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Wicked Garden drums
Trying to see how this bass drum recorded on a phone camera. It was the first thing that popped in my head. Recommend headphones in order to hear the lows.
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Never Been Any Reason
Never Been Any Reason, Fork Ox
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Runaway Train mic test
Just fucking with a new mic. Karaoke version found online. I own nothing.
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Downbound Train and Cover Me
Just trying to get a good recording with a bad voice. Don't like it? Do it better.
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My Movie (2)
Lonely Is The Night
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I need a lover
Fork Ox covering I need a lover, Feb 2012 Mac's Bar, Lansing Michigan
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Carry On long end
Steely Dad performing a cover of Kansas, Carry On Wayward Son, Macs Bar, Lansing Michigan.
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Dreams Fleetwood Mac open tuning
Just trying to find an open minor tuning on accounta F and G are hard to bounce back and forth on in any sort of groove. This is not posted for your entertainment so if you don't like it? Fuck yourself.
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My Movie
You May Be Wrong
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Into The Great Wide Open
This is just a quick drum track to play guitar too. In no way is it a performance. Done on a camera phone in a hardwood floor kitchen so it's quiet.
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Crisp Point Lighthouse
Crisp Point Lighthouse, Lake Superior, Upper Peninsula of Michigan
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