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Hey guys its Eli and heroes a quick animation I manage to make today hope you like the video, and if I get 5 likes on this video ill make a part 2 besure to subscribe🐐
A dbz Parody (series coming soon)
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DBZ NEW SERIES RELEASED (some lags) (parody series)
Hey its eli and yes im here to hook yall up with two videos in one say and also i had to leave the watermark because it was lagging like crazy with out it but here is the orgin of my new seires coming out dont forget to like and subscribe also leave a comment🐸 ENJOY💯
I SWEAR ON MY YEEZYS!-wassabii productions
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A Short DissTrack👌
Hey guys it's Elijah sorry for the wait and ima start making more videos now for y'all even tho this video is rushed i hope you enjoyed it, in the future will be better quality #dbz #dbs #dragonballsuper #morecoming #parody
Yezzeys for Breezy-Elijah produtions
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