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How to get a job at Jaguar Land Rover
Check out my amazing 5 tips to impress at Jaguar Land Rover. These tips can be used for any interview. Please check out my website for more amazing tips at http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com. Please like subscribe and comment. I will respond to any comments. If there are any subjects you wish me to cover then please leave a comment below or contact me via my website.
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Using your emotions to reach your goals!
How you can use your emotions to achieve what you want. In this video I talk about how you can use what Apple did to gain their success and use it on a personal level to achieve what you want. A massive amount of credit goes to Simon Sinek and his amazing TED talk which I reference in my video and how he decoded how Apple became successful, I have just evolved that concept so you can use this on a personal level. Visit my website at http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com I will put a link on my website to his talk too so you can experience this for yourself. Don't forget to like and comment and if you are new around here, hit that subscribe button so you get an update every time I release a video. Remember keep going and #BeBrilliant.
Book Review -15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management - By Kevin Kruse
I have reviewed Kevin Kruse's new book - 15 Secrets Successful People Know About Time Management. This is a great book and in this video I share my own personal view of this book. For a limited time Kevin is giving the book away for free, you can get get the book here http://www.kevinkruse.com/ Like, subscribe and comment if you like the review and don't forget to visit my website too. http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com/
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Visualisation technique for job interviews
Visualisation is an amazing technique that can really help you prepare and can combat those interview nerves. If done thoroughly it can totally change the way you perform as your brain will do what you tell it! This goes hand in had with my other video where I shared other tips with you. Check it out here on on my website at http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com. This technique can be used for preparation for any event, in the video I share with you how James Hunt prepared for his F1 racing days! Enjoy and let me know how you get on.
2016  New Year Resolutions and how you can stick with them!
My latest video where I share with you how to stick with your resolutions and really live the life you want to live. How you go from will power to personal power in 22 mins. Yes I know it is a longer video this time, but I promise it is worth it. Check out all my content - http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com Live with passion and purpose; be brilliant! Your Peak Performance Coach Joe Noya.
Christmas Motivation
This is my motivational Christmas message to you all. Wishing you all an amazing Christmas, looking to support you at this time to have the life you want to live. For free coaching tools visit my website at - http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com
Victim vs Navigator which mode are you in?
This will help you identify how you are thinking and whether it is helping you. There are three modes Victim, Survivor and Navigator and I explain each one in turn so you can recognise where you are and then how you can move forward to achieve what you want. Check out my other videos and also my website at http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com
How to earn more money for free now!
I have created this video as I had a great deal of interest around the blog on my website.http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com/ Please like comment and subscribe and let me know how you get on!
How to use the VAK questionnaire to identify your learning preference.
How to use the VAK questionnaire. VAK means Visual - Auditory- Kenesthetic. This video will help you identify which is your most dominant learning preference, we all have a mix of all three and you can use this to your advantage when developing yourself. Have fun with the questionnaire and let me know how you get on. Keep being brilliant. http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com
How to coach your way out of moaning clubs
How to get out of that moaning club to achieve what you want to achieve and avoid getting stuck in a moaning cycle. Please like subscribe and comment also check out my website for more free coaching tools to help you. http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com
Suicide Awareness Campaign
This video was inspired by watching the documentary by Professor Green on BBC3. In this video I talk about how you can get help and also to help promote the awareness and impact of suicide. There are charitable organisations that can help such has mind and the Samaritans. You can go to their websites here: http://www.mind.org.uk/ http://www.samaritans.org/ It would be amazing if you could also try and save BBC three and you can join the twitter campaign at @Save BBC Three I have also put the links on my website here at: http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com/ I hope this video helps someone out there, you are all amazing whether you help promote the awareness or are suffering and take that next step to contact one of these amazing charitable organisations.
Life Balance with free workbook download
Check out my life balance video with FREE downloadable content. This is all about balancing out what you do but also ensuring that you fire that motivation to get you to where you want to be. Check out my channel and website for other tools and helpful info. http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com
JNCoachingtechnologies Guide to your career opportunity
Introduction to finding a job and motivation for individuals/business
JNCoachingtechnologies Step 1 - To Finding Your Career Oppo
Finding your career opportunity the first step.
Get What You Want Workshop Testimonial
Get yourself on the road to success at http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com/ Watch the testimonial and see how coaching has transformed their succes
5 steps to go from stuck to amazing!
A new video guys 5 simple steps to get what you want. You guys know that I like things which are easy; my "SSS" formula, Simple, Straightforward & Smart. Enjoy the video and let me know how you get on. Don't forget if you have not done so already to LIKE, SUBSCRIBE & COMMENT. To find other useful information visit http://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com
Thorpe Park Vlog April 2016
Check out my Thorpe Park vlog; this one is all about facing my fears on the rides, I talk enough about this so I had better show you some of this in action. Enjoy going round the park with me and let me know what you think! Like comment and subscribe you amazing people! I massive thank you to those who have already subscribed and a huge welcome to you new guys; thank you I really appreciate your support. I will be putting this video on my websitehttp://jncoachingtechnologies.weebly.com. So go there and check out all my self-improvement videos and material; enjoy.