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Rafael Nadal forehand analysed in slow motion 2017
Rafael Nadal deadliest weapon is his forehand. Let us analyse it and observe the swing in slow motion. Music: Children of the Sun by Pipe Choir
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Andrey Rublev in Slow Motion
See Andrey Rublev current ATP n° 39 in slow motion!
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Nick Kyrgios slow motion Roland Garros 2017 -  Lumix G7
Nick Kyrgios is one of the best players of the new generation. Top 20 in the ATP ranking, he is known for his unconventional style and his lightning strokes.
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Louis Vuitton Place Vendôme - The Genius of Peter Marino
The Louis Vuitton shop in place Vendôme (Paris) is one of the masterpieces of Peter Marino. Come with us and visit it with the comments from an interview for Vogue Italia.
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AZIMUT 95 - Walk Around
Visit the brand new AZIMUT 95
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Rafael Nadal serve - comparative slow motion analysis
Here is how Rafael Nadal serve improved significantly during the last period. Music: Say Good Night by Karim Karud
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Andy Murray - Court Level
Andy Murray training court level!
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Crete - The Hidden Treasures
See Crete as it's never been seen before
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Death and Beauty in the Italian Alps
A journey through memories of struggles in a stunning scenery of the Italian Alps.
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Milos Raonic and Simone Bolelli training Roland Garros 2017 - Lumix G7
Milos Raonic and Simone Bolelli training. Great technique inspiration!
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Paolo Lorenzi footwork slow motion - Lumix G7
Paolo Lorenzi during the Umag Open final 2017 shows all his ability in approaching the ball. A true lesson in footwork and body positioning. Have fun!
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Dubai Kite Beach - What it is like to be here
Kitesurfing in Dubai
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Louis Vuitton Foundation Paris - Frank Gehry
Enjoy the essential of the Louis Vuitton Foundation in Paris commented by Frank Gehry
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Mallorca - a view of the West coast 4K
Fantastic views of the West coast of Mallorca Lumix G7, edited with Imovie. Have fun! Music: Hyperbola by TEJASWI https://sampleswap.org/artist/TranceAddict
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Miramare Castle - DJI Mavic Pro
Explore with us a unique legacy of the Austrian Empire.
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A Squirrel's Day - 4K Panasonic Lumix G7
A fantastic video about squirrels, captured with Panasonic Lumix G7 and edited with iMovie.
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Rocks and Valleys - DJI Mavic Pro, Lumix G7
Nice aerial images of valleys, rocks and trees Music by Pipe Choir - Children of the Sun
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The Mountain River - 4K Panasonic Lumix G7
A short relaxing movie on a mountain river 4K (Panasonic Lumix G7). Music by: Sri Chinmoy https://www.radiosrichinmoy.org/
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Forests - 4K Panasonic Lumix G7
A short motivational movie on forests 4K (Panasonic Lumix G7). Music by Bensound.com
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Djokovic and Agassi the way to Wimbledon 2017
Discover the vision of the team Djokovic Agassi preparing for Wimbledon 2017! Music: Lifepainting by Muciojad
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Best of Life Trailer
Best of Life: experience the best of Travels, Technology, Sports and Food! Follow us on Instagram Best.of.Life.Online: https://www.instagram.com/best.of.life.online/?hl=en
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Dubai - Top Things to See
The places in Dubai that you cannot miss!
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Rafael Nadal volleys analysed in slow motion
Spectacular footage about Nadal's volleys and a commentary on the essentials. Music: Something New by Joakim Karud
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Hypnotized by a car!
Do cars have hypnotic powers? Find out in the video! Music: Something New by Joakim Karud
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Top 5 best smartphones 2017
The best smartphones you can find on the market! Have a look at the top 5! Music Bright Future by Silent Partner Crimson Fly by Huma Huma
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Peugeot Instinct - Concept Car
The stunning Peugeot concept car Instinct. Technology and style from the popular French car maker. Music: Killing Time by Kevin MacLeod is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/) Source: http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-free/index.html?isrc=USUAN1100570 Artist: http://incompetech.com/
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Ibiza & Formentera - the amazing islands
Come with us to see the iconic spots of Ibiza and Formentera Filmed with Lumix G7 and DJI Mavic Pro
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The Enchanted Mountain - 4K Panasonic Lumix G7
1 hour of background river sound for rest, relaxation, sleep, meditation 4K (Panasonic Lumix G7).
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Incredible Musee d'Orsay
The essentials of our visit to Musee d'Orsay. Music: Jazz in Paris by Media Right Productions
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Palma de Mallorca - my trip Spring 2017
Mallorca is a place hard to resist. This is the footage of my trip to Palma de Mallorca. Music: Lifepainting by Muciojad
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A Tale of Ducks and Swans - 4K Panasonic Lumix G7
A relaxing video on water birds captured with Panasonic Lumix G7 and Samsung Galaxy S6. Have fun!
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