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What is a mechanical engineer?
How can you apply your interests in things like cars, sport, aeroplanes and global energy sources to a career in engineering? The animation explores the different career paths available to young people interested in finding out more about the broad spectrum of jobs available to engineers. For further information visit imeche.org
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How is a Brompton bicycle engineered?
The Institution takes a tour of the factory that produces the the iconic Brompton fold-up bicycle.
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How do you start a career in automotive engineering?
Students explain how they landed jobs and apprentiships at top companies including Bentley Motors and Mercedes
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Engineering insights: Automotive industry
Automotive engineer Oliver Tomlin works for Mira Ltd, and engineering service provider to the automobile industry. Oliver recounts his journey from engineering student to professional engineering consultant. Now involved in recruiting graduate engineers himself, Oliver highlights some of the qualities that companies look for in new recruits and explains how to acquire these.
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We are engineers
The world of engineering is constantly changing and evolving. The IMechE believes that engineering institutions must change too if they are to remain relevant to future generations of engineers. With new technologies and disciplines changing the way engineering is done, we ask how the Institution of the 21st century can best meet the needs of the profession and society as a whole.
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Developing Engineers Programme: The Professional Review Interview
The Developing Engineers Programme is available to Associate Members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. It is designed to support the goal of achieving professional registration – the globally-recognised gold standard for engineers. Brian Ollier CEng FIMechE, Professional Review Interviewer with the Institution gives advice and useful tips on the Professional Review Interview, an essential step in the application to become professionally registered as an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer. www.imeche.org/deprogramme
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Engineer profile: Joanna Gleeson, Maintenance Engineer
Joanna Gleeson is a 28 year old Mechanical Engineer who works for Corus Steelworks in Scunthorpe. Corus is Europe's second largest steel producer which manufactures, processes and distributes steel products and services to customers worldwide. In this short film, Joanna guides us through the processes involved in manufacturing steel, explaining how waste gasses are recycled into energy and the importance of safety at the steel plant. See http://www.engeneration.imeche.org/case-studies/Engineers+in+action/ for more video profiles of young mechanical engineers.
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Engineering Solutions for the NHS
Our new Healthcare campaign aims to raise awareness of the work and value of engineers within the NHS, and the benefits to the service by creating the position of Chief Biomedical Engineer at every NHS acute Trust, similar to Chief Nurse or Chief Medical Officer.
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Formula Student Overview
In the run up to Formula Student 2010, we commissioned a film to get an insight into the event from current to past competitors, and some of the most prestigious employers and sponsors. Spending a day at Mercedes GP PETRONAS, we filmed exclusive interviews with students from the University of Bath's team; Dan, a young mechanical engineering graduate from Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines who took part in Formula Student in 2008; Andy Cowell, who is the Engineering and Programme Director for Mercedes-Benz HighPerformanceEngines and who has recruited high achieving former competitors; and Andrew Shovlin, senior race engineer for Mercedes GP PETRONAS, who is perhaps the most famous Formula Student alumnus.
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Engineer profile: Steven Chan, Project Engineer for Tube Lines
Steven Chan is a 26 year old engineer who works for Tube Lines, a company which provides maintenance and repair services for trains and infrastructure on the Jubilee, Northern and Piccadilly lines of the London Underground network. Specifically, Steven is working on a project that is testing the different possible ways of cooling down Tube trains and stations, which can often become over heated. He explains how coolant systems are being piloted inside train stations and on platforms to lower the temperature and improve the commuter travel experience in London. See more profiles of young engineers at http://www.engeneration.imeche.org/case-studies/Engineers+in+action/
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IMechE: Your connection to engineering excellence
The Institution of Mechanical Engineers is THE destination for engineering thought leadership; your connection to engineering excellence. For the last 168 years, the Institution has shared knowledge and understanding within the engineering community. It's only by helping the world's engineers be the best they can be that, together, we can improve the world through engineering. You can see more of the Institution's engineering videos at ondemand.imeche.org
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Design a winning Formula Student vehicle
Ahead of Formula Student 2015, UK judges give their advice to competitors and explain how to plan ahead and get the most our of their vehicle designs.
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UAS Challenge 2017
The UAS Challenge is the leading annual student competition in the aerospace sector. Launched in 2014 with the key objectives of developing professional engineers and inspiring the next generation, the challenge is now in its third year. The Challenge calls on participating teams of undergraduates from all over the world. Teams undertake a full design and build cycle of a UAS with specific mission objectives.
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SeaGen - Sea Generation Tidal Turbine
A graphical representation of SeaGen, the 1.2MW tidal energy convertor that will be installed in Strangford Lough in April 2008.
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Engineered in Britain: rethinking the future of UK engineering
Engineers built Britain - but British manufacturing and engineering has been on the decline for 30 years. But with our renewed support, a thriving manufacturing and engineering sector will help Britain out of recession.
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TIPS: Why should companies get involved?
The Teacher Industrial Partnership Scheme brings together STEM subject teachers and Engineering companies to ensure teachers are well equipped to advise students about possible careers in engineering and related industries. CrossRail and MTC explain why they got involved and how they were able to organise teacher placements working with the scheme.
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Shape optimisation using adjoint methods
Mark Keating, Lead Engineer at ANSYS UK Ltd, talks about shape optimisation for aerodynamic performance using adjoint methods.
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UAS Challenge 2015
Engineering students design complex drones (unmanned aircraft systems) in a challenge set by the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. To see more challenges and videos visit: ondemand.imeche.org
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Developing Engineers Programme: Competence Requirements
The Developing Engineers Programme is available to Associate Members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. It is designed to support the goal of achieving professional registration – the globally-recognised gold standard for engineers. Claire Maycock, Business Development Manager with the Institution talks about the professional experience and competence required to become professionally registered as an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer. www.imeche.org/deprogramme
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The Design Challenge 2014
Students were challenged to build a contraption that could scale a vertical pipe with a budget of £20. The results were impressive...
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Engineering insights: Aerospace industry
Stephen Phillips of Bombardier explains how to further your career by researching the Aerospace industry and finding out about companies in the sector. He also describes the breadth and depth of experience that engineers can gain by joining a company graduate scheme.
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Bloodhound SSC Worldwide Launch
The Bloodhound Supersonic car made its worldwide debut on September 24th. IMechE spoke to Chief Engineer, Mark Chapman, about what this means for the project.
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Using 3D printing to immprove running shoes
Loughborough University's sports engineers are using additive layer manufacturing or '3D printing' to help build personalised running spikes.
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Developing Engineers Programme: Achieving Professional Registration
The Developing Engineers Programme is available to Associate Members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. It is designed to support the goal of achieving professional registration – the globally-recognised gold standard for engineers. Jade Abbott, Global Account Manager at the Institution talks about achieving professional registration and how it can help engineers advance in their careers. www.imeche.org/deprogramme
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Smart Cities: Technology friend or foe?
Dr Colin Brown, director of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, explores the importance of resilient and reliable energy supplies in the digitally-connected smart cities of the future. To view our report "Smart Cities: Technology friend or foe?" in full, visit http://ow.ly/cYNj30j9waQ.
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Nuclear Build: A Vote of no confidence by UK Government?
IMechE CEO, Stephen Tetlow, discusses our new report, "Nuclear Build: A Vote of no confidence?". In it we recommend how industry and Government can work together to achieve the UK's long-term low-carbon targets.
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Presidential Address 2018: Geoff Baker
Our 133rd President, Geoff Baker explores the role of engineering in society, and more specifically what the role of an ‘Engineering Institution of the Future’ should be http://ow.ly/jADa30kemSd
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The effects of volcanic ash on aeroplane engines - BBC News
Why has volcanic ash forced the grounding of all UK flights? Dr Colin Brown, IMechE Director of Engineering, talks to the BBC News channel about the effects of volcanic ash on aeroplane engines.
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Cherry Hill models
The Institution is home to most of Cherry's record-breaking handmade models. When painted they don't work; this video shows the models running and in their finished glory.
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Astrium: Engineered in Britain
Astrium is Europe's largest space company, employing 3,500 people in the UK alone. Engineered in Britain, Astrium produces some of the world's leading edge earth observation, science and telecommunication satellites in one of the most exciting sectors of the engineering profession.
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Engineering insights: Railway industry
On a graduate scheme for London Underground, Arno Bajon has been working on a wide variety of railway projects, from signalling to maintenance of train tracks. He describes the benefits of a career in the railways, and explains how to get ahead in the sector, from the first year of a mechanical engineering degree right through to professional life as a member of IMechE.
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Engineer profile: Alice Younge, Medicine & Health
Alice Younge, PhD student at Imperial College London, talks about her research in biomechanical engineering. Alice Younge is a 25 year old mechanical engineer studying a PhD in Medical Engineering at Imperial College London. Specifically, Alice is conducting research into hip replacement therapies, finding out how to improve the quality of the hip implants that so many people rely on, and to ensure that the trauma that patients experience is kept to a minimum. Alice describes how her research into medical engineering has allowed her to marry her passion for engineering with a desire to help improve peoples lives. She also explains how she was inspired by her love of the humble bicycle! See http://www.engeneration.imeche.org/case-studies/Engineers+in+action/ for more profiles of young engineers.
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John See Jing Leung, Asia-Pacific Speak Out for Engineering competition 2014
John See Jing Leung explains the benefits to him from entering the Institution's Asia-Pacific inter-regional Speak Out for Engineering (SoFE) competition. John went on to win first place of the Asia Pacific SoFE the inter-regional final with his presentation on wearable technology for rail safety. https://www.youtube.com/edit?o=U&video_id=JTGGLYjzrP4
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NTAR is a joint project between the National Skills Academy for Railway Engineering (NSARE), the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills (BIS) and the Department for Transport (DfT), with industry partner Siemens.
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Tesco engineering energy-efficient stores
Mark Hawker, IMechE Fellow and Head of Engineering Design for Tesco Property Services, discusses the construction and operation of their energy-efficient sustainable concept store. Using new technologies and construction methods, engineers have radically reduced the store's energy consumption and achieved a 43% reduction in its carbon footprint. They are now well on course to reducing their energy consumption by 50% between 2000 and 2010.
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Case Study: How SSE has implemented Smart Signal
John Twiddle, Equipment Performance Centre Manager at energy company, SSE, gives a case study of how the company has implemented Smart Signal software.
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Case study: Ironbridge LP Turbine last row blade failure
Ben Morrell, Rotating Plant Engineer at EON, gives an account of the last stage LP blade failure at Ironbridge which occurred in February 2014.
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Advanced wheelchair technology
Sports engineers from Sheffield Hallam University and Frazer Nash are helping Team GB's wheelchair paralympians fine-tune their equipment and training regimes using advanced analysis technology.
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Hozelock: Engineered in Britain
Anyone with a garden will have a Hozelock product yet probably won't know that Hozelock is a truly Great British success that has grown to become a £100M company, exporting over 40% of its products around the world.
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Developing Engineers Programme: Knowledge and Understanding Requirements
The Developing Engineers Programme is available to Associate Members of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. It is designed to support the goal of achieving professional registration – the globally-recognised gold standard for engineers. Tom Owen, International Business Development Manager talks about the academic knowledge required to become professionally registered as an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer. www.imeche.org/deprogramme
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Women in Engineering Museum Late - London Transport Museum
The Greater London Region Young Members Panel together with volunteer engineers from the ICE, IChemE, CIWEM and ITS UK organised a Museum Late at the London Transport Museum to celebrate International Women in Engineering Day
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Ford: Engineered in Britain
One of the leading-edge automotive companies in the world, with a large proportion of its engine and powertrain development originating in the UK. The innovation of its UK engineers, who develop next generation engines such as EcoBoost here, ensures the company is truly Engineered in Britain.
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IMechE Railway Challenge  2017
Looking back to the 2017 Railway Challenge held at Stapleford Miniature Railway, Leicestershire to examine the benefits participating apprentices and students may gain for their future careers.
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Lessons learnt while inspecting steam turbine blades
Paul Crowther, Group Head - Inspection Management at RWE npower,talks about non-destructive testing inspections for low pressure last-stage blade roots.
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Insuring a power plant - what you need to know
Don Shubert, Senior Vice President at Marsh Energy Practice, gives a utility and insurers’ perspective on generator faults and failures. Don talks through insurance renewals and explains how risk is calculated.
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Home Automation Challenge 2017
UK's most talented apprentices in an innovative design and manufacturing are challenged to improve an everyday home or garden device. The challenge is free to enter and open to all apprentices from companies, colleges and training providers of engineering and manufacturing technologies. For more information : http://www.imeche.org/get-involved/young-members-network/home-automation-challenge-apprentice-competition
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Formula Student 2015: Where to start
Ahead of Formula Student 2015, UK judges give their advice on how to project manage a sucessful Formula Student entry.
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Low Salinity in EOR
Kith Mackie, Operations Director, ITF, gives a lecture on Low Salinity explaining why it's an area of 'work in progress'.
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How to use the power of the internet to learn just about anything
How to learn anything at home in your pyjamas - Hugh Greenway looks at how to use the Internet to find out about just about everything.
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