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Does my cat need to get spayed?
She's almost 3 years old, not planning any pregnancy, indoor only with 2 other already spayed females. I see some controversy on the topic. I don't want her to get tumors, but she isn't annoying me and i don't see anything wrong with intact indoor animals. For example my husky isn't neutered but he's the only dog in my home and he also didn't impregnate any females in his 11 years. He didn't get cacer and he's healthy (i'm not neglecting him, he gets regular vet checks, such as vaccines and blood tests) but i dunno about females cats. I had them always spayed. I fear her personality towards me might change and since she's a persian she has a flat face, i heard some persians can die during this surgery. Not to mention, i wouldn't do something like that to me, she's a sweet heart, she doesn't pee outside of the box, and always want to cuddle. Gave me your honest opinion, because i don't know what to do! :( ❤❤
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Fluffy cat headshakes in slowmotion
Her name is arlin, and if you watched my other videos you can guess i'm obsessed with her. She's so fluffy!! if you want a breed that's loyal, gentle and fluffy choose a persian...tho it's better if you adopt.
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My husky eats a cookie in slow motion
Yes, i know i shouldn't have, but it's once in a life time, so he's good! Nevertheless he enjoyed the cookie hahaha
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Arlin doing some exercises
Lol, my lazy persian cat, the only way to get her to move!
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My goldfish after a wc
He/she is so cuuute 😍😍
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Asking for food
She's always hungry, help me! XD
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Slow motion kitten jump
Trying to get my cat to jump with some food xD
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Heyyy guysss and girlsss! My very first acquarium!
So excited!!!😁😁
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My funny speed drawing
This is not my normal speed,it's obvious, just to say(lol)
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Catnip reaction
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My new black moor 😍
Hope u like it...i'm not sure if it's a butterflt or broadtail but it's awesome xD
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8 years old cat eating canned  cat food
This is my female cat, her name is Tigra and even if at times she's quite finicky, i can finally say she eats her canned food!
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Kitty eats Naturesmenu raw food
My kitty is eating raw meat, look how haply she is :3
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Sweet kitty !!
My precious! (Lol)
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Kitten jump part 3
She goes crazy when there's food nearby...my cat is food crazy :/
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Slow motion kitten jump part 2
She was running after some treats
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I'm decorating my acquarium! 😂
As you can see, i'm trying to acquascape it, but the goldfish i want are out of stock so i'll have to wait (since i want some good quality ones)..i must say, i'm a bit frustrated...it's almost more than half a year i waited to get a tank and i'm just over waiting with an empty acquarium (almost a month) :/
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Slow motion butterfly
It's so beautiful, isn't it?
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Kitty clean herself to avoid predators
Lol, just kidding...there aren't any predators around here
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My adorable cat when she had winter coat
The funny thing is that she looks fat when in reality she was pretty skinny xD
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Belly dance - Italy - oriental festival
The title says it all 😁
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