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Journey of your life by Jake Owen
Youll need a hero and a good dog Especially a good dog.
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Eric Church- Mixed Drinks About Feelings & You
Collaboration of video clips of Eric Church concert tour, "Holdin my own", he performed 3 hours straight with no opening gig, and played his most popular songs and covers in 2017 Salt Lake, His song "Mixed drinks & Feelings plays with mixed clips from one of his best tours yet. 3/25/17
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Goldrush- Maybe you should learn to love her
A beautiful slide with photographs that are heart felt. Song sang by Ed Sheeran who is becoming Americas favorite male singer songer writer.
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Chevy Van- Eric Church
A classic song performed by Eric Church. He sings it like a boss! #ericchurch #chevyvan #song #video #entertainment #classic
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Taylor Swift funny moments with Jimmy Fallon "ew"
Taylor Swift mash up with Jimmy trying to tell him to "Shake it off ", but all Jimmy wants is a answer and Tay just wants him to listen.
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Everything you are- Ed Sheeran
All credit goes to Ed Sheeran and his wonderful talent singer song writer 3 grammy nomination video made which has lips of Ed and is wonderful music!
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One- Ed Sheeran  You are the only one
One is Eds best song on his new album X Multiply singer song writer who has been my inspiration and someone that brings out the best in people. This and many songs are truly amazing.
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In My Life by Ed Sheeran Video
Ed Sheeran and Taylor Swift have the most beautiful friendship. They have shared their talents with the US and continue it throughout the world. In my life they made a difference
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In My Heaven- by Trace Adkins in Memory of Pops
In memory of Paul Allsop "Pops", he gave his best in wonderful friendships, his true dedication towards his family & friends he loved. Another has gone, but his memory lives on.
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No Hurry  by Zac Brown Band,  Last days of summer fishing
Last days of summer fishing kicking back is the best days of the season. Catchin Life, Reeling back Time...No hurry that day
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Echo- Trapt- Acoustic performance Salt Lake 3/25/16
Trapt performs 'Echo' live in Salt Lake 3/25/16 #trapt #concert #song #echo #performance #best
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Pug reacts to going out and having a beer
Molly reacts to talking about going out for a beer, Not going home and playing with Jack..
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Letting go of balloons with messages on them in memory of  Grandpa Mickelsen
Grandpas have that special place in our hearts. Nothing more moving is to watch the wind carry them away to heaven.
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My cat wakes up to Ed Sheeran
I sang the last part of Eds song with the worst cold ever to my cat, the song "wake me up", Its his favorite song and he responded when Ed Sheeran sings it, "Wake me up".
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Afire Love- by Ed Sheeran /Video in Memory of Lonnie Mickelsen
In Life it isnt the first or last breath you take that always counts. Its all the ones in between. This video is for my family in memory (Dad) you will always have a special place in our hearts.
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See You When I See You - By Jason Aldean
Song by Jason Aldean and photos put together to have the words unspoken in our memory of people in our life that have changed our lives forever. Fathers Day or for anyday any person we have loved.
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Chicago Cub Cat Bats with a Tiger Wood Swing
My cat Ally sure had a problem this day when I kept putting doll on table it was funny to watch as he focused and swung at the toy. Either a Tiger Wood inspired or Chicago Cubs. Either way hes a smart
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1965-67 8mm Film Family Memories Part 2
Music by Zac Brown Band- Martin
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Ed Sheeran- You need me I dont need you
Video Clips and photos from concert 2/06/2013
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2015 Summer/This Nothing Town
2015 Summer
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Seth Catches His First Trout
catching fish can be hard sometimes but he had luck this day and knew all about DIY. and he did.
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Knives of New Orleans -Eric Church 17/25/3
Holding my own tour /Eric Church in Salt Lake City March 25th 2017 performs Knives of New Orleans
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The Way it Goes
Video clips of my dog I made because she loves to watch herself on TV and she loves Passengers music. Their song "the way it goes".. Tashas favorite song.🐾🐶
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2011 in Salt Lake Taylor Swift performs "Ours"
Taylor sings her song Ours, in Salt Lake 2011
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Best Day With You- by Taylor Swift
Videos and photos of just a few of my best day with you Seth. Your awesome in every way and dont you ever change. I love you and hope we will have more Best Days together.
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Ed Sheeran- Give me Love in Salt Lake
Ed Sheeran performs "Give me love", at Salt Air Feb 6th 2013
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Nascar Mechanic and he is only 10 years old!
Seth created a motor from odds and ends, toys he had and builds this engine and started it for the first time, we both are shocked that it started with a 9 volt battery all plastic toys and a little generator from some toy that broke, the engine fan turns! Nascar I think you have a mechanic!
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Moments with Ed Sheeran ÷ Album
Music is owned by Ed Sheeran & Jamie Lawson duet/singing together. I do not own the music.
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Ed Sheeran & Foy Vance performs "Kiss Me"
Ed Sheeran & Foy Vance performs at Salt Air Venue Feb 6th 2013
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Whos going home with you tonight - Trapt- 3/25/16 Salt Lake
Trapt sings, Whos going home with you tonight video live #trapt #saltlake #song #concert #video #live
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Ed Sheeran- Wayfaring Stranger at Salt Air Venue
Ed Sheeran performs in Utah at the Salt Air Venue Feb 6th 2013
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Unbelievable Winter Skies 2018
Western skies, watching the sunset light up our winter sky with the song "Whispers", by Passenger. All credits owned by Passenger.
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New Strings- Miranda Lambert Video Alpine Utah
Song by Miranda Lambert was the song played in video we had the best day ever traveling through Alpine Loop in Provo Canyon, Utah
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Ed Sheeran - Small Bump Salt Air Venue UT
Ed Sheeran captivates his audience with his song "Small Bump" in Utah February 6 2013 tour
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Headstrong - Trapt- Acoustic Performance Salt Lake 3/25/16
Trapt performs Headstrong acoustic live in Salt Lake March 25 2016 #trapt #headstrong #concert #live #song #performance
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