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Behind the scenes at Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicles Operations
The Jaguar F Type SVR, Range Rover Sport SVR and Range Rover SVAutobiography are the latest vehicles to come from Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations. John Edwards, Managing Director of JLR SVO, tells us what SVO means to him and the team of designers and engineers who build these halo products.
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Jaguar Land Rover Corporate Film
Jaguar Land Rover are the UK’s largest automotive manufacturer, built around two iconic British car brands. We are driven by a desire to deliver class-leading vehicles, which will provide experiences our customers will love, for life. Employing almost 42,000 people globally, we support around 240,000 more through our retailers, suppliers and local businesses.
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Hints and Tips
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Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works
Jaguar Land Rover Classic Works is the largest facility of its type in the world. A workshop dedicated to servicing and restoring classic Jaguar and Land Rover models, also housing our collection of more than 500 classic vehicles. To support the growth of our Classic works, we're recruiting too, with more than 120 specialists expected to be part of the team by the end of the year. We've invested heavily in traditional manufacturing skills, combining them with cutting-edge manufacturing technology to remanufacture parts that would otherwise be prohibitively expensive.
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Self driving valet takes the pain out of parking | Jaguar Land Rover
Our self driving cars can find spaces by themselves and park without any driver input. The self-driving valet demonstration is a step towards making self-driving cars an everyday reality, with technology that removes stress from urban driving. The demonstration took place on open public roads in Milton Keynes as part of Jaguar Land Rover’s work with UK Autodrive, a consortium testing self-driving vehicles and connected car technologies.
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Jaguar Land Rover - I Engineered It - Imogen Pierce
I Engineered It - celebrating the leading women who can look at our vehicles and say, "I engineered it". They include Aerodynamics Engineer Imogen Pierce, now running computer simulations on our flagship models after joining our graduate scheme in 2014. Find out more: http://bit.ly/2fyEqjt
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It All Starts Here - Jaguar Land Rover Apprenticeships
Learn more about our two award-winning Apprenticeship Schemes at Jaguar Land Rover from our current apprentices. We offer both an Advanced and Higher route. You can find out more and apply at http://www.jaguarlandrovercareers.com/jlr-roles/apprentices/
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Technology & Design: 48 years of Range Rover
From prototype to SVR, this is how the technology and design of the Range Rover has evolved throughout its 48-year history.
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Electrical, Electronic & Software Engineering
If you think petrol is driving our cars forward today then look again. Electrical, Electronic and Software Engineering (EESE) is now at the core of almost everything we do here at Jaguar Land Rover. To meet that demand, our EESE department has grown in the last 4 years from 500 engineers to over 1400. Now we’re looking for highly skilled EESE graduates to help design and develop our next generation of products. Find out more at jaguarlandrovercareers.com
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Meet the Chief Designer behind Jaguar Project 8
Special Vehicle Operation’s Chief Designer for Jaguar, Simon Butterworth, talks about the clay model development of the 200mph Project 8.
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Project Hero: The bespoke Land Rover Discovery rescue vehicle for Red Cross
Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations (SVO) has designed and engineered a bespoke version of the new Land Rover Discovery for use by the Austrian Red Cross. ‘Project Hero’ was presented to the world’s media for the first time at the Geneva Motor Show.
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Khaoula Layerle Electrical Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover
Khaoula Layerle. A Parisian. And a top-class engineer. After she got her PHD, she joined our team as an Electrical Systems Engineer. Since then, she’s been promoted to a senior level and works with a lot more people and a lot more components. And it’s not just work she’s passionate about – she also has an interest in rugby, tennis and Formula E.
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Urmila Mistry, Research Strategy and Innovation Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover
Urmila Mistry, Research, Strategy and Innovation Engineer, was recently nominated as one of the top 100 women in Automotive. And it’s no surprise. Urmila started with us 12 years ago and has progressed through the company steadily since then.
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Dispelling myths about life at our Engine Manufacturing Centre
Meet three inspirational manufacturing specialists dispelling the myths around working at our Engine Manufacturing Centre.
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The Power of Detail: Jaguar Land Rover Global Purchasing Careers
The F-PACE. The art of performance. The power of opportunity that comes with a career in Jaguar Land Rover’s Global Purchasing team. Help us achieve our biggest ambitions with your commitment to the smallest details. Apply at http://bit.ly/1S6vspD
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The semi-autonomous safety tech of all-new Land Rover Discovery
Land Rover engineers are going from cogs to code to deliver the array of driver assistance technologies featured in the All-New Land Rover Discovery. The in-built technologies aid the driver in many situations, from helping to maintain a suitable distance from the vehicle in front of you to detecting signs of driver fatigue and suggesting a break.
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Lindsay Kerr, Graduate Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover
Lindsay Kerr, Graduate Engineer at Jaguar Land Rover, completed three summer placements before she joined us on the Graduate Scheme. Here she explains what she does now, both inside and outside of work.
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Tough engineering tested in New Land Rover Discovery advert
The tough engineering behind New Discovery is put to the test in Land Rover's new TV advert.
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Jaguar F-Type engineer introduces our new four-cylinder sports car
Our engineers have paired our all-aluminium two-seat sports car with the state-of-the-art 300PS 2.0-litre turbocharged Ingenium petrol engine to create a lighter, more responsive F-Type.
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Dream Makers Wanted: Jaguar Land Rover Special Vehicle Operations
Take luxury, performance and capability to the next level. Join Special Vehicle Operations and make dreams a reality. Engineering and Skilled Manufacturing Specialists Wanted. Dream Makers Wanted. To find out more, visit: http://www.jaguarlandrovercareers.com/jlr-roles/engineering-manufacturing/special-vehicle-operations/
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Tech Quest - The Hunt For JLR - Game Over
Welcome to TechQuest, did you find me? The hunt for JLR closed on January 12th, it’s game over. TechQuest is a game that will make you question everything you know about puzzles, codes and answers. Look out for our next challenge. facebook.com/JaguarLandRoverCareers twitter.com/jlrcareers For the terms & conditions, please visit www.jlrtechquest.com/privacy
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James Hunt-Davies, Senior HR Business Partner at Jaguar Land Rover
James Hunt-Davies, Senior HR Business Partner at Jaguar Land Rover, has progressed rapidly through the ranks with us. But he’s not going to stop there. He continues to improve on his skills and is always thinking about where he can go next within the company.
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Castle Bromwich Plant Welcomes Jaguar XE
Meet our people behind the production of Jaguar XE, now moving to the iconic Castle Bromwich plant with £100m of additional investment. The movement of Jaguar XE production to Castle Bromwich demonstrates the flexibility created within our UK manufacturing facilities. It's the result of £3bn of investment in infrastructure and products in 2016 alone, with £100m invested in the Castle Bromwich plant in support of XE introduction.
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Panasonic Jaguar Racing at Formula E in Buenos Aires, Argentina
​Panasonic Jaguar Racing’s South American FIA Formula E debut in Argentina produced more positives for the series’ newest team.
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Halewood Plant
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Jaguar E-PACE | Niall McCann, NVH Engineer
Advanced noise, vibration and harshness project engineer, Niall McCann talks us through what goes into creating the soundscape of the Jaguar E-PACE.
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Jaguar Land Rover Moments
Incredible moments are experienced by people, every day, right across Jaguar Land Rover. For some, it's the launch of the ground breaking product they've spent months working on. For others, it's witnessing the latest vehicle drive off the assembly line. Or the first time one of their ideas comes to life.
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Life as an Electrical Controls Manager at Jaguar Land Rover
Jaguar Land Rover Careers - Hear from Ian, an Electrical Controls Manager about his role and working for the company.
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The design team behind new Land Rover Discovery
New Land Rover Discovery will be tested by customers, dogs, children... and the great wilds. Just some of the considerations behind the design of any new Land Rover.
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Gillian Mara, Group Leader in Body Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover
Gilly Mara, Group Leader in Body Engineering at Jaguar Land Rover, has experience in both engineering and athletics. Here she tells us about her passion for both areas and how she transferred her skills between the two.
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Range Rover Hybrid Silk Trail Conclusion 2013
Three Range Rover Diesel Hybrid prototypes have completed the ultimate engineering sign-off test by traversing 13 countries over 53 days from Solihull, UK, to Mumbai, India. The world's first ever hybrid expedition along the Silk Trail and one of the boldest driving adventures ever pursued by Land Rover.
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Test drivers Norman Dewis & Andy Wallace meet at Jaguar Land Rover Classic
As Jaguar Land Rover Classic settles into its new £7million home, meet Andy Wallace and Norman Dewis, two test drivers instrumental to forging the character of these legendary cars.
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Innovation at Jaguar Land Rover
Zero emissions, zero accidents, zero congestion. We're shaping the future with our electrification and autonomous technology.
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Harriet Evans, Public Relations at Jaguar Land Rover
Harriet Evans, Public Relations at Jaguar Land Rover, joined us on our Graduate Programme after completing her degree at university. She has undertaken various training courses in order to further her career with us and has even travelled overseas to work with our team in Germany.
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