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iGCSE English Edexcel Language A Passage to Africa Anthalogy
Really short video consisting of 4 images (papers) of simply annotations and highlighted text for the passage A Passage to Africa. Really Really simple stuff, just learn it all if it comes up in the exam your laughing! I suggest you print the text empty from the Edexcel Website and then try to annotate this text. It will really help. If you got any questions do feel free to ask. Thanks
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Amazon Kindle Fire HD Quick Tablet Unboxing
Unboxing the new Kindle Fire HD from Amazon, an extremely short unboxing. For first looks of the tablet please visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pyYcCa4Kha0 Thanks for your support. Review and what I think of the tablet in terms of UK content its on its way!
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iGCSE English Language A Touching The Void Edexcel Anthology
iGCSE Edexcel English Anthalogy text Touching the Void by Joe Simpson, text explaining everything you pretty much need to know, I would advise you to memorise the 2 sheets and be able to answer questions on them in relation to the text. Thank you very much
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Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Product RED Unboxing
Unboxing of the Apple iPod Touch 5th (5g) Generation PRODUCT RED. One great colour. One great cause.When you buy (PRODUCT) RED merchandise, Apple gives a portion of the purchase price to the Global Fund to fight AIDS in Africa. The Global Fund. The numbers don't lie: every day more than 900 babies are born with HIV. By 2015, that number can be nearly zero. (RED) works with companies like Apple to fight for an AIDS-free generation by 2015 by creating (PRODUCT) RED merchandise. A percentage of gross profits from the sale of those products goes to the Global Fund to help fund AIDS programmes in Africa. Since its introduction, (PRODUCT) RED has generated more than $190 million — more than $50 million from Apple alone — for the Global Fund. Now you can make an impact too, by purchasing a (PRODUCT) RED iPod shuffle, iPod nano, iPod touch, iPad Smart Cover, iPad Smart Case or iPhone Bumper. For more information about the Global Fund and (RED)™, visit JOINRED.com
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Griffin Military Survivor iPod Touch 5th Gen Unboxing and First Looks
Very quick Griffin iPod Touch 5th Generation Military Defender Survivor Case and First Looks for the Apple iPod Touch 5th Generation Case. Any intrests or requests please ask. Hope it helps and you enjoy made has shortest has possible, Thanks - Drop test? Risky yeah??
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iPod Touch 5th Generation Review and Comparison with 4th Generation
iPod Touch 5th Generation Review and Comparison with 4th Generation. Hey guys, in this video we are comparing and eliminatiing the diffrences between the iPod 4th Generation and 5th Generation making a clear choice of: Is it worth the upgrade? Thanks for wathcing! Stay tuned for my iPad mini unboxing!
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Opening of a brand nexus 4. This is how we open it and verify the working contents. Has you can see clearly. These are sold like this. Thank you. 1 year warranty
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iPhone 5 Black & Slate Unboxing and First Looks
Apple iPhone 5 Black & Slate Unboxing and First Looks. If you found this video helpful please do like it. Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechBlissTV
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Apple iPad Mini Black & Slate 32GB WiFi Unboxing and Size Comparison
Apple iPad Mini Black & Slate 32GB WiFi Unboxing and Size Comparison. Do stay tuned for more iPad mini unboxings.
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Kindle Fire HD Review Part 1: Negative Side/Issues
Kindle Fire HD Review Part One: Bad/Negative Side/Points. Today we will be talking regarding the newly released kindle fire HD and its dows, not the ups unfortunately, (next video) Series of 1/3 videos. Please do stay tuned for the next.
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I GOT SCAMMED: Apple iPad Mini Unboxing Black & Slate
Sorry for the bad lighting Been waiting for this mini thing all day, and then recieve a nexus 7 tablet. Must be a manufacturing error with the machines. Please note this video was made for entertainment.
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NEW Griffin Military Survivor Case for the Apple iPod touch 5th Gen Review and Drop Test
NEW Apple Griffin Military Survivor iPod Touch 5th gen Review and Drop Test, Including the review, drop test, negative side, what griffin could have done to make it better, and an interactive question at the end! Thanks for watching! Twitter: https://twitter.com/TechBlissTV
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