tie rods, polyurethane LCA bushings 50% tires, canvass top condition rated 8 out of 10 SOLD
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Audi TT 8n Mk1 live data vs instrument cluster
Sorry if you can't read the VagPro OBDII reader... cheap LG Android phone. Coolant engine temp was reading 88-90 C. Was a little off converting to Fahrenheit. So I think 121 C = 249 F. Press and hold the recirc button / up arrow. Should see a 1c. Then use the temperature up (+) or down (-) to select what to display. Then press the recirc button again. The value should display. Press the temperature up or down button again to display another code. Press recirc and up arrow to go back to regular climate control functions. Remember this code list will be different vs A4s and other Audi models. 1. System error 2. Actual value feeler virtually 3. Actual value interior feeler console 4. Actual value outside temperature - feeler wasserkasten 5. Actual value outside temperature - feeler bumper 6. Actual value blowing out feeler floor space 7. Actual value blowing out feeler Mannanstroemer 8. Display check 9. Actual digital value acknowledging potentiometer temperature flap 10. Target digital value temperature flap 11. Actual digital value acknowledging potentiometer A/C flap 12. Target digital value A/C flap 13. Actual digital value acknowledging potentiometer Fuss/Def flap 14. Target digital value Fuss/Def flap 15. Actual digital value acknowledging potentiometer ram air flap 16. Target digital value ram air flap 17. Driving speed (km/h) 18. Actual value of the blower tension (volt) 19. Desired value of the blower tension (volt) 20. Actual value of the compressor/on-board tension (volt) 21. Number of low-voltage events (not volatile) 22. Sound condition of the high pressure switch 23. Number of high pressure events (volatile) 24. Number of high pressure events (not volatile) 25. A/D value kickdown switch 26. A/D value hot light 27. Engine speed "/pi09Compressor number of revolutions 29. Coding 30. Software-Version 31. Software index 32. Potentiometer error counter temperature flap 33. Potentiometer error counter A/C flap 34. Potentiometer error counter Fuss/Def flap 35. Potentiometer error counter ram air flap 36. Temperature flap notice cold 37. Temperature flap notice warm 38. A/C flap notice closed 39. A/C flap notice opened 40. Fuss/Def flap notice Def 41. Fuss/Def flap notice foot 42. Ram air flap notice up 43. Ram air flap notice too 44. Operating cycle counter 45. Interior temperature counted (Ninc) dig 46. Outside temperature filtered (°C) 47. Outside temperature not filtered (°C) 48. ECOR 49. Coolant temperature 50. Service life in min 51. Engine temperature °C 52. Compressor Abschall conditions (see appendix) 53. Announcement more actively el. Exits: Compressor/circulating air valve/water valve 54. Rule index 55. Outside temperature °C 56. Interior feeler virtually °C 57. Interior feeler console °C 58. Temperature wasserkasten °C 59. Temperature bumper °C 60. Blowing out feeler floor space °C 61. Blowing out feeler Mannanstroemer °C 62. Sun intensity W/m-1 63. Sun intensity filtered W/m-1 64. Delta exhaust rise 65. Delta A/C Klappenverschiebung 66. Time constant/1.6 seconds 67. Cold weather starting correction 68. Maximum correcting variable for i and p-portion 69. Actual value blowing out feeler foot (cnts) 70. Desired value blowing out feeler foot (cnts) 71. Deviation (Epsilon) 72. Portion (+ heat/- cool)
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99 Audi A8 D2 Quattro 4.2 32v V8 exhaust note
Quick video of my latest ride and exhaust note. Cats removed, x-pipe before resonator and muffler. Dual pipes all the way back from exhaust manifolds. Meant to say I changed the timing belt, not the chain. Freakin long belt. Goes around about 7 or 8 pulleys. (Filmed with a Sony Bloggie)
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Porsche 968 door lock and dynamat
Customers vehicle servicing door(s)
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Marc's 92 Buell RSS 1200 update
General clean up and tune up to see how it runs after many years not being used 1992 Buell RSS 1200 2100 miles Sorry for the wind SOLD
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92 (R129) Mercedes 500SL walk around and short drive
100k miles with 8k miles on new transmission 18x8.5 18x9.5 rims Slightly lowered by H&R sport springs Kenwood head unit with Alpine amp & 10" sub Removable hard top, soft top needs repair Oil pressure gauge not always accurate Working cold AC and no fluid leaks FOR SALE: $6k (northern Nevada)
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968 radio harness
You can see whom ever installed the speaker did a half ass job on the faceplate mounting.
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97 BMW 328i cab rear window zipper restitched
138k miles Features traction control (ASC+T), both seats are powered and heated, OBC full function display, keyless entry, alarm, powered windows, (extra switch to control all four), automatic dual climate control New Parts: windshield, shock/struts, urethane CAB & RTAB, valve cover gasket, brakes (rotors, cross drilled and slotted, fog lights, center arm rest, 8k miles on tires Has been repaint a few years ago, upgraded Alpine stereo HU, 5 series shift knob
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2004 Saab 9 3  ARC convertible part 2
An update on a few cosmetic things I've done to the car so far. Also explaining how to fix transmission and soft top issues. I may upload another video demonstrating how to open the top manually.
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E39 98 BMW 540i Magnaflow exhaust note n Pioneer touch screen stereo
Sorry for the wind. Just explaining brighter LED bulbs for halo aka angle eyes, and leak I fixed on the exhaust manifold. Nice raspy exhaust note from the Magnaflow
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99 BMW K1200RS Part 1 of 2
36,650 miles well maintained... clutch was replaced a few years ago. I just purchased this bike. I was looking at several different model BMW cars to buy, but most of them needed too much work or the good ones sold quick..
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05 BMW X5 4.4i tranny cooler t stat repair
T-stat clamp failed on upper hose coupling causing a leak (first diagnosed as a hose failure by dealer, was incorrect)
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Porsche 968 Kenwood  installed
Demo Kenwood HU after install audio (mic) crapped out on my HD cam so using old reliable lower def cam
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92 R129 500SL Photos
Upgrades: cooling fan clutch delete, Kenwood/Alpine stereo components, H&R/Bilstein suspension, 18x8.5/18x9.5 rims, new transmission/fuel distributor, updated steering wheel/front signal lenses
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Porsche 968 Bulldog Keyless Entry
Demo Bull Dog keyless entry for customer's car. The scissor lambo door kit was done by previous owner.
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94 Harley Sportster 883 (1200cc Screamin Eagle Kit)
Filmed with a potato (240p) 94 Sporty 883 Deluxe (50k miles) 1200cc Screamin Eagle Kit (3k miles) T Bars Chrome kit FXR tank Fender kit Forward controls Python3 pipes Badlander seat Added Smoked signal lenses, chromed flame mirror and license plate frame, painted air filter cover black, added saddle bags, and flush mounted rear turn signals (not in video) For Sale $4200 OBO
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96 Mercedes C280 acceleration @ WOT and 50 mph kick down
Demonstrating acceleration and kick down point Keep in mind this is in the high desert at 5k ft elevation below 2k it performs even better And no, I'm not claiming it's the fastest thing on 4 wheels The amber light showing in the dash is from a faulty brake light bulb.
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W124 / S124 1991 Mercedes 300TE 4MATIC Walkaround
1991 Mercedes 300TE 4MATIC with mild upgrades. 2006 Mercedes 230 Sport 17" rims, slotted/drill rotors, carbon fiber interior, double din radio Sorry for the poor script. My writer was on strike and also preferred Japanese cars.
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91 Mercedes W124 300TE 4MATIC with 19 inch rims
front 8.5x19ET32 245/35 rear 9.5x19ET38 275/30 no clearance issues (on stock springs no SLS level adjustments made) stock rims 6.5x15ET48 tires 195/65 "rolling" I meant there is no need for rolling the fenders for more clearance since of course the car isn't lowered (on stock suspension) and the offset is quite wide and it wouldn't make a difference anyhow. No issues on turning at speeds (of course I don't autoX it), nor when braking. The color combo goes well with the car, though purchase would not include tires. Buying a set would be $800 at best, though typically about $1k.
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2000 Porsche Boxster 2.7 engine access
amendment to another video explaining how to access the engine compartment
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91 E30 BMW 325iA Cabrio w/Alpine amp Kenwood stereo sub in trunk
Sorry for the wind and blurry video. Camera takes great HD photos but not so great motion. Guess it's time to upgrade.
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Porsche Boxster engine access
How to access a Porsche Boxster engine compartment for servicing. 2000 model 2.7 liter. Made a mistake about the HP, not 250 (that's the 3.2 S model), the 2.7 is 217 HP. Also found I did not have to remove to the engine mount to get access to the water pump. I have another video showing access, if this isn't enough. Also had gotten a HD camera so I'll stop taking these grainy 240p ones. I'm a small town independent mechanic. So if you're expecting a professional presentation that's probably something I'll never do. But I hope this video helps some.
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Porsche Boxster 2.7 Spark Plug access and coolant bleeding
Explaining typical maintenance spark plugs, oil separator, rear window, etc... 2000 Porsche 2000 Mercedes 1991 BMW
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04 Saab 9 3 ARC 2.0 Turbo convertible walk around
Walk around of a recent purchase. I liked my BMW 540i's power but not the MPG (18.8 vs the Saab I'm getting about 25.9). Also mentioned in video is a 94 Porsche 968 and 02 Nissan Altima 2.5 Update: Was still shifting poorly when the fluid got hot. I changed out the three linear solenoids in the transmission valve body. Now it shifts perfectly.
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91 Toyota Odyssey RV part 2
See part 1 description
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03 BMW R1150RTP radio
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97 E38 BMW 740iL Mufflers Delete
Just jump to 1:40 if you want to hear the exhaust Walk around, exhaust note, other projects.. and being half awake lol. Made for a boring video but just wanted to get the muffler delete video uploaded
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