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Anjunadeep ABGT150 Sydney Afterparty V&M - Contrasts vs A&B You Got To Go vs Counting Down The Days
Ivy, Sydney. Anjunadeep #ABGT150 Afterparty :D Tracks: *V&M - Contrasts* vs *A&B You Got To Go (V&M Deep Edit)* vs *Counting Down The Days (Yotto Remix)* • V&M = Vintage & Morelli, A&B = Above & Beyond
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Only You - Meramek & Topixx - Above & Beyond Anjunadeep ABGT150 Afterparty
Ivy, Sydney Track: https://youtu.be/AJ_DXVu7ISA
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Heva - Tom Middleton - Anjunadeep ABGT150 Above & Beyond Afterparty - Sydney
How good was it?! At the Ivy, Sydney! Track: https://youtu.be/V3jn4c6P3D0
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Last 3 tracks of A&B Common Ground: Hey Now.
Above & Beyond: Common Ground
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Beautiful Life - Armin Only Sydney 2014
My most favourite track from Armin's Intense Album!
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Ringo - Joris Voorn vs Leave The World Behind - Axwell
Axwell mixing Ringo, by Joris Voorn w/ Leave The World Behind, at Stereosonic 2013, Sydney.
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On A Good Day - Above & Beyond (OceanLab), Sydney NYE/NYD '14/'15
At Hordern Pavilion 31.12.2014 - 1.01.2015
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Subculture 2015 Abrupt Simon Patterson Ending
Hordern Pavilion, Sydney
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Need for Speed  - cop chase
Just a video I decided to do, my first video on you tube so enjoy! :D song name: Little Sweaty Sow by Robert Ridihalgh, Crispin Hands, Alistair Hirst, Saki Kaskas, Matt Ragan, Rom Di Prisco, Traz Damji
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Hey Now - Armin Only Sydney 2014
Hey Now - London Grammer
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Ilan Bluestone: Spheres & Black Room Boy - ABGT150
Sydney, Allphones Arena, 26th September AEST.
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PS3 Slim w/ 500GB Momentus XT SSHD (ST500LX003)
Upgraded our *dying* stock 320 GB Toshiba HDD (MK3265GSX) to Seagate's 500GB @7200rpm Momentus XT SSHD w/ 8GB MLC NAND (ST500LX003) (Makes a really cool startup sound; similar to a jet taking off) :D
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Stereosonic 2012 - Sydney, Australia
Stereosonic 2012
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HDMI cable + MacBook Pro = SPARKS :D
HDMI cable generates sparks when paired with MacBook Pro chassis. :D (I thought only the power plug did this, guess the body conducts electricity too).
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Bubble7 App Pitch - AWShine 2015 Hackathon
Bubble7: Bridging anonymity with communication to the physical world.
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Google launches Street View Treks for Maps
A additional mapping feat. from the Google Trekker program finally does rounds in Sydney! Go WILD! :D http://www.google.com.au/maps/about/behind-the-scenes/streetview/treks/
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Lane 8 - Under My Skin - ABGT150 Anjunadeep Afterparty
ID? Can't find it from the official A&B Track listing either. It's '10. ID' https://soundcloud.com/aboveandbeyond/abgt150lane8
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Wet MS54 Track - Voodoo
Can anyone ID? Thanks :)
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LEAP Motion Controller at UTS
Decided to test out the LEAP Motion Controller at uni during Mobile Apps Dev, to see how well it ran on my 1.5 year old HP Pavilion dm4-3011tx laptop...
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New Years Eve 2012 - Sydney
Inb4 HD cameras, here's my edit of NYE :) Enjoy! HAPPY NEW YEAR!
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Chromebook versus MacBook Pro Loudspeakers
Filmed from a Canon EOS 100D.
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Blu-Ray Disc streaming versus SSHD caching | The Last of Us
The Last of Us, Blu-ray streaming versus SSHD access (second time round), Blu-ray disc is streamed/written to the SSHD (HDD) for the first 4 minutes and 45 seconds. SSHD takes full control over game data reads after 4:45 :) Enjoy.
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NEW UTS Business Building Set to Open 2015
9 News shows off NEW UTS Business Building Set to Open 2015
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Ping Pong Transition Lights!
Armin Only, Sydney. 2014.
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Lasers and shiz - ABGT150 - Allphones Arena
26th Sept 2015
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Blur w/ bro #2
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Flying P10
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Trence Kitteh 2000
lol cat
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An Excruciating Encounter w/ Sequential Processing
What happens when two 1GB RAM/1vCPU VMs and heavy Chrome bloat (after heavy web browsing) all hop onto the same dual physical cores (4 hyperthreaded virtual cores) Intel 2.4GHz (i5-4258U) & 8GB RAM :o
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Blur w/ bro
Eh, figured this would be a good upload. Enjoy smooth 60fps racing peoplez!
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iBeacon Finally Hits Mainstream News
iBeacon, a Bluetooth technology which allows you to shop smarter by receiving local product and discount alerts. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/IBeacon
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Biggest Chill Cat
From Sydney, Australia :D
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Flying Timelapse P10
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Hardrive - Deep Inside - ABGT150 Anjunadeep Party
Track: https://youtu.be/KRH05Nq_JI0 At Sydney's Ivy.
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Epic Knife Kill After Death - BF3
After stabbing the enemy twice he eventually dies upon my death.
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Awesome 1080p Battlefield 3 Jet Gameplay + EXTREMELY LUCKY Landing
Just some BF3 Jet gameplay on Noshahr Canals with an extremely lucky landing.
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BF3 Floor Glitch #1
Floor becomes penetrable and ladder disappears on the Frostbite 2.0 engine.
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Stereosonic 2014 on a Serious Budget
This Intel P4 2.6GHz CPU is struggling to display a 140p video :D At least the audio is stable.
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