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Me And My Car 2 (1989 Chevrolet Sprint)
Me: "It's OHV too-" Woops. Sorry guys, I meant to say OHC, but I was thinking of the valve cover. I usually know what I'm talking about, it just depends if I say the right thing or not. But yes, my car, Speed (Ya I named him) is now at my house. I can finally work on him, so that's good. I just need the key.
How To Waterproof A New Bright R/C Truck/Car (More Info In Description)
Sorry that it was rushed. I had almost no space left on the SD card. It doesn't completely waterproof it, it just prevents water from splashing onto the electrical stuff. With this specific model, the circuit board is covered already by plastic, so I didn't exactly need to make sure that was covered. Just remember to not submerge your vehicle in water, since it's not 100% waterproof.
BeamNG.Drive Troubleshooting - Mods Not Working (How To Download Mods)
Sorry for the shaky camera angle, and stuff. One big mistake that people do is unzip the file, since you have to do that in a lot of games. You don't in BeamNG.Drive. Here's the website for ya: https://www.beamng.com If you have other questions, or there's something I didn't cover in this vid, let me know, and I'll answer to your comment or even make a new vid.
GT6  - The Last Online Lobbies (I Was In)
These are the last lobbies I was in. Thanks to Skyhurricane for racing, and I hope for everyone who played GT6 good luck trying to find a racing game that's just as good. I know that you can still play GT6, but now it's pretty much GT5 with more cars.
Me And My Car (1989 Chevrolet Sprint)
This is a video I made when I was at my car.
The Goods And Bads Of A Geo Metro/Chevrolet Sprint
I also forgot to mention that it has great visibility. If you get a '95 (Maybe even 92) or newer, it will have an airbag. Possibly cup holders, but I'm unsure of that one.
BeamNG.Drive Mods Troubleshooting - Mods Not Working
Hopefully this works. It's a small thing that's easy to miss but can determine whether or not the mod is in game.
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1 - Sorry for the bad audio quality. The air conditioning was running, and I had my keyboard all the way up to drown it out. 2 - This is just a short composition I made originally because of my piano classes which currently I no longer take. (As of this year. Recital was yesterday.) 3 - A person can do a lot in 13944 days. That's 38 years. You can grow up, go to school, get a good job, meet a girl, get married, have kids, and do lots of fun things together. And that's exactly what my Dad did. We had many fun times together. Playing outside, going camping, even taking the ATV or Arctic Cat for a ride every now and then. Sadly, all of the things we did are now memories. My Dad was diagnosed with Cancer in September 2015. 10 days later, on September 29th, he passed away. Now he's back with Mom after 8 years of her crash, (July 6, 2007). However, just because I'll never be able to make new memories with my parents, that doesn't mean I should forget my old ones. So this song is directed mainly towards my Dad. The same guy who raised enough money to give the fire department an overhaul, the same guy who didn't let anything stop him from doing what he could, and the same guy who gave me an amazing childhood, and I owe it all to him. My ability to make (horrible) jokes on the spot, my oddly identical appearance to him, my first car, and actually my entire life is because of him. So, even though it seems stupid, I'm still going to say it: Thanks, Dad. I honestly wouldn't be here today if it weren't for you. And I'm grateful for that; for you. Darren Grindheim: July 26, 1977 - September 29, 2015 13944 Days.
Me And My Car 3 (1989 Chevrolet Sprint)
This is the 3rd of 3 things. Now you know what I plan on doing.
Vlog: Longer Videos Coming Soon!
Yeah, I don't have braces, and I'm never getting them. I have a fear of weird things - like dancing. And braces.
GT6 Engine Condition Deterioration/Damage
Well this is a first. If you're losing horsepower, especially after 3500 miles or so, check out your engine health.
Going back home, to where I used to live
I used to live here with my sister and Dad, before he died.
Fuuuuuu-! - Geometry Dash
I got a little mad from pop ups.
Gran Turismo 6 - A Quick Race
So yeah, I'm not the best of drivers, and I can only focus on 1 thing at a time. Also I wasn't wearing a shirt because our house is old and we don't have air conditioning. I also deleted a game and cleared cache, so I have space! :)
Inside The Maze Bank - GTA5
I used skyfall and hit the corner perfectly - on accident! I was trying to land on top, not inside! But hey, it worked and I'm alive!
1989 Chevrolet Sprint's Lights at Night
My car has alot of potential. Apparently it wouldn't start, so now it is where it is now. It's slowly dying. I want to fix it before it's too late, but my family keeps telling me to get a new car. They said they would even buy me a Mustang. I love Mustangs, they're my favorite car, but I'd rather have this one.
Minecraft - Trains Planes And A Boat. Part 3 (Finale)
Yes it's called the friendship. Warning: It unexpectedly gets sad a one point, but I power through and try to lighten the mood by changing moods quickly, but then I talk fast so ya. This isn't the best of videos, sorry.
The True Way To Walk
Ok, this is my first video, so please don't hate. I just wanted to do something funny. :D
Fireworks For Dad
Before my Dad died, he did alot of good stuff. He became the fire chief of the town, and got the fire department 2 new trucks, new tools, and created a weekly 50/50 to raise money to build a new fire hall because the old one was too small for all of the trucks. He also put on meetings on the first and last Wednesday of the month (monthly). The new fire hall is now under construction, and is going to be named after him. These fireworks were put on at the Hanley Agricultural Fair, like he used to do every year, and they are in honor of him. My Dad is Darren Grindheim.
6 Mustangs 1 Nuke - JoShort
Actually 5 of them survived.
25 (11) Facts About Me!
Sorry if you can't see my cars.
The Butterfly Car
The life and death of The Butterfly Car
Things To Do In Driver San Francisco
Should I do a play through of DFS?
Screwing Around On GTA5
I got this game for $18, and this is all I do.
Driver San Francisco - All Cars In-Game
All 140 cars in DFS.
GTA 5 - Flare Problems
Yum yum yum.
Motorstorm - A Very Crashy Race
I have an outro now! "That's all I'm gonna do in this one!"
Gran Turismo 6, A Bad Day At Daytona
I could've hopped the fence!
Shooting 50 Darts For 50 Subscribers
Sorry about the bad camera angle, quality, and me mumbling, I'm still a little camera shy, and I'm not very professional. The whole time shooting was like 48 seconds, but with the jams, it was about 2 minutes. Anyways, thanks for 50 subs guys! It means a lot even though it doesn't seem like it.
New Channel Banner And Icon Explained
Yes, just wait a bit, ok?
1997 Mustang V6 Stock Exhaust
Sorry for all the belt squeaks. I have a bad pully or 2, and I'm gonna get them fixed. When I do, I'll upload a new exhaust vid. Also I don't think I went higher than 3500 in this entire video.
Snow Problem
Just a joke I thought of.
Minecraft - Trains Planes And A Boat. Part 2
Why didn't I think of trimming the video? Because I didn't. That's why.
Hitting The Blimp! - GTA5
You can hit the blimp while skyfalling and survive!
Black Ops 2 Zombies - Survival On Town - Round 26!
Sorry for the crappy quality, I was sitting far away so I had to zoom in. Also my previous best was 21, but I didn't know the kiting route.
Quick Update 001
I've been a lot less active than I'd like, and now I can actually make videos again!
Playing In The Truck - Geometry Dash
Audio is crap, sorry about that.
My Current NERF Arsenal
In 3 minutes 15 seconds
I Broke The Game Again! - DFS
What am I doing with my life?
Driving An RC Truck In The Dark 2
This time it's 3rd person, instead of 1st.
How To Repair Your Cars For Free On GTA5
You will need the max health and armor cheat to do this.
25 Subscriber Thank You
Thanks so much guys! :)
Weird Google Results
Most of the stuff in the video shouldn't be joked about in real situations, it's just weird to see what people search.
Stock Car Specialists (GT6) S1 E3: 1970 Dodge Challenger R/T
This one was really fun to drive. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!
Driver San Francisco - The Trapped Maserati Part 2
Well the AI isn't very good when it comes to stuck inside of invisible walls. You can easily get in here with a ramp truck.
1 Year Anniversary Of JoshJLMG
I like talking fast. Also I had no idea what to do.
Lightning 5