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BMW M6 E63 V10 acceleration
Did a quick acceleration run to +130 mph on a test track... Something to take into consideration I am at 4000 feet above sea level so I loose a good amount of horsepower if some of you are wondering why it looks slow well there you have it!... I have all my settings maxed out and programmed through the M button. You can see how harsh and brutal the S6 mode is at redline!! Enjoy the music coming from my custom exhaust!! Watch in full HD!! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!!
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BMW M6 start-up
What's going on YouTubers this is a very short video of a semi cold start up of my V10 M6. I know haven't posted for a while sorry about that... I will try to post at least 2-3 videos a week. Enjoy this video and please SUBSCRIBE 😎
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BMW M6 top speed
Hello my YouTubers in this video you will see an attempted top speed run of my M6 V10. The sound that this custom straight piped exhaust produces is absolutely mesmerizing! Now this video is a short version of a longer version to come. I am currently located 4000 feet above sea level and in a car that weighs nearly two tons traveling uphill.... So this is not the best scenario for a top speed run. However it still pulls very well!! Disclaimer: this video takes place in Mexico and is not real... This was created using a high-end computer and various software editing programs.... Please make sure you like, comment, and subscribe for more content to come!! Thanks!
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BMW M6 V10 one year anniversary review!!
Hey guys welcome back this is going to be a one year anniversary video. I got the car exactly a year ago today I'll be talking about some maintenance and repairs I had to do this past year of ownership and give you a few acceleration runs nothing too hardcore... Do stay tuned for a big surprise pretty soon! You guys are going to love it!! 😎 Please like and subscribe to my channel! Thanks for watching!!
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BMW M3 Competition package review
This is going to be a full review of my friends E92 M3 competition package. And no this car is not stock! 😎 Mods will be stated in the video. Now unfortunately/fortunately my friend got rid of his M3 recently and purchased a Mercedes Benz C63 AMG Edition 507. So stay tuned for that!! Please like, comment, and subscribe for more content 😁
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BMW M6 V10 cold start up stock exhaust.
Hey guys welcome back to another video I've been pretty busy these past few weeks has some things going on but hopefully this time I'll be able to post more frequently. Now I'm not too sure if any of you guys my subscribers are into FSX (Flight Simulator X) it's been one of my hobbies for about a decade and I absolutely love it! People call it a game but it's more of a simulator and it's very entertaining at least to me so I'll upload some videos and see where it goes. I'm also going to be heading out to vacation in a few weeks so I will be posting several videos of where I will be going. So going back to the video... this is just a quick video of a cold start up on my M6 V10 with 100% stock exhaust. Now if you do a comparison from this video and the other video when I had the full cat back exhaust installed it sounds pretty much the same only the stock exhaust is obviously far more quiet and keep in mind my cat back exhaust had an X pipe. The stock exhaust has an H pipe and yet sound-wise there wasn't really much of a difference to me. I hope you enjoy and please comment, like, and SUBSCRIBE! 😎
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BMW M6 V10 quick overview
Hello welcome to my channel. This video will be a quick overview of my car. This is my first video of doing an overview so give me a break for some of the parts that didn't sound right. I know one part towards 3:33-3:47 I ment to say "At times I like to hear the true exhaust note without the mufflers taking away the sound." It just came out the wrong way lol didn't catch it. Please comment, like, and subscribe for much more to come! Leave any suggestions of what you guys want to see on the next video and I will do my best at getting it done if I have all the necessary equipment.
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BMW E92 M3 competition package walk around and interior
Hello YouTube world, this video will be a treat for you E92 M3 fans especially this one in particular because it is the competition package! The car has a mineral white exterior with the fox red interior let me tell you these are the best colors honestly to get in a BMW. I will be doing a walk around as well as show you the interior and show you a few of the features that this car has. This car is not stock by the way. It had an exhaust system along with an e85 tune. Unfortunately my friend no longer has this car. I hope you enjoy and please like and subscribe! 😎
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BMW M6 E63 V10 acceleration onto freeway
BMW M6 V10 accelerating onto the freeway. You get to hear a very nice sound which I call music coming out the 4 tail pipes! Watch in full HD!! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!!!
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I recorded this clip about a month ago. This is what the V10 M6 sounds like with my custom exhaust and mufflers removed. My exhaust contains three different sections which each are removable and one of those sections is the mufflers. I did an exhaust clip to see what the car sounds like without the mufflers however I put them back on and got some cutouts just today so I will upload some videos on that. Enjoy and please watch in full 1080P60 HD!!! Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more!!!
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BMW M6 and BMW M3 messing around in Mexico 🇮🇹
Hello my friends! Welcome to my channel if you're new. In this video you will see an acceleration run between an E92 M3 competition package versus E63 M6. Disclaimer... This was a computer-generated acceleration run in Mexico none of this really happened... All done by a lot of editing by using high-end computers and using various applications.... I will get into the mods in another video, although what I can say is both cars are modified however the M3 is slightly more modified than the M6... M3 is DCT and M6 is SMG. Both cars were in M mode which the settings are maxed out for both cars, basically means S6 mode. No passengers in either of the cars just drivers. The M3 had a quarter tank of gas while the m6 had a full tank of gas. M3 punched it much sooner and was in a shorter gear while the M6 was in a higher gear. Help me reach 100 subscribers my fellow youtubers and I will upload two more videos of these two cars actually doing some pulls side by side. Thanks for stopping by on my channel and please SUBSCRIBE!! 😎👍
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Bmw M6 V10 crusing with M mode
Hey what's going on my YouTubers in this video you will see that I am using M mode in the entire video with my settings maxed out so you could see how fast the car shifts and how quickly it picks up speed. This was done in Mexico... This video is the longer version of the top speed attempt I did awhile back. The exhaust cutouts are closed the first part of the video after around the 5-minute mark I opened the cutouts so you could hear that glorious F1 sound. I will be posting another three videos right now as I need to make room on my phone beacuse I am heading out of town for vacation and I want to upload some of that footage for you guys. Thanks for stopping by once again and please like and subscribe! 😎
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BMW M6 acceleration sound.
This is a acceleration run in my BMW M6 V10. I currently have a custom cat-back exhaust with cutouts and in this video the cutouts are open. Just listen to that glorious V10 sound at high rpms!!! Absolutely nothing like it and sounds unbelievable!!! Please excuse one of my radar detectors that went off in the background. Normally these cars accelerate much faster than in this video but I am at 4000 feet above sea level (air is far more thinner up here than at sea level) and was accelerating slightly uphill. Please hit the SUBSCRIBE button to my channel!! Going to be doing a review on this car hopefully once the holidays are over so stay tuned!! Watch in full 1080p60 for best quality and use earphones for the best sound!! Thanks for watching!!
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Mom driving straight piped M6 V10
Hey guys back again with another quick video. It's a bit dark out but it was kind of a last-minute video. In this video you will see my mom driving my M6 with the cutouts opened so pretty much "straight pipes." The windows are down in this video! This was done in automatic mode in shift mode 5 which is the fastest shift mode for automatic. I'm hoping to do another video of my mom driving this car but in M mode which in my car its programmed for S6 mode that means using the paddle shifters.... So stay tuned for that!! Once again please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content!!
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BMW M6 F1 cold start up
Hello YouTubers!! This is a quick cold start up of my 2010 BMW M6. Revs were only 2k so don't troll me... Hope you enjoy please like and subscribe for more!
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Aeromexico 737-800 landing in Mexico City
This Aeromexico flight was bound to Mexico City from Cancun. Video starts off at around 13000 ft above sea level and about 300 mph landing at an elevation of +7300 feet above sea level and 200 mph touchdown speed. I have this application that gives me the speed and altitude. This is one of the hardest landing approaches in the world due to high elevation, terrain, and buildings which is why when landing here pilots have to spiral down to land. Video was recorded with a Samsung Galaxy S7 in 1080 HD with 60 fps which looks simply amazing in conjunction with the huge highly populated beautiful city!! MUST watch in HD! Enjoy LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!! Much more to come!!
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Hello my fellow YouTubers! This is another one of my videos of my beast doing a quick flyby. You can hear those tires chirp going into 2nd and into 3rd gear and as I said before it's absolutely priceless! Listen to this beautiful straight pipe M6 screaming like an F1 car!!!😍💖 Disclaimer: This run was computer generated in Mexico using various softwares and editing... Enjoy!!.. Please hit that *LIKE* and *SUBSCRIBE* button for more content! I have two little surprises for you all in the near future and trust me you're going to love it!!! 😎😉😁
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BMW M6 E63 V10 Acceleration
Did a quick 40-135 mph acceleration run on a 100% stock E63 M6 settings maxed out... Yes S85 V10... I did this run at a rather high elevation since that's where I currently stand right now at 4,000 ft above sea level and going slightly uphill. So I loose about 12% of horsepower for the record if anyone is wondering why it's too slow.... Watch in full 1080 HD and SUBSCRIBE for more!!
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BMW M6 crusing with loud F1 exhaust
What's going on guys I hope you like this video and the sounds that come with it. Now towards 4:12 you can see me "push the M button" however I did not do so. I wanted to show you guys how fast the car can accelerate with the default 400 horsepower mode in the S3 default shift mode using the paddle shifters. Now remember I am currently sitting at over 4000 feet above sea level so that means I lose over 12% of horsepower. ☹😠 Remember to always comment, like, and SUBSCRIBE if you're new! Thanks for watching! 😎
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BMW M6 V10 cold start up.
This is a cold start up of my 2010 E63 BMW M6. Yes V10. This was when my car had 100% stock exhaust. It's crazy how loud it is being stock!! My videos are a bit mixed up and I'm sorry about that. Right now I'm running a custom exhaust system with cutouts. Enjoy!! Watch in full HD and please SUBSCRIBE for more!!!
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Plasti dip rims completed!
Welcome YouTubers! This video I will be doing a quick walk around on my car and show you what the results are after plasti dipping my rims. I do love the results and the color looks great although behind spokes was a real pain in the *** to paint! Thanks for watching please like and subscribe! 😎
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Going back to the stock exhaust!!!??? 🤔
Hey what's going on guys welcome back to another video. So it looks like I will be reverting back to the factory exhaust system... I've had loud exhaust systems in my cars for over 4 years and there's a certain point where it just gets to you and gets old always being loud... You get tired of it. And no I'm nowhere near my midlife so that's not the reason... HOWEVER!... That doesn't mean I won't have a loud set up with the option to have it quiet when I want.😉🖒 This video will also be informative to anybody thinking about doing any kind of exhaust work to your car not just on an m6 or m5 but any car. If you decide to delete the mufflers make sure you have a resonator or two per side if you have a dual set up like my car. It really helps to clean up the sound a bit as well as reduced drone. I hope you guys like this informative video. Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE for more content! 😎
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BMW M6 E63 V10 Custom Exhaust part 1
I've fitted a custom exhaust system to my M6 here's one of the few videos I will upload of how car sounds like accelerating to highway speed. I was in P400 mode in S4 shift mode using the paddles. This custom exhaust includes an x pipe and secondary cat deletes. Mufflers are 100% straight through. So the system is actually pretty quiet for the specs of the exhaust system and the reason for that is because of the X-pipe I just added recently. Now before the exhaust was actually a true dual setup will upload some videos on that soon and were loud as hell with a lot of rasp. So I added the x-pipe and really cleaned up the sound as well as picked up a few horsepower. However it does Drone a lot between 2500 and 3500 RPM. Window's are up and for some reason my camera distorted some of the sound for whatever reason. Sounds unreal!! Watch in full HD!!😍💖
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BMW M6 V10 F1 sounds non M mode
What is going on guys hope you guys enjoy this video with the cutouts open. Just hear that glorious F1 sound from behind. Notice the Corvette that cuts me off towards the beginning of the video... He sees me coming fast and cuts me off lol. He didn't want to play unfortunately lol. Thanks for stopping by and once again please like and subscribe!! 😎
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BMW M6 E63 V10 Custom Exhaust part 3
This is the last continuation of the other two videos. This one however is with up shifts and down shifts with the windows down. Sound is a bit distorted due to my camera for some reason. I was in P400 mode in S4 shift mode using the paddles. Watch in full HD!!
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BMW M6 E63 V10 Custom Exhaust part 2
This video is a continuation of the other video however it's more about the downshifts. Sound is a bit distorted thanks to my camera. Windows are up and I was in P400 mode in S4 shift mode using the paddles. Watch in full HD!!
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BMW M6 E63 V10 exhaust sound
Eargasmic exhaust sound from a V10 M6. I know this is a crappy video before people start trolling... But this video was meant for simply the exhaust sound!! It sounds like nothing out there as it is a custom exhaust. It does drone like a motherfucker around 2500 to 3500 RPM but that's to be expected with a loud exhaust system. Windows are fully down for the best and full sound experience. Watch in full HD for the best experience!! LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!
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Plasti dip rims
Hello my fellow YouTubers! On today's video I will be giving you guys some advice on what to do before you Plasti Dip whether it's rims or whatever it is. I'm just using my rims as an example in this video. If you are new to this channel please like and subscribe!! I would really appreciate that! 😎
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Cancun Storm
BMW M6 E63 V10 Custom Exhaust
This was a much earlier video of the exhaust BEFORE the X pipe. The setup was a true dual exhaust. It was very loud throughout the RPM range and very raspy. Still sounded nice. Windows were up. I was in P400 mode in S3 shift mode using the paddles. Watch in full Hd!!
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BMW M6 E63 V10 Custom Exhaust
This is another much earlier video of the exhaust BEFORE the X pipe. The setup was a true dual exhaust. It was very loud throughout the RPM range and very raspy. Still sounded nice. Windows were up. I was in M mode with maxed out settings P500s mode in S6 shift mode using the paddles. Watch in full Hd!!
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BMW M6 vs BMW M3 competition package
Hello ladies and gentlemen if you're new to my Channel Welcome! Sorry but this video is a teaser!! One of two videos should I say! Help me reach over 100 subscribers and I'll post both videos! As far as modifications and specifications go I will post in the actual videos! Now if you look up on YouTube it's pretty rare to find a BMW E63 M6 versus a BMW E92 M3 competition package! Thanks for watching and be sure to hit that like and subscribe button on your way out!
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BMW M6 F1 top speed attempt # 2 ultimate fail!!!
Hello my fellow youtubers!!! Well I had done attempt #2 for top speed which was a success but what makes it a ultimate fail is that my camera didnt record it!!... As I was going through the footage it had only recorded moments before I hit the pedal to the metal and thats when the camera switched off. I'm absolutely pissed off about this but oh well whats done is done.... I will try to do another attempt when I get the balls to do so because it does take huge balls to do so. Now I wanted to see if my car had the limiter and it did. Its limited to 170 mph. When I hit that speed it felt like hitting a brick wall! This car in no doubt in my mind will exceed 200 MPH!!.... Make sure you guys please SUBSCRIBE to my Channel!
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Welcome to my channel!!!
Alright guys I was finally able to film a quick blog of myself and of this amazing piece of engineering. This is my first blog so please don't judge I will get better with time and practice. On the part I messed up on..... When I said an M5 can be compared to a lot of cars I meant it can't be compared to a lot of cars since there's not many cars out there like it. Please subscribe to my channel for more content!!! Share this video with friends and family! I would really appreciate it once again thanks for stopping by there is more to come!!....
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BMW M6 drive
Hey guys! This video will pretty much be like a passenger pov. I was in and out of M mode. Now in my M drive I have S6 activated... Hopefully you can tell the difference from normal to S6 mode which is very obvious!... The first run I did was in p400 (non M mode) you can see with only 400 horsepower and nearly 2 tons she gets up and going! No need for +500 horsepower!.... Just kidding. Now I couldn't do anything too crazy today... there were a lot of cops out today. Now up to about 6:30 the cut outs on my custom cat back exhaust are closed. However I open them up after the 6:30 mark. At the last stop light towards the end of the video the cut outs are open and windows are down so you can hear what it sounds like. I personally love how my exhaust sounds with both the cutouts closed and opened. It goes from very mild to insanely wild!! What do you guys like better cutouts open or closed? Please LIKE and SUBSCRIBE!!!
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