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Society of Automotive Engineers (SAE)
On April 4th, teams part of the Society of Automotive Engineers came to Newton, IA to share their work with their Baja Cars, Formula Cars, and snowmobiles.
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STEM Day- Joe Schwanebeck
Interview with Joe Schwanebeck from the Science Center of Iowa.
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Career Profile: Ron Hoofnagle
In this video, CFHS math/engineering teacher, Ron Hoofnagle, talks about his time in the navy and medical device design, his transition into teaching, and how he brings those past experiences into his teaching. Photo credit: Images 0:41-1:19 from http://www.navy.mil/search/photolist.asp 0:41- Joshua B. Bruns (http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=145575) 0:45- Nathanael Miller (http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=140968) 0:52- Jeffrey Jay Price (http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=146753) 0:56- Kyle Carlstrom (http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=145861) 1:00- Jeffrey Jay Price (http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=147048) 1:04- Jeffrey Jay Price (http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=147590) 1:08- Jeffrey Jay Price (http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=150507) 1:12- Jeffrey Jay Price (http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=146230) 1:16- Jeffrey Jay Price (http://www.navy.mil/view_single.asp?id=147039)
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PLTW Classes at CFHS
Through an interview of PLTW instructor, Mr. Homewood, this video covers the Project Lead the Way classes at Cedar Falls High School and how they are helping students interested in engineering.
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STEM Day- Kathy McKee
Interview with Kathy McKee, a K-12 Education Coordinator from Blank Park Zoo.
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10,000 Lakes Robotics Regional: Team 525 (The Swartdogs)
Last month, Cedar Falls High School's team, The Swartdogs, competed at their second regional for the season. The regional was again full of fun times and success for the team. This video covers the competition, what was done to prepare, and what the team is looking forward to in World Championships later this month. Other videos featuring The Swartdogs: Robotics Kickoff (January 2013): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EO2PBb0SjTE Robotics Update (February 2013): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMFYuxj6MGM STEM Day at the Capitol (February 2013): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Grq9bQ9rJao First Lego League Regional Qualifier (December 2012): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YI1UXdEoV9U
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Toothpick Bridge Project at CFHS
Through an interview of physics instructor, Mr. Swartley, this video covers the toothpick bridge project at Cedar Falls High School and the future applications of what students learned.
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Student Profile: Sam Condon
In this video, CFHS graduate and Iowa State senior, Sam Condon, talks about his pursuit towards a biochemistry degree, describes the work he does in his lab, and gives tips for high school students interested in a degree in science.
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FIRST LEGO League Regional Qualifier
The lego league regional qualifier took place this past weekend (12/1/12) at Peet Junior High. This competition helped spark interest in STEM among the young participants and gave them the opportunity to pick up on some technical and teamwork skills they will use long into the future.
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Career Profile: David Duncan
In this video, retired mathematics professor David Duncan talks about his 42 years of teaching at the University of Northern Iowa, describes some of the applications of what he taught, and gives advice for high school students regarding mathematics.
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STEM Introduction
This first podcast of the year covers a community conversation about the STEM initiative and what the IA Governor's STEM Advisory Council is doing to help prepare students interested in these careers.
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Robotics Kickoff
On 1/5/13, the robotics team held their kickoff for the season. This video covers this year's challenge and what the team is doing to prepare.
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STEM 2012-13
Video bringing together the people, projects, and events covered this school year in STEMbroadcasts.
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STEM 2012-2013 Review
Verison #2
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2013 Engineering Lab Open House
This video profiles the first annual engineering lab open house that was held 1/14/13.
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STEM Day- Rob Kleinow
Interview with Rob Kleinow, a curriculum consultant from Heartland AEA.
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STEM Day at the Capitol
Through an interview with event planner, Tonja Richards, this video covers this year's STEM Day at the Capitol.
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Robotics Update
The build season is already half over and the Swartdogs have been hard at work preparing for their regional competitions in March. This video covers some of their progress so far.
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Brownie STEM Day at UNI
Event coordinators Linda Kennedy and Ginger L'Heureux describe the Brownie STEM Day that took place at UNI on November 3, 2012.
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