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Miasma and Chronic Diseases
We all know that things evolve with time. The same is with diseases. Today we see that high caloric foods and lack of proper exercise can lead to different problems. Similarly the advancements in technology which were incorporated into conventional medicines have modified the nature of diseases. Though we do not frequently confront infectious diseases we do see other degenerative diseases on the rise. How can we classify these modern diseases in the light of miasmatic background without losing our historic concept?
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Kohsar Science Academy
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Desi Diet Software for Diabetics
Select Low Glycemic Index and Low Glycemic Load foods. These help in chronic diseases especially diabetes, high blood pressure, hepatitis, cancer etc. کم glycemic انڈیکس اور کم glycemic لوڈ کھانے کی اشیاء کو منتخب کریں. دائمی بیماریوں میں ان کی مدد وغیرہ خاص طور پر ذیابیطس، ہائی بلڈ پریشر، ہیپاٹائٹس، کینسر
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Homeopathic Flu Analysis
Homeopathic Flu Analysis
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Homeopathic Flu Doctor
Homeopathic Flu app for Android. No audio, sorry.
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Miasma Model
What is Miasm? Similarly centuries ago it was believed that Miasm was some form of obnoxious toxic form of gas that arose from bad soil. It was the result of some hidden toxicity. This concept also got into medicine
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Keep track of your books in your phone. Loaned, borrowed, wish list or to donate etc. Add new, search, delete or update the personal library database.
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مزاج تجزیہ
اسلامی طبی نظام میں مزاج تجزیہ
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Massage - Humor Analysis
Based on Eastern medicine, this program analyzes the four major humors and suggests the oil or oils for massage. This is used for curative purposes in Eastern Medicine.
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Nindra - نندرا رجسٹر
Etkels - Kotli Sattian
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Miasma Analysis Software
Miasma Analysis The miasma analysis requires the selection of the most definitive symptoms. Occasionally occurring symptoms have least priority. This is the method to analyze the case with minimum symptoms and minimum remedies. There are handful of symptoms which guide to case. For example, the CORE SYMPTOM Hypothyrodism includes dry skin, falling hair, subnormal body temperature, lack of metabolism (in reaction we have weight gain) etc. The Miasma Analysis software is based on this philosophy.
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Mizaj Urdu - مزاج کا تجزیہ
The basic tool to analyze Mizaj or temperament in indigenous medicine.
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Vitamins analysis for neurological disorders.
Symptoms based analysis derived from published medical research.
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