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Chrysler Cordoba
The restauration of a 1979 Cordoba The song is by Wally Pleasant . He is from Michigan . here is a link to more from Wally Pleasant. http://www.wallypleasant.com/index.cfm
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Mopar B.B. 400 c.i.   520 hp  500 # torque
This was my first Engine Dyno test I've ever made. I actually did the test after the drag race season. The best number we did achieve were 520 hp at 5800 rpm and 500 lb torque at 4200 with 533 hydraulic mopar cam,1.6 rockers. flat top 440 piston fit to zero deck. Weiand tunnel with twin Thermo Quad. That intake/carb combo has followed on the next two motors I've had 450 c.i. and 493 c.i.
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Evil Snow Blower Polaris 500.wmv
Crazy friend in Quebec city builds a souped up snow blower for snow blowing competition.
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Dodge L1000 , LVT 1000 , LNT 1000
Last to my collection of Dodge L1000. It has a Detroit 8V71 aka 318 detroit and a 13 speed od. filmed in Estevan,SK
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The eagle has landed
My new toy in the yard at last. A 1975 Dodge LNT 1000 with a cummins 335 and a 13 speed.
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69   Valiant
Walk around 1969 Valiant. 400 big block. Since April 2012,my friend (new owner) we put in a 498 c.i. with single T.Q. Ran a best of 7.01 at 98 mph on 8th mile.
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1986 Prevost Mirage XL
Newly acquired on a trade this neat bus run and purrs like a kitten . Powered by a 6V92 and an Allison 740 series auto trans. It has been gutted inside by previous owner and they started to build some beds.
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81 Wagon.wmv
1981 Plymouth Caravelle Wagon. 493 c.i. 727 auto 3.55 rear ratio. Best et was 10.68 at 125 mph. Car was sold in Ontario,Canada in spring 2004 . Anybody knows where it is now ?
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Dodge Cabover L1000 V12
73 Dodge L1000 custom Cabover. Extended wheelbase , V12-71 Air ride . Lots of stainless special parts. 12 cylinders ; More cylinders than brain !!!
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White Road Commander
Walk around 1985 Road Commander with cab tilted
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75  Dodge LT 1000
My 75 Dodge LT 1000 335 Cummins . Going to its new home at last. Home that is new to me also
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1968 A100 Van
Walk around 68 A100 van 225 slant six,automatic.
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Napierreville  Blowing driveshaft at 121 mph.wmv
81 Plymouth Caravelle Wagon . 451 c.i. 727 auto 4:10 gear. Best et 11.12 at 120 mph. This last round I had my friend's wife for a ride. You can see at end of movie the smoke is the front U-joint blowing ,because of poor angles,taking out transmission tailshaft housing. Thanks to the safetyloop damage were reduced to these parts only.
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86 Prevost Mirage XL
Quick walk around of 86 Prevost Mirage XL for sale. 6V92 Detroit Allison 740 4 speed auto
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Dodge LVT 1000 ,Home
Quick walk around of new toy at home
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Jigger Club on Long Creek Railroad Torquay SK
This is a club of old Jigger , going to tour on many short rail road.
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1969 Dodge A110
1969 Dodge A110. Will be fixed up as a driver. A 50 feet car so to say.
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Pappy's Dodge !!
1963 Dodge 330 tribute to Lawson Oats from BC Canada.
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70 CN 900
Single axle , 855 cummins CN900 5 speed and a 2 speed axle.
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72 L1000  8V71  Idling
I pull out of winter storage my L1000 and parked it in driveway. Will be working to install rear air ride single axle in coming days off.A preview of next look with Alcoa wheels,hubs have been fitted on front axle. I had the motor running to answer a previous request.
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Joey Logano Wins Michigan
Logano's burnout after his win in Michigan on June 12th 2016.
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How much is that dog in the window
Nice plush dog that sings
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Ford L9000 picker
Did fire up old beast with a cool 6-71 In order to gather a Allison MT 653 from all the stuff in the quanset. Being the swamper I could not film the whole event. But enjoy the cool sound of this Detroit.
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Magicien Dodge , Wizzard of Dodge  1991
Some video snap shop of me when I was racing my Legendary 1980 Dodge Diplomat (Napierreville dragway). Some scene of head porting at St-Ambroise Speed Shop.QC. This car was one of the first fully streeteable car to hit under 12.00 sec on 1/4 mile in quebec city area and era . Then hit a 120 mph at Napierreville dragway 1992.
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8V92  idling
This my 1985 White with 8V92 and 750 Allison
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Jeff Drifting eighth mile at Estevan airport
Here testing new motor in my ex car. Now Owned by a friend. 498 c.i. 904 auto transmission , 4,10 gear (too high, will swap to 3.55 asap) lil 275-60-R15 ET street radial. With such a poor traction that day,much more power than previous 400 engine lack of experience from Jeff to handle wheel spin. He put out a great drifting show burning tires almost the whole 8th mile. Best run last year was 8.25 at 80 mph with a 1.7 60 foot time. I made a test pass after elemination in round 1 and clocked a 7.48 at 97 mph. with a poor 1.9 60 foot time. So we know power is there,we just need to handle it a bit more.
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92 Shaddow  440
House of Color Hot pink 1992 Dodge Shaddow 440. Fully streatble. Was present at Muscle Car National 1992 at Atco NewJersey.
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Return from Maryland
John driving Road Commander for me from Brandywine, MD to Bloomington , IL. Was suppose to make it to Estevan, SK, Canada but some bad luck held us from completing trip as planed.
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NASCAR Pinty Series !! What is that song ??
NASCAR Pinty Series Advertisement. I'm not sure if this is just a short song for the ad or is it a full song that I can't find the title or who sings it . Can anyone help ?? Big wreck ??
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Calm Down
Just a fun audio
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1975 L1000 new/next project.
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Summer 2013  Idling  8-92
After more improvement on my 8-92 White Road Commander 2 . New stock size injectors sync both bank injector tubes and accurate timing. Motors runs very good and no more stupid smoke while idling.
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Crazy Woodpecker !!!
This crazy bird don t like the air cleaner lid on my 72 LVT 1000 Quite funny anyway.
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1972 L1000
After I told a guy I might have a L1000 Day cab for sale. He accepted to buy it . I had started to fit a White/Volvo Corporate air ride with a 3.70 rear axle. Extend the wheelbase by almost a foot, thanks to suspension layout that allowed me to push back the axle a bit. So I did put all together regardless of cosmetic. We just need it to run and move for now. The friendly enthusiastic buyer will make it nice . Cheers , have fun my friend !! This beast is powered by an 855 Cummins 230 HP and a 10 speed transmission.
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70 CN 900 Walk around
Single axle , 855 Cummins CN900 5 speed and a 2 speed axle.
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Snoplane  3.1 l   V6
I did help a friend to wire his Snowplane with a 98 Grand-Am 3.1 l V6 We are experiencing issues in programming ECM to bypass VATS system. So far it starts and runs only with OEM VATS devise, key cylinder and instrument cluster installed.
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70 CN 900 Walk around-2
Single axle , 855 Cummins CN900 5 speed and a 2 speed axle.
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Mackinac Bridge
Quick trip to Michigan get a truck and went to the NASCAR race on the 12th.
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Red Diamond
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Boutik Flori
Inside the Loretteville flowershop Boutik Flori . The drag racing maniac who like flowers unless it s the other way ...
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Recette de sucre a la crème de ma mommio !!!
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Aug 2017 Post Eclipse
21 Aout 2017 Post Eclipse.. Aug 21st After Eclipse ...
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Idling Silent Partner
This is my 8V92 temporary single exhaust but with a Donaldson "Silent Partner" muffler.After removing twin streight pipe stacks. Very nice quiet sound. Should be nicer when the second muffler makes it into place.
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Attack of the Tumble Weeds
Coming back from Lethbridge , the prairies were a bit windy. I was attacked by Evil Tumble Weeds or were done with life... Unfortunately camera did not caught all I saw but it was funny to watch
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86 Prevost Mirage XL 2
More of walk around
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81 Wagon Sanair 451 c.i..wmv
Same 81 Wagon on a great day as I lose to my Buddy Claude Cousineau in semi final (73 Cuda 440 6pack) at Sanair Raceway. Car was awesome that day. Very consistant and lauching like a bullet. Best et with that engine combo was 11.12 at 120 mph. 451 c.i. 727 auto,4:10 gear
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