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The Property Cycle
Property cycles have been tracked for over 100 years and the research shows a consistent pattern of property prices moving in cycles. History tells us that small cycles generally occur every 9 years and major cycles every 18-20 years, but they are never the same. One factor that triggers the peaks and troughs in the property cycle is interest rates. It is important to note that all previous slumps have been the result of a significant increase in interest rates. But each cycle will vary depending on the economic conditions and social circumstances at the time. In Australia we have many local markets, all at different stages of the property cycle due to local conditions. In the Manningham area, the recovery in housing prices started in the second half of 2013. Both Manningham and the Melbourne property markets have enjoyed a positive 2014. Although house price growth is likely to moderate in 2015 the early market indications are positive, underpinned by: • historically low interest rates • strong population growth • a sound banking system with low rates of mortgage arrears across Australia • a big appetite for capital growth by property investors • a low Australian Dollar makes it more attractive for expats to re-enter the market • a preference by overseas investors to place their money in Australia’s largest capital cities, providing them with a safe haven for their money Also the low Australian dollar will encourage even more overseas investors to invest their money in Australian property. Some are buying development sites while others are investing in new and off the plan high-rise apartments in our major capital cities.
3D Property Tour - SCANN3D Teaser
View the latest 3D technology from innovators Scann3d, showcasing your property in a virtual 3D walkthrough and interactive floor plan.
The Doncaster Rail
The pressing need for a rail connection to Doncaster is finally receiving state attention, as shown in a recently released State Government planning strategy. Known as 'Plan Melbourne', the document is available online, and features blueprints and a comprehensive report pertaining to the Napthine Government's vision for the city of Melbourne over the course of the next 35 years. The state Government expects that by 2050, the population of Melbourne will increase by 2.5 million people. Based on this calculation, the city will require over one million additional residential dwellings. Around 60% of these are likely to be in the form of units or apartments within Melbourne's established suburbs. The document also outlines the Government's plan to improve public transport, such as developing long-awaited rail lines to Doncaster, Rowville, as well as Melbourne and Avalon airports. This is in line with Premier Denis Napthine's aim to create a '20-minute city', where new transport routes will decrease travel times to and from the city, raising potential for both homebuyers and jobseekers. Planning Minister Matthew Guy confirmed that Plan Melbourne will support councils' efforts to increase residential developments, such as those in the Eastern suburbs. Developments on Doncaster Hill are already underway, with the aim of creating over 4,000 new residential apartments, as well as 30,000 square metres for commercial and retail use. Stretching approximately 60 hectares from the central point of the Westfield shopping centre, the Doncaster Hill area forms a key part of the Manningham Council's 20-year strategy for greater sustainability. Other aspects of this project include plans for the creation of more public open space and the redevelopment of the Eastern Hill Golf Club site. In terms of the government's plan for the new Doncaster rail line, the Manningham Council has supported two proposed options. The first of these would feature a route along the Eastern Freeway to Collingwood, with two additional stations at Bulleen and the Doncaster Park and Ride. The second would provide an underground link through to Parkville, lending access to Melbourne University and the hospital precinct. Further suggestions by the Council regarding these transport routes include the addition of a station at Burke Road, connections with the North Balwyn and Camberwell tram routes, more detailed modelling in relation to cyclists and pedestrians and an extension of the new rail line leading to Doncaster Hill. By linking the Doncaster rail straight to the heart of the new developments, this will maximise the number of transport routes to the bustling cosmopolitan centre, increasing its viability and making the area more desirable for property investment. Both commercial and residential prospects are likely to increase with accessibility, ensuring a brighter future for the Manningham area. -
Auction vs Private Sale
In this episode we demonstrate the difference between a public auction and a private sale using a modified Nobel Prize winning concept of the "Silent Bid Declaration". We take a look at the sale of this property with 3 interested buyers negotiating with Hudson Bond sales consultants, using the silent bid declaration. The final offer from each buyer is placed in a sealed envelope and kept confidential. No buyer or salesperson is privy to what the other offers are. The sealed offers are only opened in the presence of the seller. Now let's take these same 3 buyers and let them bid against each other for the same property at auction and see what it sells for. Let's go back to the seller opening the sealed bids from the same buyers and see what it sold for under a private sale using the silent bid declaration. This is $65,688 more than it sold for at auction. Why is it so? Because the winning buyer didn't know what the other buyers were prepared to pay. So he paid his highest price, as opposed to making one more bid above the losing bidder. This is what happens most times when we use the silent bid declaration. Hudson Bond get tens of thousands of dollars more for their sellers than they could get at public auction. If you too want to get the highest price for your property contact us on 9840 7700 or email us at sales@hudsonbond.com.au.
Introduction to Hudson Bond
In this short video, we explain a number of Hudson Bond's key benefits and selling strategies that will ultimately assist you, the seller, to achieve the highest possible price. We believe that no one can get you a higher price when selling than Hudson Bond! "So why Hudson Bond Real Estate? Because we continually rate as market leaders in the Manningham area and are known for attaining the highest prices. We achieve this by using a modified version of a Nobel Prize winning concept, the Silent Bid Declaration, that guarantees you the highest possible price." -
Hudson Bond Real Estate - The Key Property Market Drivers
We take a look at the key economic fundamentals that drive our property market. 1) Population growth Australia has one of the fastest population growths in the western world. Based on conservative assumptions, Economists BIS Shrapnel estimate Australia's population will increase by 5.3 million within the next 13 years. With an average of 2.5 people per household this translates to a need for an additional 2.1 million new homes. 2) Construction of new housing According to many analysts, Australia has a shortage of new housing. This is not true of all areas. There are some pockets of oversupply, such as apartments in the CBD and house & land packages in the outer suburbs. However, there is a constant shortage of housing in the popular inner to middle suburbs. 3) Unemployment Unemployment in Australia currently sits under 6% which is lower than most countries. For unemployment to negatively impact the property market, it requires a large number of people not being able able to meet their mortgage repayments, forcing them to sell. 4) Interest Rates & Australian Dollar Interest rates are the lowest they have been for many years. Low interest rates help the affordability of housing. People now have a greater buying power and a higher disposable income. 5) Consumer Sentiment Consumer sentiment is something that is hard to measure and generally reflects the mood in the market place. With a change in government, coupled with low interest rates and a strong economy, there is a renewed confidence in the property market. As you can see from the basic economic fundamentals, Australia is poised for a stable property market that should continue to rise over the coming years. -
Danny Demir, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Glendale Avenue, Templestowe
Vendor, Mr Abade, with Sales Manager, Danny Demir, speaking about the recent sale of his property for an exceptional price.
Scann3d - Experience a 3D Virtual Walkthrough
The team at Scann3d have put together a short 2 minute video teaser. Scann3d provides a 3D visualisation service that aims to pioneer the next generation of real estate marketing content. Scann3d has teamed up with Hudson Bond Real Estate to provide web and mobile app solutions that allow homebuyers to experience 3D virtual inspections - a walk through of the home at your own leisure. This exciting technology opens up a whole new world to overseas buyers giving them the confidence of buying as if they were physically at the property. Exciting right? Try it for yourself at hudsonbond.com.au Or contact us on 9840 7700 or sales@hudsonbond.com.au to arrange your 3D scan today.
Barbara Love, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Centaur Grove, Doncaster East
Barbara Love presenting Judy of Centaur Grove, Doncaster East, with a referral gift card to David Jones!
Manningham Business Excellence Awards 2018 Launch
The annual Business Excellence Awards Manningham Breakfast launch is fast approaching! Learn more here: https://www.facebook.com/events/161788301178498/ In this video, hear from past business winners of the awards, and how the recognition helped them grow and achieve greater success. These awards provide the perfect opportunity for all businesses big and small to garner community exposure, make their strengths known and celebrate their contribution to the Manningham area. Hudson Bond is proud to be the principal sponsor of such an amazing community event that encourages entrepreneurship and community involvement. A BIG thank you to Lavrin and Lawrence Orthodontics, Altair Restaurant, Ivory Hearing and Manningham City Council for making this happen!
Danny Demir, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Glendale Avenue, Templestowe
The buyerof Glendale Avenue, Templestowe, saying a few words about his recent house purchase.
What Is My Property Really Worth?
Hudson Bond Real Estate Agents Director, Paul Kounnas, discusses "What is my property really worth?" Advice, tips and help on buying and selling real estate in the Manningham area and surrounding suburbs. "Property valuations are only an opinion of what a buyer may be willing to pay in today’s market. It's no surprise that depending on who you ask, you are likely to be quoted a different price. Unfortunately, there is no scientific formula for what you can use to determine your home's value. Your opinion will always be swayed by your personal attachment to the home. The emotional attachment to our own home is commonly referred to as the 'Endowment Effect'. A professional valuation by a qualified valuer will give you the closest indication of what your property is worth but this will cost you several hundred dollars. Ultimately, the only opinion that really matters is that of a genuine buyer." -
Hudson Bond - Block Party - How selling with your neighbours could benefit you!
Thought of combining your properties and selling with your neighbours? Watch now to see how it may or may not benefit you in your area!
Danny Demir - Hudson Bond Real Estate - Belinda Crescent, Doncaster East
Hear what Vincent & Stanislawa had to say about their selling experience with Danny! 🏠😍 #realestate #sold
Paul Kounnas, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Malcolm Street, Blackburn
Paul Kounnas with vendor Mr Jude discussing the sale of his family home in Malcolm Crescent Blackburn.
Luke Kounnas, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Doncaster Road, Balwyn North
Elie is happy with the assistance from our agent, Luke Kounnas, and the Hudson Bond team in securing the purchase of his new commercial investment property. "Really appreciate all your help through the entire sales process and everything in between." -
Barbara Love, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Marshall Avenue, Kew
After reading Real Estate Mistakes by Neil Jenman, Kenneth & Mary decided to sell their home through Hudson Bond Real Estate. Listen to the process that Kenneth & Mary experienced and you be the judge!
Hank Apartments - Hanke Road Doncaster
The design of Hank has been carefully crafted to offer sophisticated spaces inside and out. Architect Peter Sgourakis has lived with his family in Doncaster for more than 40 years, so he has a special affinity for this neighbourhood. At Hank, he has created a modern apartment building that feels more like a traditional home on this tranquil residential street. The exteriors are supported by landscaping from John Patrick, which seamlessly connects the organic structure of the exteriors to the leafy streetscape through gardens and greenery. Stepping inside, Hank has been designed to offer an urban retreat of refined living spaces filled with natural light. Going far beyond the standard suburban apartment offering, Hank delivers generous floorplans that are complemented by lush private open spaces in the courtyards and terraces. Hank also stands apart with its high level of detail in the fixtures and finishes, setting a new standard for meticulously crafted modern apartment living in Doncaster. Hank is a boutique development of only 36 apartments, yet it still offers a range of one, two and three bedroom options to suit any modern lifestyle. A choice of two subtle colour schemes has been developed to make each new home a blank canvas on which to build your personal style. Balancing thoughtful architecture with enduring quality and energy efficiency, the design of Hank impresses from every angle. The experience of living here will impress even more.
Nobel Prize Winning Concept
If you are like most sellers, the thought of selling your home can be daunting. Selling your home is not usually something you do more than once or twice in your life. So how do you know what to expect or more importantly how to sell for the highest price. "When it comes to getting the highest price for your property, there is a tool that will optimise your chances of success. The Buyer Price Declaration is a concept developed by economist, Sir William Vickery - one of several ideas that earned him the Nobel Prize for Economics. This negotiation tool is demonstrably better than a public auction for sellers. With the Buyer’s Price Declaration, no competing buyer is privy to another buyer’s offer. This means that each buyer must offer their highest price without being influenced by what somebody else may have offered." -
Hudson Bond Real Estate - Darrandaul Drive, Bulleen
Hudson Bond's agent, Steve, with vendors Mr & Mrs Ciampa talking about the sale of their family home in Darrandaul Drive, Bulleen, after several other agents failed to sell it being on the market for months.
Barbara Love - Hudson Bond Real Estate - Caringal Avenue, Doncaster
A large number of interested buyers got Stephen the price he was looking for! 🏠😀 #realestate #sold
Luke Kounnas - Hudson Bond Real Estate - Oban Road, Ringwood
Adrian was blown away with the service provided by the Hudson Bond Commercial Team! His warehouse development site at 7-9 Oban Road, Ringwood, achieved prices well above expectation.
Jason Kounnas, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Park Hill Way, Doncaster
Paul & Cathy recently sold their family home through Hudson Bond in what only took 8 days! Watch as Paul describes his experience, having sold a number of properties previously.
Barbara Love, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Clauscen Street, Templestowe Lower
Anthony and Amy have sold their home through Hudson Bond Real Estate, with the help of our agent Barbara Love and the Hudson Bond team. They are extremely happy, especially with receiving 5 written offers for their property! "It's been amazing. It's been so simple, pain-free, fast and we could not be happier with the result. Thank you!" -
Hudson Bond Real Estate - Monaco Street, Doncaster
Sales agent, Steve, speaking with the vendors, Mr & Mrs Binshtok, after selling their home in just over a week and for a fantastic price the vendors wanted.
Hudson Bond Real Estate - Buller Terrace, Templestowe Lower
Hudson Bond's vendors, Mr & Mrs Floratos, talking about the sale of their family home in Buller Terrace, Templestowe Lower.
Barbara Love, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Merna Drive, Templestowe
Ference of Merna Drive, Templestowe, is speaking with Barbara Love of Hudson Bond Real Estate about the recent sale of his home. He had mixed emotions with a previous agent who failed to sell his home at auction. Through Hudson Bond, the home was sold in just 4 days and at a price that exceeded his expectations.
Paul Kounnas with K1 Sport at Fitness First Doncaster
Paul Kounnas of Hudson Bond Real Estate presenting the K1 Sport 10-week challenge at Fitness First Doncaster.
21 Cook Rd, Mitcham - City View
A brief video showcasing 21 Cook Rd commercial complex and its proximity to Melbourne CBD
Barbara Love, Hudson Bond - Cockaigne Street, Doncaster
Hudson Bond are an excellent agency who provide great service. We are very happy with the outcome!
Candie Bowman, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Bellara Street, Doncaster
Vendors of Bellara Street Doncaster speaking with sales agent Candice Bowman from Hudson Bond Real Estate about the sale of their property and how they felt during the selling process.
Candie Bowman, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Bellara Street, Doncaster
Candie Bowman from Hudson Bond real estate with the buyer of Bellara Street Doncaster talking about his recent house purchase and his experience and dealings.
Barbara Love, Hudson Bond - Dillwynia Avenue, Templestowe Lower
Excellent Experience when dealing with Hudson Bond!
Hudson Bond Real Estate - Morang Avenue, Templestowe Lower
Steve, Hudson Bond's agent, with the O'Neill family talking about the sale of their home in Morang Avenue, Templestowe Lower.
Sergio Angilletta, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Eama Court, Bulleen
Rachael was amazed at the 5 generous offers she received for her property! Congratulations from all of us at Hudson Bond :) . Thinking of selling? Take a look at our website: http://bit.ly/hudsonbond "I can't believe we've just received five (5) offers!" - Rachael
Candie Bowman, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Evelyn Road, Ringwood North
Jeannie is really happy with Hudson Bond's simple process in the purchase of her new home. She was glad that she was able to take her time to thoroughly inspect the property during the private inspection with our agent Candie Bowman. ["How did you find the process?"] "Really, really simple and I was quite amazed by how easy it was." "Private inspections were really good and it felt like we were able to take time looking through the property." -
Hudson Bond Real Estate - Glenair Street, Templestowe Lower
Hudson Bond Real Estate's sales agent, Joseph, talking with the vendor of Glenair Street, Templestowe Lower, Ms Hui about their recent sale of the family home. Joseph was referred to them by clients who had dealt with him in the past.
Danny Demir, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Aloha Gardens, Templestowe
Listen to how our sales agent Danny Demir, along with the Hudson Bond team, helped George with the successful sale of his home in Templestowe, that resulted in achieving a great outcome. "I've just sold my property in Templestowe with Danny Demir and the team at Hudson Bond. I've used Danny and the guys at Hudson Bond over a 10-15 year period and they've always been successful in selling properties for me. I highly recommend you use Hudson Bond because they will achieve the prices that you really really want and you'll have a great outcome." -
Hudson Bond Real Estate - Hillhouse Road, Templestowe
Very happy with the sales process, professionalism and the price his home was sold for!
The Price The Agent Gives You
Don't mistake the price the agent tells you your home is worth as the price you are going to get for it. "It's important not to mistake the price the agent tells you your home is worth as the price you are going to get for it. The agent's price is only an estimate of what they think the market will pay for your property. It is just an opinion, their opinion, and you don't even know if they are giving you their honest opinion or not. The agent is just trying to win your listing; they are not the buyers for your property. You will only discover the true market value of your property when you put it on the market for sale. Only then will you know what buyers are willing to pay for it." -
Candie Bowman, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Reddington Terrace, Doncaster East
The buyers of Reddington Terrace, Doncaster East, expressing their thanks to Candie Bowman of Hudson Bond for helping them with their recent house purchase.
Hudson Bond Real Estate - Jacana Avenue, Templestowe Lower
Hudson Bond's sales agent, Joseph, talking with the owners of Jacana Avenue, Templestowe Lower, about their recent house sale. The property sold within 3 days and the price achieved was above the asking price!
John Kapnias - Hudson Bond Real Estate - Briarwood Court, Doncaster East
The team effort, valuable feedback, and professionalism from John and the team helped David sell his house for the highest price.
Kathryn Lau, Hudson Bond - Savernake Court, Doncaster East
Mr & Mrs Pennell talk with Kathryn Lau about the recent sale of their home in Savernake Court, Doncaster East. The property sold in just 4 days! And for a price beyond the vendors expectations.
21 Cook Rd - Unit 10
A short video showcasing unit 10 of 21 Cook Rd, Mitcham. www.hudsonbond.com.au
John Kendirian, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Glen Orchard Close, Templestowe
Relieved, happy, and thankful were the emotions flowing through Sam after he sold his parents' house. In only 48 hours, he got the price he was looking for!
Hudson Bond Real Estate - Magnolia Drive, Templestowe Lower
Great experience and professionalism. Would recommend to anyone interested in selling.
Candie Bowman, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Greenridge Avenue, Templestowe
Listen to Grant & Louise express their happiness with the process, flexibility and result in the sale of their Templestowe home, thanks to our agent Candie Bowman and the Hudson Bond team. "Really happy with selling our house. Thanks to Candie and thanks to all her team. We are really pleased with the result." "Candie you worked very hard at keeping us happy and keeping us informed all along the way, so we were really pleased with that." "Your team were quite flexible. It worked out really well" -
Danny Demir, Hudson Bond Real Estate - Dryden Street, Doncaster East
Danny Demir of Hudson Bond Real Estate talking to the vendor of Dryden Street, Doncaster East, about their recent house sale that took just 3 weeks to sell. Mrs O'Gelsby felt at ease and was very impressed with Hudson Bond's sales process and would happily recommend them to family and friends.