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Lil Wayne - Blowing up Fast
bitch I'm Mack Maine and this young money lil brotha get 'em straight out the hood a young hoodlum done what I shouldn't did when they say I couldnt hid where all the killers hid at hung where the otha hustlas slung at waitin on da get back get dat flip dat debatin on da mix match switch dat from dope to coke I'm going up fast now you niggaz is slowin up fast (secret weapons) "i can hear myself but I can't feel myself, I wanna feel myself like tweet!" now my niggaz is blowin up ass if I tell 'em you niggaz is holdin up cash rollin up steppin outta the phantom's ass put cha lighters away ur talkin 2 a can of gas there's nuthin 2 say no matter who comes to ask and murder ain't funny but we do love to laugh shit we jus livin take money take baths take a nigga bitch and fuck her and send her back wit nothin now isn't dat disgusting give him back his sista give him back his cousin yea go make a stack or sumthin go and buy urself a spine and give back da frontin yea and to end dat discussion I been had strength I just got da muscle fuck ya this that n the otha I see my people struggle wish that they wasn't the government try to put us in a muzzle but ur 2 fingaz ain't the pieces to da puzzle shit so to each his own hustle and I hustle all night and then go home to the fussin then wake up to the fuckin breakfast in bed don't 4get my english muffin hawaiin punch tastes like robitussin a nigga jus livin jus breathin jus puffin come on mama drop that La Perla dick millimeter cock back and murda thank senorita we cannot go any further if my girl catch us both in the spot she will merk us pussy niggaz talkin all that slop we will merk his hungry ass niggaz I tote 2 hamburgers who want beef who want beef I bring it to ur front door and now you seem nervous 2 seater swervin traffic 2 hell wit it shit u can't die wit it can't go to jail wit it might as well wild in it passin in it fail in it me I excel fishtail and tailwhip it give them niggaz sumthin 2 tell them bitches smellin like money at the full court scrimage the fam at the table got a 4 course dinner young money cash money throw confedi on da winners and yet he understood us so when we told em' break it off cuz gangstas dont' talk one word'll be a war and yo platoon can't handle the destruction hard body baby killin sound like seduction them niggaz chase dope bitches follow the instructions sometimes you gotta put the whole rooster in the oven so tell the public I'ma do my thing just as soon as I hear dat bing I got it coming comin' up you niggaz jus runners up and runnin up'll get u in dat wheel chair forever it's watever I'm still here forever cuz the lil'nigga better than all you niggaz together I'm gone
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Darksiders II - 95-100 wave
just showing my fav weapons... this is my new game + on apocalyptic mode. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jl5dIwGSlfQ&list=UU7Mxz7ayNb_KyTkWCN1GNqA&index=2&feature=plcp this is the weapons stats im using if anyone interested
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Silkroad Unique Spawning - Jamrock Sro
this is my new Server "JamRocK SRO" add me on Skype: djmigz1 Twitter: @fatalic_dj http://www.jamrock-sro.co.nr/ http://forum.jamrock-sro.co.cc/index.php
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Gameplay PC
this was a very Hard Mission but im getting use to it :) rate an comment to tell me if u like it :)
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Dragon Nest Academic Dancing
this is the new class on DN TW dancing :D enjoy! PS: the music match was not intentional lol. i was just listening this song while i was playing :D
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Silkroad Private Server - Jamrock Sro
JamRocK Sro skype: djmigz1 twitter: @fatalic_dj Xfire: XxX_DjMiGz_XxX http://www.facebook.com/JamRockSro
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Silkroad Overpowerd Weapons
Maybe someone who owns a server will understand this... my STAT points does not make me hit millions.. its my base dmg which increases when u put the items on.. Jamrock SRO, testing 12D seal items. all ITEMS are +9 not +255 Music was done by Me.. Remixed Wiz Khalifa songs and a few dubsteps. http://www.facebook.com/JamRockSro
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Silkroad GM lvl 110 skills
This is me showing you whats it like to be a gm :) To play on my server add me on Skype: djmigz1 Twitter: @fatalic_dj http://www.jamrock-sro.co.nr/ http://forum.jamrock-sro.co.cc/index.php
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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit PC Gameplay
just got This and testing out game:) hope u like it
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Darksiders II - Best Gauntlet
after beating the game and beating wave 100 twice i got this possessed gauntlet as prize and got lucky when i upgraded it! got 95% health steal and wrath! this is on apocalyptic mode with new game + level 30. PC version
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2moons Gameplay
In game action from 2moons. my lvl 136 AK dual Sword.
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My proposal to Crystal-Gayle Johnson
The day said yes! May 10, 2013 "Its been 4 years since i first fell in love with you, i know you're wondering why a nigga waited so long to do this but i wanted to make sure that even after we fuss and fight u still have the power to make me fall in love with you all over again"
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Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 Gameplay PC
Just got this game.. My 1st time playing starwars so dont say noob gameplay..
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2moons Gameplay - Test
Me testing Fraps.. Elite Dakeron aka 2moons http://elitedakeron.com
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops PC Gameplay
This is me playing the single player mode :) i just got it so 1st time seeing this mission
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Kari Jes - Negril 2010
Kari Jes - Negril new single
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Need For Speed: Hot Pursuit Reventon Cop Car
this is me testing out the Lamborghini Reventon Cop Car.. notice the fins extend wen im goin fast :)
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Dragon Nest - Minotaur Nest Solo
just for fun :) i will make a Cerberus one when my runs reset :) this is DN TW Shoutouts to Shirley, Freedom and Chen from facebook :)
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Just Cause 2 Gameplay
ok my pc isnt the best so dont bash it please. this is me messing around in just cause 2. hope u like it
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dmc Devil May Cry - Gameplay PC
im sorry if the screen is small i didnt want to wait hours for upload.. first time playing this mission so if it seems alil noob forgive me, i didnt retry or anything. if it lags alil its because i only have in 4gb ram. if needed my pc specs are : CPU AMD Athlon II X4 635 Propus 45nm Technology RAM 4.00 GB Dual-Channel DDR3 Graphics ATI Radeon HD 4800 Series settings are on high, with HD graphics ticked, no lag without fraps im using mouse and keyboard.. now that its on youtube the graphics looks terrible because i chose small frames so i apologize again :)
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops NUKETOWN PC HD
Nuke Town all day massacre
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Call Of Duty: Black Ops - Knife Montage HD
just playing around with the knife :)
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dmc Devil May Cry - Gameplay PC
Pc version of DMC, using keyboard and mouse, settings on High with HD graphics ticked
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Need For Speed Hot Pursuit Epic race
this was a very intense race. hope u enjoy! sorry for the resolution i just didnt want to wait 1hour uploading a vid
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Call Of Duty Black Ops Awesome Kills HD
this is some awesome kills i recorded
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Dragon Nest Dark Lair
Me and J4mR0ck Guild doing dark Lair on Dragon Nest sea :)
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Dragon Nest Mod
this is me showing the combination of mods i have. enjoy :)
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Cabal Online PvP - FB vs FB
little friendly no-combo PvP
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Sean Kingston - Beautiful Girl remix
Beautifull Girl Remix on Soulja Boy Crank Dat
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Blades Of Time Gameplay PC
this is me testing blade of time. resolution on 1024x... max settings
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