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Dropping HTC Sensation in slow motion
A phone of failure. I dropped my phone in slow motion.
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Destroying clear CD
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Destroying spair screen off of iPhone 4 (disassembly went wrong)
Me and my dad were messing about undoing my old iPhone 4 and it went shit at the reassembly. A connector would not fit in this spot. You guys probably thought going wrong would mean screws going missing but I drew a good diagram of where the screws would go and I sellotaped them to the diagram. Shan I got really angry, I just filled a cable right off. The shittiest idea ever.I am still trying to get it reassembled and a new screen. Hope you guys enjoy!!!
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What's New in IOS 11.1.2
I have an iPad Pro with IOS 11.1.2 and I wanted to find out what is new so I thought I would share with you guys.
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My LG KC910 review
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Scratch test 3 way
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Destroying a pen.
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The daily froglife
Filming my pet White's Tree frog jumping arroung.
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8 February 2018
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Drop testing Motorola flip phone
I enjoy drop testing things and playing with my pet frog Croaky. Please check out my frog videos of Croaky the White's Tree frog.
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My pet frog
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Part 2 LG KC910 review
I'm so sorry for the cut in my previous cut. When I say my phone is about to die, I actually mean it is about to stop recording due to the lack of memory. My LG K4 has 8GB of memory so it was about to run out.
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