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"Lidice"   Dedicated to the Czech Republic.
World War 2 effected everyone in one form or another, even still today. The holocaust, and concentration camps are world events that still make people gasp. All of Europe has its stories, but this one is the one I picked, because of my Czech heritage. If I`m not accurate, please do not be offended, I`m no expert, but feel free to correct it. Thanks to Jamey Johnson for the song. I hope you will appreciate it...
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Tecni Generation  Crack the Sky
An old favorite of mine, it was never more true....
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Czech Sculptures To The Tune Of REM Losing My Religion
Though I`ve never been there, I found a lot of these sculptures throughout Prague and The Czech Republic very interesting and entertaining. They are not my pictures, and a few I`m not sure about, but most I pulled from the web are from there. REM`s song Losing My Religion goes great with this slideshow I think, I hope you enjoy it...
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(Good King) Wenceslas
To those that find this as interesting as I did. They should do a modern movie on this legend...
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Creed,  Higher  (The Czech Republic)
It`s been a life long dream of mine to travel to the Czech Republic,(family on my fathers side still there somewhere) I`ve gathered every pic I can off the web of the place, so I made this slideshow with some of them, and I hope you enjoy it. It shows some of the country`s landscape, buildings as well as sculpture`s. If anyone`s picture is on here that may not want it to be, I`ll take it off, no offense intended. I chose Creeds song Higher, it seemed to feel right to me. Thanks to all involved...
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Sailabration to the tune of Southern Cross by Crosby, Stills, and Nash
This event took place in Baltimore Inner Harbor. These ships traveled there from all over the world, and you could go aboard and meet the crew. Many of them, as you can see, were old. It made for a great day trip...
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Find The River
These are some shots I took (except for about three), around the area I live, which is Dorchester County, Maryland. The river is called the Choptank, and is fed off of the Chesapeake Bay. The areas are Cambridge, Hudson, Ragged Pt., Secretary, and Choptank. The work boats are crabbing for Maryland Blue crab`s. I find this place I call home very beautiful, with a rustic charm. I used REM`s Find A River, because the song is to me of one losing a way they admired, as well as thing`s in life they enjoyed, and passing that on. A lot of watermen here on the Eastern Shore do that as well, except that a few more are gone year by year, due to a lack of good harvest`s. This was my family`s heritage as well. I hope you enjoy it...
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