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Starving friendly Stray Male Cat RESCUED! Read description for more.
I was watching YouTube when my mom come in with a cat and say to bring some food in the bathroom. He was soooo hungry that when I put the food scooper on the ground he put a lot of force on it. We don't know if he will be staying though... Show some hope and love for this poor cat by liking the video!
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Hey I'm back!! And see this if you want to see me play minecraft
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MY FIST LITTLE VLOG. The starting of QaA, longer vlogs, gaming and more! (PLEASE READ DESCRIPTION!)
Hey peeps if u want to see gaming and a bit longer vlogs and QaA please like,subscribe,comment AND follow me on Twitter for more and better vids! Follow me on Twitter: @Stickman Carr or StickmanXCX You can also join my minecraft server: Ip: a60348.leet.cc Port: 60348 THANKS FOR WATCHING!!
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Hey guys I know I haven't been making videos but more even better ones will be coming soon
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BEST CAT TOY EVER! East and very cheap. (Read description for making)
My mom and I taped a squirmy to my cat (Chloe) and she kept chasing it for a long time until she got dizzy or we called it drunk for fun! ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- How to make it: Buy a squirmy from the dollar tree and some tape and tape it too the tip or around the tail. Tip: this will only work for friendly and playful cats! :D -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Follow me on Twitter @StickmanCarr Like subscribe and comment!
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Happy Halloween guys
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Comment for more videos
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Unboxing Anki Cozmo! (I cheated)
Hey Guys It's StikStudios TV and today I unbox Cozmo by Anki! The batteries the Power Cubes take (as said in video) are 910A LRI 1.5v He is on sale for $180 (sorry there no link) But if you have any questions you can ask me in the comments! I hope you enjoyed the video and don't forget to like subscribe and comment! Oh and sorry the quality is bad I'm using an iPad Air 1 and I really want a GoPro Hero 5 (black) Well that's it down here!
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Sounds great doesn't it? I am new here and I will making vlogs soon! (Mabe) and I wanna make a Christmas video so stay tuned!
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throwing a pickle
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When your friend comes over and he has no idea what a light does..
Here’s a video to post since I haven’t posting in forever. But it was on my birthday a few months ago and he came over.
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Hea it's real I have a mustache
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Shout outs! And more little stuff..
I'm working on mc vids!
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