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Life is short (A short collection of Just being as it is)
Nonduality is when you realize that you don't need to realize.
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Electronic Reproduction Of life (Delhi,Mussorie,Agra,Haridwar,Rishikesh)
Few days ago we visited the most common place (Delhi) that people visit although I found out that I had nothing to offer in terms of information so why not learn some editing tips on the go and anyway I have been watching people posting vlog on the places they visited, So something happened to my mind and i decided to do the same but in my style. Since i don't own expensive equipment to show off so i sticked to my nikon coolpix point and shoot camera ,the entire video is captured using nikon coolpix p600 I wanted to see the limit it can go ,I know this generation watches 4k in 2017 , but just starting up I thought it would be overkill to burn that huge amount of sum in gears and stabilizers but if people like my video surely tell me in comment I would upgrade the gears to get more amazing content in the future.
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