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Spider Man Civil War PS1 Theme
Used footage from https://youtu.be/ZzlFOk-OC3E
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I Fire Thee
The Amazing World of Gumball
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Spider-Man 2002 Final Swing 1080p HD
I do not own this. All rights go to Sony and Marvel
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What's up Doc?
Otto does a shout
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Spider-Man vs Master Chief 2
My 2nd video of stop motion and I know it's bad but it was fun
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Spider-Man 2 2004 Final Swing 1080p HD
I don't own this. All rights go to Sony and Marvel
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Ghost caught laughing on tape
Wear headphones and have volume at max! Me and my sister were in our basement trying to capture a spirit or something on video and nothing happened so I ended the video and went back and listened and heard this creepy laugh. At first I thought it was my dad or the Tv upstairs but my dad wasn't home and the Tv was playing Christmas music quietly. I have no idea what it is but it's creepy and I promise you I didn't edit anything into the video. I hate when people fake paranormal activity to get views and try to clickbait people.
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Random GTA 5 clip
Short funny clip while playing with my friends on GTA Online
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Spider-Man vs Master Chief
Just a little thing I wanted to try. I know it's not good but i just wanted to try
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