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Amway + Apple commercial
amway and apple has partnerned that is shown by this video
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Unboxing the jiophone
I have unboxed the most awaited phone the jiophone and talked about its specifications and features. There are many variant of this phone,i got the one with red box.
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Nokia 6- my opinion
The registration of Nokia phones has begun,my opinion about Nokia phones. should buy or not. features and specifications etc....
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Release of nokia phones in india
Release of Nokia phones in India. Release date, availability, some features.
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Best smartphone under 15k
Today on the auspicious day on rakshabandhan i have made a video on one of my favourite phone Xiaomi redmi note 4. i can change the background and use video editing app later on, following the advice of a nice women
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Jio feature phone- specifications,features, plans, availability
I have described about the features, specification, plans,availability of the Jio feature phone.
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Huawei Honour 8- my opinion
I have described about the features, specifications, other things about Huawei honor 8. Yes, it is a good mobile and includes many features that you don't get in other mobiles phone manufacturers
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New feature phone is launched by Jio
New phone is launched by Jio on 31 july 2017. the features are very good, it is made in India phone and it is made by foxconn company itself.
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Reliance jio feature phone announcement
Reliance Jio is going to launch new LYF feature phone. the announcement will be on 21 July 2017 by the owner of the company itself that is Mukesh Ambani. the next video can be on 21 July about the features and offers about the phone