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Battleblock Theater Part 2: I'll Take It!
Another installment in the thrilling adventure of some people doing some stuff.
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Tavern Brawl with a friend
Playing the new old tavern brawl with my friend Matthew, one of the twins I usually play games with.
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BattleBlock Theater Part 4: The Microphone Saga Part 1
For the next two episodes, xsplit wasn't picking up my mic for some reason, so enjoy Matthew's voice.
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BattleBlock Theater Part 6: We have an audience...no we don't.
I'll be releasing the next few videos gradually.
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Battleblock Theater Part 1: The Adventure Begins
Back with a let's play co-op Battleblock Theater with Matthew. Got a few episodes ready so expect a good few of them uploaded quickly.
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BattleBlock Theater Part 3: Hup-Dup Dibbity SECRET
We find a super secret secret in this video. Also there will be no more battleblock episodes because something went wrong and it didn't pick up my microphone in the next few videos.
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BattleBlock Theater Part 5: The Microphone Saga Part 2
Still having some issues.
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Teddy and Lucas play some portal 2
me and my friend, after completing the story mode, play around with some bonus chambers
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Some more Heathstone Gameplay (volume hopefully fixed to some degree)
I fixed some issues and even managed to get a win
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Some Hearthstone Gameplay
Yes I know, using an innervate for hero power was dumb and no one mention Innervate chrommagus. and yeah, my mic sucks
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