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Gojira - Lizard Skin (drum cover) by Corey Gross
My first cover. Thought I'd make it a Gojira song, as they are one of my favorites. Enjoy! and please comment and share (even if it's with your local hobo) and sorry for the slip ups..
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Rain drum cover by Corey Gross
Hello all. Just another installation to my covers. This is Rain off of Trivium's second studio album entitled Ascendancy. Enjoy and leave questions, comments, concerns, shopping lists, etc in the comment section.
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Tool - Eulogy Drum Cover by Corey Gross
One take of Eulogy. Truthfully the only part I've done beforehand was the polyrhythm section of the song. Other than that, I've only listened to the song a few times. Also, sorry for the off moments with the synced audio and video.. 3 sources and they didn't match perfectly each time. Either way, I did it in one take, so I'm proud of that fact. Enjoy! I would like to thank my good friend Ezequiel Rios - without him, the production on this would be god awful. Thanks bud!
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