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KORN live at Glavclub, Saint-petersburg, august 23rd, 2012
Sorry for shity sound from the beginning, it changes at 1:50, when I started to shot on my nokia 5800xm. There's a few interesting moments I'd like to focus your attention: 6:05 - just a crowd shouting with Davis; 7:00 - Freak On A Leash; 11:10 - Falling Away From Me; 14:09 and 14:38 - nice big breasts!! 16:02 - Shoots And Ladders; 18:50 - just nice moment; 21:12 - Blind. Hope you enjoy it
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Lightning with slowmotion
Shot on july, 2015, using Sony a6000 with kit lense. Music used - Ben Lukas Boysen 2007 - Infinite Rounds - MDI05_MD
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GODSKITCHEN 7march 2012 spb.avi
GODSKITCHEN. Camel Beyond Sound. Fusion Cube first time in Saint Petersburg. Russia. March,7th, 2012. Afrojack, Markus Schulz, etc. Just a small part of the event. Shitty quality, shot on Nokia N82
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Gorilla Bisquits promo clip June,13,2015
Friends preparing for their performance that will happen at july 17 in Belgorod City, Russia
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She walks there.avi
shot at july,9th,2011
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30march-5april2012 timelapses
a few cloudy timelapses made into one and added some noises to it. well,nothing special though
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Clouds 17.07.2012
Very short timelapse
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Short film village noir
Just made a short pseudo artistic film about visiting my parents in the village... well,..in some way. All shot on my samsung gs2, edited in sony vegas pro 11. Music are used: Desiderii Marginis - Deadbeat I (2001) & Artefactum - Drifting Through Corridor of the Stars (2004). All sounds are from Half Life 2
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night 27-28march2012 small.avi
an extended version of the previous night timelapse. This time it lasts for whole night. unfortunately, the battery ended at the very interesting moment - the sunrise... Anyway,the main goal was to catch the moment of snow filling the street. and it happened at 0:36. Well, it's not much, but I hope you like it. As allways used Sony Vegas Pro 9.0. The music is: Carl Sagan's Ghost, track from "Behind Clouds"
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Slowmo River
Small probe with slowmotion. Video made with canon 60d, 720p, 50fps. Music: Burial, track Prayer from 2007th year album
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timelapse 25march2012.avi
My first timelapse, simple one, static. Used sony vegas pro 9.0. Music - oneohtrix point never.
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Strange smoke on the road at night
Spb. Night on Zaretskaya str. 28.07.2012
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Black mesa source glitch with surfaces
Everything just falls through the ground mesh and I can't pass through here because of this freakin bug. Music - Xilent, Choose me LP
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Russian winter 1
Just another day at home. Shot on my sgs2
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