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Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition!! | Some Vergil
Yamato combos, judgement cuts
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SUCCESSFUL Donald Trump Surgery 100% Surgeon Simulator
I successfully complete Donald Trump's surgery
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Salty Scrub lords play MKX
I dont know what else to call the video, neither players ever played Mortal Kombat X before. There is a spectator in the middle, thats about it guys
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Father Gascoigne
I single handedly handle Father Gastrology, aka Father Gastro, Aka Fatha' G, aka, Papa-G-Unit. aka F. Gascoigne
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Bloodborne - The Cleric Beast
I single handedly perform a glorious takedown of the first boss in Bloodborne, the Cleric Bitc- I mean Beast.
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gettin' ova itt ~Part 1~~
just watch
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Just Cause 3 short montage
It took me 3 days to edit a 3 minute video. The game is a year old but I still love it!! Royalty free music : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCht8qITGkBvXKsR1Byln-wA
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Dishonored 2 Tutorial
it's me getting through the tutorial starting beginning of Dishonored 2 until the beginning part ends and Corvo is sort of a creep now but you probably already know since this game is almost 5 years old and i'm just late to everything. let me know what you think, also 0:27 to skip the intro
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Getting over it!! Part II~~
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The Witcher 3 - A frying pan
While Geralt was wandering through White Orchard early on in his adventure in search of Ciri, he encounters an old woman in need of help. Quest - A frying pan, spick and span.
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Batman Arkham Knight : Riddler Challenge 100%
Batman backs down to no challenge, flowing through Riddler's first challenge, a race course.
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