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(DAGames) Cuphead Brothers in Arms Fandom MAP (BACKUPS OPEN READ DESC) (5/12 Done)
Art by Me A MAP stands for a Multi Animator Project. BACKUPS: Being a backup means you're ready to do any part at any given time. If you feel like you have the power to, then sign up to be a backup Rules: Finished Parts: Leave in the Comments thank you very much! Characters: Must feature Cuphead and/or Mugman, characters from the fandom you've chosen. Content: Go Crazy! Do whatever you want! Just make sure it is maximum PG level content, and try not to make it too scary. Due Date: UPDATE: Due Date is still not sure, but it is due sometime in April (Most likely middle of April) Others' MAP Parts: Please be positive towards others' parts. If you are caught leaving a hate comment towards someone's MAP part, you'll be kicked! Animation Software: I don't care what you use, but as long as there is no watermarks in the middle of your animation (Flipaclip is fine, I can cut out the watermark). Parts Limit: You can only have 1 part. The Intro does not count as a MAP Part, hence why I took it. To Join: Comment a line from the song along with the part you want. It's best to try to make it like a pun, for example: "Like the part 9 you shine!" Types of Animation Allowed: Paper (Traditional) and 2D (Digital) are allowed. If you break any of these rules, your MAP Part will not be used. MAP Parts: Intro - Mine FNaF - Siblings Reviews Tattletail - JetTRG Undertale - Jeeval Badyal Hello Neighbor - majo castro (Finished) Doki Doki - shivyia Spooky's - Omar Aspiroz (Finished) Slenderman - FoxyGirlGamer13 Cuphead - lasgemelaswimmzie castro (Finished) Bendy - ST3 (Me) (Finished) Eddsworld - Drewb DAGames - NetleyBoi Animations (Finished) If you're reading this, then YOU KNO DA WAE OUT OF THIS MEME!
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My reaction to the new Antro Roblox Avatars...
Avatar 2.0 was better... Google+: +ST3 Roblox: sillytom370
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(Minor Flashing Lights Warning) BatIM Animation | You Will Believe Remix by CG5 and DAGames
Made using Flip Boom All Star (aka Toon Boom Lite) Edited using iMovie for macOS Merry Christmas, and enjoy this special video I made just in time!
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Spotlight (BATIM) Mashup CG5 and 8-Bit Paradise
Heyyy, I love this Bendy song! Google+: +ST3 Roblox: sillytom370 Finobe: ST3GamesOfficial Graphictoria: Real_ST3 Fan Club: tinyurl.com/st3fanclub
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me pley finobe (not for kidos)
yaas The swearing was out of my control. I have failed. Sorry
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D se Dab but it's poorly recreated in Nintendo 3DS Game Notes
Belongs in the trayyysh
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D se Dab 3DS Game Notes (My Vocals)
I give up
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Kahoot Live ft. SJ3
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Emoji? | Color Switch
Blog: st3andsj3.blogspot.ca 2nd Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCqjHD3gj_IRd8q_W7QFCGFg New Channels are heading your way! -sillytom370 Hello, fine people! In this video I play the popular mobile game, Color Switch! In this video, I find a ball which I think it looks like an emoji when it's yellow; and more of that crazy stuff you will (for the first time) find in my videos!
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funny! episode 3
Last funny! episode for a while
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New Super Mario Bros. - Castle Theme (EDM Remix)
I have to say this now, I absolutely LOVE the soundtrack in this game. More remixes soon! Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PIEvjajPyP4UINi7jQ2phACXtC-yiGEi/view?usp=drivesdk Original: https://youtu.be/jRc0yo0oP-k I didn't make this song, Nintendo did. To support them, go get a Switch, 3DS, amiibo, or some games I made this using Tunes to Tube as I'm too lazy to make a Music Video (https://tunestotube.com)
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PAC-MAN Fever 2016 (256)
I reuploaded this so everybody can see where I started. Original songs made by Buckner & Garcia. PAC-MAN 256 is a mobile game by Bandai Namco Games & Hipster Whale. This song I made combines the gameplay and sounds of PAC-MAN 256 & the music of PAC-MAN Fever Eat 'Em Up 2015. You are allowed to download this as a song through a YouTube converter. This song is unofficial. Sorry I had bad audio, recorded this from Mobizen. Enjoy!
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BatIM Part for My Cuphead MAP (Brothers in Arms)
Its finely done Join the backup squad for my MAP! https://youtu.be/FOpJwJcp-Dg
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funny! episode 2
Description Coming Very Soon!
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You Can't Stop the Drewbie
Congrats on passing my sub count Original by SoxzTheWolf It's not an animation meme guys it's just a normal meme know the difference smh
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My Spotlight Animation but it's 8-Bit Paradise's Bendy Puffs remix
I'm done with this meme
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Sploder Arcade Introduction gameplay
Reuploaded so you can see where I started. Sploder Arcade Introduction on Sploder Arcade mobile app
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Garage DJ - (Old GarageBand Song)
This was made in mid 2017, when I had little experience making music, and this was all GarageBand Loops. A remix of another song I have made even earlier - video upload powered by https://www.TunesToTube.com
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Preview? (Major Flashing Lights Warning)
Song: Come to Life (TryHardNinja Cover) - Not a Robot also I cut off an extra bit because I didn't want to include it.
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Flappy Food Ad
In association with DropTop Games! πŸ˜ƒ
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Eat The Dots! | Slither.io
Sorry for no intro this video... 😞 Intro was broken. 😬 NEW WEBSITE! st3games.weebly.comπŸ–±οΈ Like πŸ‘, Subscribe ▢️, and Get Notified! πŸ””
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BATIM Animation | The Dancing Demon by TryHardNinja | Short
Credit to TryHardNinja: YouTube.com/TryHardNinja
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What I've been working on!
Song: You Will Believe Remix by CG5
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when im borde
nother vid 4 da interwebs.....
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Surreal Memes in a nutshell (Quieter Edition)
I promise this won't murder your ears If you're reading this, I need to tell you, I am a surreal channel so like and subscribe that'd be helpful thanks ok bye
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Playing Roblox on March 18th!
Sorry that there is no intro in this video, I will reupload with this video with the intro and take down this one. Well, maybe!
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Escape the Impossible Box! | Roblox
If you want more fun check out this channel, called LordCubePlayz: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQOeU9MR5iy9wxHXNgfO5Gw
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Yeah that's right
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i show a thing
https://robloxforum.com/members/st3.2505/ https://robloxforum.com/members/st3.2505/ https://robloxforum.com/members/st3.2505/ https://robloxforum.com/members/st3.2505/ https://robloxforum.com/members/st3.2505/
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I learned to lip-sync! (PREVIEW?)
Song: Absolutely Anything by CG5
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Da Wey
My impression plus a PicsArt test
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Wi-Fi Fail! Crossy Road
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BatIM Animation | Spotlight (Remake) | By CG5, CK9C, and Dolvondo
This was the best thing to make, Absolutely Anything coming soon!
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Another dtawing
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I Got Lost! | Minecraft Pocket Edition ft. sillyjerry370
Nuke that Like Button!
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ST3 Rewind 2017
A Journey through time. A lot has changed through the years.
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This is a meme
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Steamed Hams but it's a Wub Machine remix
https://the.wubmachine.com FAN EDIT THIS PLZ No download just put the original audio through the website Skinner was bored and made a remix of Steamed Hams Stahp Reading
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I SUCK! Drive Ahead
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Sorry about the watermark.
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Lip Sync Test (Fixed)
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