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Jelly Rocket - How Long (Lyrics)
Jelly Rocket Official Page : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jelly-... How long, I haven't seen you for a while How long, since the day we met Cause you are the only one for me And you are the only one I see So would you please, don't you runaway from me Or baby if you disappear, I'll be drown in my tears Cause you are the only one for me And you are the only one I see And will you know, that I wrote this stupid song for you And do u know, that I miss u so Cause you are the only one for me And you are the only one, the only one Cause you are the only one for me And you are the only one I see Baby I think you should know that I miss u so and I, and I want you right here I'll never ever let you go Oh please, please don't go How long, I haven't seen you for a while...
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mystique shapeshifting (contains slow motion because i love the effects)
not every shapeshifting is here ok the reason why i added slow motion because i love how she shapeshifts (the "feathers" look really cool)
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Life Is Strange - Max Caulfield rewinding
just a few clips of max reversing time
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Computer Project - Christmas Music Video
Aly and Aj - Jingle Bell Rock
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Boyce Avenue ft. Alex Goot - A Thousand Miles (cover) AUDIO
A Thousand Miles - Vanessa Carlton (Boyce Avenue feat. Alex Goot acoustic cover) Apple: http://smarturl.it/CCV2Apple Spotify: http://smarturl.it/BoyceCCV2Spotify iTunes: http://smarturl.it/BoyceCCV2 Google: http://smarturl.it/CCV2GooglePlay Amazon: http://smarturl.it/CCV2Amazon Boyce Avenue feat. Alex Goot cover "A Thousand Miles" by Vanessa Carlton Audio Produced by Alejandro Manzano & Daniel Manzano Arrangement by Alejandro Recorded & Engineered by Adam Barber Mixed & Mastered by Adam Barber Additional Mixing & Mastering by Alejandro & Daniel Video Produced by Daniel & Alejandro Facebook http://facebook.com/boyceavenue Twitter http://twitter.com/boyceavenue YouTube http://youtube.com/BoyceAvenue (Music Channel) http://youtube.com/BoyceAvenueExtras (Vlog Channel) Official Site http://boyceavenue.com Alex Goot: http://facebook.com/gootmusic http://twitter.com/alexgoot http://youtube.com/gootmusic Boyce Avenue ft. Alex Goot©
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Health Project  - Carrying and Transferring a victim
*This is a project* The reason why i uploaded it here because the size was too big when i tried to upload it on Facebook. (Not really, it just can't upload :D)
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Life Is Strange Rewind SFX
the rewind sound effect thing
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Health Project (3 Bandaging Techniques)
Song : Tobu & Itro - Sunburst https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1-0-4HqyvXE
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One Ok Rock - A Thousand Miles (cover) AUDIO
One Ok Rock - A Thousand Miles (cover) from 2014 Mighty Long Fall at Yokohama Stadium 5th Live DVD & Blu-ray [ONE OK ROCK 2014 "Mighty Long Fall at Yokohama Stadium" ] April 29, 2015 on sale ONE OK ROCK Official Website http://www.oneokrock.com/
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LEGO Shell Cars - 40193 (Yellow) and 40192 (Blue) *PICTURES ONLY*
This is just a sample video. SONG : The Shoe - Dead Rabbit Hopes follow me! :D https://twitter.com/jm_187 http://instagram.com/itsjm187/
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Group #3 - 9 Emerald
DIY video project for TLE
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Tiwala Productions
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Group #4 HEALTH 9 Emerald
video presentation
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New Year - Fireworks (1/1/15)
since our camera is kind of slow to take pictures of the fireworks, i decided to record it :D
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Group #2 ~ 9   Emerald
Computer slideshows for 10 types of Photography Songs : Tennis Court and Team by Lorde
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LEGO City - Arctic Snowmobile #60032 *PICTURES ONLY*
This is just a sample video. Song : Bob Acri - Sleep Away Follow me :D https://twitter.com/jm_187 http://instagram.com/itsjm187/ (the reason why i'm using a Microsoft music is to prevent copyright.. don't worry i'll use better music next time haha it's just a sample video)
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Group #3 9 emerald english
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