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Peppa Pig likes Black Metal
First things first, don't get triggered, I love Black Metal, I don't mean to offend it. Second, I mean no offence to Varg Vikernes either. I respect him a lot and I really enjoy his music. Third, I own none of the videos featured in this clip, this is meant for entertainment purposes only! Music: Burzum - Jesus' Tod
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Другар Пепа
Слава на Сланин!
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[Aku's order] Aku orders services
Aku orders... services... I guess... aku's order akus order aku order aku thicc extra thicc aku orders pizza aku orders a bounty hunter extra thick aku meme aku order samurai jack meme
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Реакцията ми за Гери-Никол
IT'S TIME TO STOP! Видеата са взети от клипа на Гери-Никол "Момиче като мен" и компилация с грийнскрийн на Filthy Frank. Оригиналните материали са законно техни и аз само ги използвам. Нямам никаква собственост върху тях.
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