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Hax 4 Stocking His Controller
smash micro at its finest.
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Aoc Agent Smiths
This is an edited version that i made of the smith fight scene from the movie Matrix Reloaded. So basically the guild Usual Suspects have lots of ppl that they can bring to fight in open pvp, too bad they get raped in minis non stop against Carnage. Carnage, who only have about 15 ppl online everyday and about 25 if we're luky, is "known" for haking and exploiting. But your all just bad at the game, qq more baddies.
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Spaartan Spotlight. Lirial Troll. Carnage Vent
carnage vent is teh lawls.
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VGC#3 Doubles. Clawitzer Carry
Dont ignore Clawitzer.
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aoc 1.05 - krypto - corruption ownage
These are only duels unfortunately, and on TL. I dont have a sin on live. Music from/by Dj Yahel, Sub6
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H1Z1 PVP Lars Andersen Skills
Pvp KOS style. #dealwithit lol.
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Noob Playing DayZ
First kill playing dayz, double kill as my first :)
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Video Game Industries
View the original without the random silence. something during uplaod messed up after i edited. http://youtu.be/EJxDYIIK-sQ Morphs raging about whats wrong with the video game industries in a hilarious manner lololol... but hes right 100%. video game companies focus on a quik buck and not a good product that will last, and they cater to the noobs thatll buy their dogshit game, leaving out all the skill or watering down any sort of skill.
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aoc 1.06 - krypto - sin revamp p2
sins are op
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H1Z1 A Horde Aboard
lol i love when its more than 1v1.
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VGC#1 Doubles. Bad Team vs. Bad Perish Song Team
2 not so great players at it. me vs. random match up ranked, perish song team.
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aoc 1.06 - krypto - sin revamp p3
sins are op
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H1Z1 Driving School w/krypto
first time i find a car, this is what happens xD
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VGC#4 Doubles. Clutch Aggron. Diggersby Tho!
What a save from diggerby.
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H1Z1 Fight Club Fun w/krypto
i hate the bow sometimes, at least the makeshift bow.
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aoc 1.06 - krypto - sin revamp p1
sins are op
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Slender Reaction Epic Scare
audio only, no web cam yet only footage :(... first time playing slender and i wanted to test my scare lvl lol. leave a comment and like
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VGC#6 Doubles. Crit Suck A D*ck. ROAR.
That crit on brave bird won that match, return woulda killed my pyroar.
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VGC#7 Doubles. Close Combat 4 Days
Lucario doesnt give a fuck.
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VGC#2 Doubles. Aggron Vs Legendarys
Aggron...must...live...! lawl. ranked was down so i had "fun" against a few weird/Uber teams.
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VGC#5 Doubles. Ice Ice Baby
First and last time using hail/ice team. this was pretty much my top match out of ALOT. Ice/hail SO BAD.
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