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Minecraft - very compact 0.5 ticks pulsar
yo whats up dimasterkill here with an new redstone thingy its an redstone pulsar that is only 1 wide
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Adrealinelands - Ep 4 The Above water village / Tour!
What i will be showing you in this episode is: an little update of what ive made in the past couple of days and a start of the above water village! Like this viedo? and do you want to see more of this series? then you can subscribe to me. Songs noted in the last 5 seconds of the video, they are used for creative uses.
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Minecraft Snapshot: 12w40a + New house!
ello ello youtube!!! welcome to another video made by me! in this video i will show you a little cool/annoying glitch it might be usefull but oh so annoying on some parts! BYE! and enjoy the video. PHOTO of house: http://www.hotel.info/media/hotel/pictures/290/290194/290194_499736_634383649435229948.jpg
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Minecraft Adrealinelands - Ep 2 - ''The sheep farm design.''
Hello! in this episode i am working on the sheep farm, added some cool smmoth jazz music. i like it. +++ ive got an new microphone which is WAAAy better then the on i had in episode 1. but not super good. nether way its better :L Song one'o'clock jump this video has the music for creative reasons nothing with moneymaking orsomething. law #14 idk whatever.
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GodzHell - NEW glitch 2011 (3rd and 4th floor)
i found out that you can climb uo 2 higher levels then lumbridge. so here comes a walkthrough 1. log in ofcourse. 2. use the following command: ::tele 03147 03485 3. now comes the tricky part choose to what floor u wanna go floor 2 you click once on the staircase floor 3 you click twice on the stairicase floor 4 you click three times on the staircase. then tele somewhere in game and you can walk over houses etc. i hope you liked it :) subscribe comment LIKE! this glitch has found by me: dimasterkill A.K.A. famous lv...
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minecraft - most compact insta-wire ever! [1.0.0]
hello its me casper belier and i present to you... insta wire!
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Minecraft - wireless redstone (BUD)
hey this is my idea its way too big ik i could make it compacter but i like this.
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Minecraft - very compact ceiling light [1.0.0]
Hello its me Casper Belier and today i invented this new compact and stackable ceilinglight i hope you liked it.
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minecraft - Redstone is the key to life!
hello dimasterkill here with an new budswitch system and key! i hope you like it subscribe!
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Adrealinelands - Ep 3 - One Big timelapse!
HEY thanks for clicking on me ! :) This video includes two music songs: 1st: One'o'clock jump 2nd: Piece of my hard by emma franklin i use the music for creative use and nothing else there is this one law for it.
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Minecraft - compactest double piston extender ever [1.1]
hey i made an double piston extender i hope you like it!
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Minecraft the house of much colours.
this is my map if u guys want me to set the download i will do it for u tell me if u liked it what u like the most.
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Minecraft - compactest codeLock with 10 buttons [1.0.0]
hello guys this code lock is the compactest (i have seen) and also compatible in 1.0.0 hope you enjoy it cheers!
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GodzHell - Slide feat. dimasterkill and borntofght.
yo watch this epic!movie
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minecraft city
hello minecrafters i made this epic city for you to furnish what i forgot on the video to tell you what is underground of the city pleasego and find out yourself. download of the map: http://www.mediafire.com/?7aajlznul41s67u
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Attempt on JL2579's FIery Depths map (escape the Nether!!) (not-succeed)
i think my idea was good but i didnt succeed.
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Queen Mary 2 [Rotterdam]
Yo whatup gasten de queen mary vaart gewoon zomer uit bij ons in de haven egt een mooi gezich. het geluid is erg slecht omdat dit een laptop is. LIKE! COMMENT! SUBSCRIBE!
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New Easter egg in Minecraft upside down levers?!
i found this while i was playing with triple piston extender! please enjoy this and like and taht shit!! yoyoyoyo
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