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Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime UNBOXING
unboxing the one of the budget phones Samsung releases this year. Is this phone will satisfy budget consumers? Does it has good gaming performance,Multi-tasking,Camera, and Over all Performance? Well, Wait the Review of this phone, soon 😊 (BTW O don't have a gear setup for making a unboxing video, just my Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, Tripod and Filmora Go for editing) *Please Hit Like and Subscribe to my Channel, this is my very 1st video to upload to my channel. Your like and subscribe helps me to produce more videos and I can help you to satisfy your questions by giving you informations and tips and opinions about the device😊*
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In this video, I'm going to show you the battery performance of this device while using it continously, on how many battery percent it drains every hour or minute. I'm Sorry because I didn't finish the Hyperlapse part that shows the battery performance usage because, the video is long and I'm not that good in editing videos. I'm doing this to show to you all I know about Samsung Phones, to share information about it so I hope you understand it. BTW do hit the Subscribe and Like button to produce more videos like this thanks 😊
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Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime REVIEW
Last time, We've unboxed the Galaxy J1 Mini Prime so why don't we take a review of it? BTW Sorry guys for the editing, I didn't make it in order because I was in a hurry, because We're going to go to Mass because today is Sunday in Philippines and I'm editing this video while waiting for my family to finish while they are taking a bath... and I don't have a Gear setup, just My Galaxy S6 edge plus and tripod and FilmoraGo for editing so yeah. COMMENTS AND RRACTIONS ARE HIGHLY APPRECIATED so Don't shy to give suggestions or reactions on comment section below.... (This is my 2nd Video in my Youtube account, do hit the like button and subscribe to my channel to produce more videos about Samsung Phones. I know I'm not good in editing but I did this because I was inspired to other Tech Youtubers in reviewing smartphones and it makes me to make one also, like that kind of video but I still learning about it... THANKS FOR STOPPING BY, SEE YOU LATER! 😊🖐)
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Samsung Galaxy J1 Mini Prime GAMING PERFORMANCE
Hi Everyone this is Jeff and welcome to my channel! Sorry, Im to busy right now because the school year is about to end and we have to make assignments, projects, and stuff for our final grades and yeah, I am still a student. So I hope you understand why I make this video so late but don't worry, I Still respond to all of your suggestions, opinions and requests in the comment section so feel free to react or give comments below and of course, HIT SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE BUTTON TO PRODUCE MORE VIDEOS LIKE THIS ONE. THANKS! 😊👊
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