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Hyperlapse Hednesford
Hednesford - Home of the Black Eyed Girl
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Ram On
Paul McCartney cover version. In celebration of the uke and falsetto singing.
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X8HW Drone Flight over Heath Hayes Park.
30th December 2016 - Getting used to the controls and calibration requirements. Drone wonders in one direction without calibration
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Jesse Shaking
This video is about Jesse Shaking
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The Psycho Grunge Masters From Mars - Crowd Pleaser!
The LEGENDARY Lil' Matty 'Boggy' Bottrill, exits to stage left. His superb glistening shell suit wrecked with the sweat of a full Psycho Grunge Masters From Mars set. Ever the last to leave the stage, Bottrill adds a little of that 'Boggy' magic to the proceedings with a gift to those budding drummers on their way to the greatness his hard work has achieved. With a trademark flick of that rhythmic wrist, he tosses a road worn right stick into his adoring crowd.
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Syma x8hw First Flight
Footage from our first proper flight.
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