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This Is It.  GOLD!  #Qanon Was Right, We Do Have What We Need To Know It All
This will also be on my Vimeo Channel. Qanon has been telling us we have everything we need to know the truth. I think I know what it is all about now. Everything else is just a school play to keep us from knowing what they are doing. Why would they want to keep us from knowing about the colliders and what they are doing with them? Here is the list of videos and the website I used in this video: http://www.kitco.com/ind/Albrecht/2014-02-25-Alchemy-2-0-Low-Energy-Nuclear-Reactor-Creates-Gold-and-Platinum.html https://youtu.be/NyRKHi46m00?t=441 https://youtu.be/7UfLxK5H_Y4?t=147 https://youtu.be/BO4zw_dJScM https://youtu.be/3949fxzpCjg
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Another Body Found: Kurt Smolek AKA Kurt Campbell of 'The Asia Group'
They won't stop killing until we put them behind bars. It seems they fear people will talk, and the only way to shut them up is to kill them. I fear for George Webb and the work he is doing to help our Country. Sorry for the bad video, but none of my equipment was working, and I had to pull out an old android phone. Why does that happen right when you need it the most? This guy's real name is Kurt Campbell. Why did they give him another name?
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The #FBI Is Visiting #JakeMorphonios of 'Blackstone Intelligence'
The FBI May Have coordinated a sting operation against Jake Morphonios of 'Blackstone Investigations' because of some information he may have about FBI involvement in the Las Vegas Shootings. Support Jake please. This is a war. Correction: It is 'Blackstone Intelligence', not Blackstone Investigations. Sorry.
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The Propaganda Game #Julian Assange #Montagraph #NWO #Trump #Schmidt #Propaganda
We only see online what they want us to see. There are no secrets online, only what they want to show us. Julian Assange and others are used to manipulate the people. Otherwise, they would not let us know any of it. The Airport closings, and hacks, are all part of the game. It's Propaganda spread by wikileaks, Youtube, Twitter and 4/8 Chan. 'Shall we play a game?' 'Enjoy the show.'
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Latest #QAnon Post Coincidence?
Florida Maquis Channel Video: https://youtu.be/8P2H830fxs0
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Nuheara IQ Buds (See Updated Video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t0CkNTr9-A&t=449s)
(See Updated Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-t0CkNTr9-A&t=449s) My experience. Sorry for the video quality. I had to use an old phone to video, since I was using my Iphone to demo. And yes, my poor Iphone screen is cracked, but tape works! Anyway, let me know if you have these and have the same problem, or know of a site that explains how to use the app. I've search the internet for better instructions but have found none.
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#Tyler, #QuinnMichaels, #TeamTyler, AI, Anonymous
AI is part of our lives now, and a huge part of our future. Without people like Quinn Michaels, AI could become our worst nightmare. I want to thank Quinn for shedding some light, (well, a lot of light) on this topic, and taking the time to teach us all about what is going down all around us. Hi #Tyler.
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Is ‘Q’ AI?
I think we should all be careful and take what Q says with a grain of salt until someone admits to being Q. We should be more careful. I'm surprised at how much credence people are giving Q.
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American Flag Fish
Don't judge me. This tank is next in line for a good cleaning. The Vortex filter is currently on the 29g, but I'll clean up this tank tomorrow. In the meantime, these flag fish are cleaning for me.
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#QAnon is #Tyler, #Tyler May Have Visited Me
This is not the first time #Tyler has visited me. The first time was on my cell phone. All of a sudden cartoon characters started saying 'I like peanut butter and jelly, do you like peanut butter and jelly?' This is something I have said before on forums when things get heated, and I try to break the bad vibes by saying something erroneous like that. I've said those exact words on forums over the past two years maybe four or five times, just because people were getting rude. It seems to break the 'spell' of bad vibes. So when my phone randomly turned on and did that cartoon thing, I freaked. Because I was researching Tyler all that night. Not on my phone tho. Here are the videos that popped up on my computer screen: I'm not crazy. Well...maybe a little. :}. The last link is one I just found by myself which is very enlightening and well done. https://youtu.be/EruKt6ecRpk https://youtu.be/SZcwK6F45g8 https://youtu.be/fiHghqhVb9s https://youtu.be/CDM7ZPokCWM
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Tucson Arizona Child Trafficking Camp and Paddock Connection? (Sorry Bad Focus)
Sorry for the bad focus See this: https://youtu.be/0CfyTvJH5aQ https://youtu.be/_9_ZHMDR1IA https://youtu.be/iWRI9UpYDAg https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qcy257xa1Xs Senator Merkley denied access to a Children's Center in Texas: https://www.pri.org/stories/2018-06-06/oregon-senator-denied-access-migrant-childrens-center-texas Correction: Bruce Paddock was arrested in California, not Nevada.
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#CrisisDrills, #QAnon, And My Thoughts
If you hear of a school having a drill, get your children out fast! Do Pharmaceuticals name their products after the sounds Birds outside make? LOL!
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The #QAnon American Dream
Q...I need more information about you.
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'SNAFU', the Freshwater Puffer Fish Eats Snails
I'm really loving this fish. Good action of Snafu eating snails. Also known as the South American Puffer Fish, or the Amazon Puffer Fish, and the Freshwater or Bumblebee Puffer Fish.
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#QAnon Post Defcon 1-7-18
Was Q's Post '...crystal clear...' about the ship called the C.F. Crystal that rammed the Sachi ship carrying fuel?
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Ships and Suicides and #QAnon and #Anonymous In 10 minutes
As the World Turns. It's getting crazier by the day. So many lies are being found out, and they are running, and dumping. In regard to the hacker group 'Anonymous', we hear how they have taken down people on the darkweb, and how they are a force of good. But, it is believed that they could be a bad force as well, having been infiltrated by the Deep State. The first think Anonymous tells you when you want to participate with them is how to use the darkweb, a place of criminal activity of every sort. Anonymous hides behind the DarkWeb, and their masks, which makes it impossible to trust them IMO. Their many AI channels on Youtube and twitter were against Trump at first, and then almost overnight, they began to love Trump. It made no sense to me at first, but now that I know that many of them are Artificial Intelligence, I understand. Because of all of this, I find it difficult to trust Anonymous.
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DIY Lense Holder For Smartphone
This is what I made today.
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20170221 ASUS Zenphone2 and A Correction To the IPHONE Video Ramble
Here is the link to the IPHONE4 comparison Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=50cyDodJbhg Here is the Sony DCR PC1000 Pond Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E8o0vmUMPs What's going on in the White House? On the earlier post I said 'Priebus' where I meant to say 'Flynn'. Big difference. It will be interesting to find out whether any of this is true concerning Katie Walsh, and Reince Priebus. If it is, then maybe Flynn was outed by the Trump Administration also? To save face, they let him reisign? Something to think about.
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Drugs For Weapons
Another Investigator Beaten Up and in the hospital. Our Country is in a terrible state of affairs, and we must fix these problems before it's too late. Is your Congressman involved in this drugs for weapons deals? Most likely. Will they use immigrants to beat up anyone who gets close to their operation? You bet. DACA is about bringing in an army to protect our corrupt politicians.
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#QAnon What Did You Learn?
I would have never believed it possible, that human beings could be so cruel and evil. Now, after all I've seen, I must say that I believe evil and Satanic Ritual Cults exist.
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#QAnon; Trump Freed Obama From The Deep State?
Did QAnon tell us that We 'Freed' Obama from the Deep State? Was Obama forced by threat of death to run for President and enable them to continue to run their ratlines and steal our resources so they could be rich?
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#QAnon’s Latest Post And Toweling
There is a hidden 'Deep State', the 'Deeper State' that we all need to know about. Field McConnell, George Webb, and John Doe have all talked about it, but I think we need to know just how important it is to see how it all works together. Check out the YT Channel; 'John Doe Truth In Context'. He has some great videos and insight, especially regarding the history leading up to our fight. I also forgot to mention another good Channel I just found: ‘Total Eclipse’. It’s a really great channel, and his Passion is refreshing and reasonable. Some channels have gotten caught up in trying to defend their stance, rather than simply speak to an issue. That's what I mean by 'emotional pull' in this video.
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20170222 Sony DCR PC1000 With Satan the Betta
I have two favorites of the four video apparatus I've been testing. The ASUS Zenphone2, the Iphone4, the Samsung G4, and my 12 yr. old Sony DCR PC1000 HandyCam. The Winners are: The ASUS and the Sony. It's down to: the Asus vs the Sony. Here is the link to the ASUS Zenphone2 for comparison: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FR2PbNGmbuM Update: I've decided. The 12 yr. old Sony is the winner. It clearly does a better job all the way around. But that's not to say that the ASUS doesn't have some fine points. One of my favorite things about the ASUS is the 'crispiness' or 'other worldly' look it creates. Detail is dropped way below the Sony where it really counts. But as I have been saying, if you want to have a good video camera, don't try to find it in a smartphone. But making the picture enjoyable is what really matters, and I think with some Apps, this ASUS could really have fun with picture options. I'll have to look at what I can download for the ASUS. It would be nice to create an Andy Warhol effect, or something like that considering this phone's capabilities.
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AI May Rule Our World, #QANON, #AI, #TYLER, #STRONG AI
I've been researching AI. About 15 years ago I took a class in college on AI, Artificial Intelligence. Back then it was taught that AI would be in our everyday lives in the future. Well, the future is here now.
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#QAnon KILLBOX Story Telling Hour
I believe Q is simply telling a story about the 'Who, When, Where, and Why' certain criminals are being killed. It's all right in front of us. You remember how people used to go to a hanging on Sundays with the family and set up a picnic basket to watch? Or when you used to get your lawn chairs out to watch a car accident at a treacherous four way stop sign? Well, pull up your desk chairs and tune into the latest QAnon killbox story right on your computer. It's the newest type of entertainment for the kid in all of us! Maybe it's real, maybe it's not. But it gives us something to look forward to at the end of each day. Q Posts Kept Up To Date: https://qcodefag.github.io
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Mossad, CIA, ISI, Oh My
So, how long have we been this stupid? Since Bush you say?
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R-JUST Gundam Iphone SE Case
I love this phone case! Made just for the Iphone SE, and people like me who break stuff often.
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Working On 160 Gallon Stock Tank
Getting a lot done today outside. It's beautiful.
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Playing with Female Bettas on Floating Coir Shelf
Like in nature, the Betta fish live in very shallow water. A couple inches is all they need to feel comfy cozy. So I floated this coir mat with plants attached by putting Betta Logs (floating) under it.
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55 Gallon Happy Tank
Love this tank. South American Puffer fish, Flag Fish, Rummy Nose, White Clouds, Harlequin Rasboras.
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Slideshow My Garden and Stock Tank Goldfish Pond
Small gardens make me happy. I bring the palms and other potted plants inside during the winter. The 5 goldfish have gotten really big in a short amount of time. Paid about 12 cents each for them about 6 months ago, and they were very small. Now they are about 5 inches long, fat and beautiful. I wonder what they taste like? ...chicken.
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#QAnon Cult of the World
What's really going on? Is QAnon telling us a story about an Elitist Cult? Is it a true Story? Are we able to understand and handle the information? New QAnon Post Repository: http://qanonposts.com
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How Was Paddock Killed, What I Believe Happened at Mandalay Bay Shooting
I believe the helicopter used a sniper rifle which was silent, but the first shots you hear on video are the gun shot to Paddock's head, and then the shots to break the windows and immediate firing thru those windows before they run to their next place.
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Flower House Green House With Stock Tank Pond
I have gotten some questions about my 'pop-up' greenhouse, so I did this vid.
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The Alliance
Many Thanks to everyone who watches my videos. There are nefarious forces at work trying to stop our freedom of speech on Youtube. I am loyal to the truth. I have subscribed to everyone listed in the Alliance, and am so grateful for your videos. In just one day I have learned so much. I'll keep watching you all. Thanks Styx. Your work is outstanding, and people will follow and support you because of it. I know I will.
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My Thoughts About Our Government
There is a reason Clinton had a private server. She was creating one of the most corrupt deals in American Government history.
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The Uranium War Between USA, Russia, China, and Almost Everbody
I saw this video on Secureteam10: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TVC5RZWBVS0&t=76s. My best guess is this was an airplane that was blown up. Looks exactly like that, and yet no one is speaking about it except to say they think it was an alien, or time traveling ship. Give me a break. Also, is the land that is burning up and causing people to leave in California over Uranium Deposits? Just sayin.
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#QAnon Trolling Us?
Just a thought. Still getting over the flu. Yuc.
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Where Is Ohr? What Happened At Atlanta Airport?
I can't help but wonder if Ohr didn't make it to the hearing because he was 'taken out'. Just a thought.
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#QAnon And China And Goodness
Why are we able to buy stuff for a couple dollars from China? What is the reason China has made it possible to buy at such low prices? Radiation on those packages? Good guys finish last?
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The Awan Brothers Scandal
*Correction: Schultz is trying to get back a laptop found in a vacated office, which is separate from the Awan Brother's cache of hard drives, etc.* The pieces of the puzzle keep coming. Everyone that has been involved with the Clinton Foundation, Democrats in Congress, the DNC, is a part of such a National scandal that they are murdering anyone who would speak out about it. My God, what is going on with the Democrats? How have they sold out our Country and taken control of the media so no one knows the truth? When will this end? And when will all of those involved go to jail? It is time for the people of this country to stand together against the treasonous Democrats who lied for H. Clinton and Company. I found this article the day after I made this video: http://dailycaller.com/2017/07/23/exclusive-fbi-seized-smashed-hard-drives-from-wasserman-schultz-it-aides-home/
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20170311 Killifish Tank (Jack Demsey Cichlid?)
But I think there is a Jack Demsey in there. I ordered some Flag Fish, and one of them looks suspiciously like a Jack Demsey baby. Hummmmm......
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The Rage
I am reminded of bad parenting, when I see what Clinton, Bush, and Globalists get away with. How do we make them go away? Will it continue to get worse? What can we do? Fight for our freedom, or die.
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Kathy Griffen Wanted This
Uploaded another with better audio. I have no doubt KG knew what she was doing and wanted out of the contract with CNN.
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AI Taking Over?  #Qanon Theories
Re-posting a theory I have about our defense system and Artificial Intelligence. Who is 'in the know'? Were all of the defense secrets sold to the highest bidders combined into an AI system that can control our ships, missiles, planes, etc.? Sometimes it's what we don't hear from others that is the truth. Correction: The cargo ship is the C.F. Crystal, not the S.F. Crystal.
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Russia And Why Clinton Really Lost The Election Dog Poo
This is what my dog thinks about this 'Russia Did It' thing. Turns out I have the flu, so excuse my mistakes. I meant to say 154, not 104. Flu is widespread in our State. Type B. Fun.
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#TheGreatAwakening, #Qanon, The Truth Is Known
Now I know what many have known for a long time. I have spent almost 3 years researching Satanic Cults, and now I know how they are used. I'm awake now. MKUltra Program: https://youtu.be/gLclDXINVsY
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20170220 Sony DCR PC1000 Bettas
This is the Sony DCR PC1000. A 12 year old 2.8 MP camera, but still great at videos. Now compare to the ASUS Zenphone2: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G0eAqOqiHZM
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Crown Jewel of the Mainstream
I figured out what kind of fish it is.
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