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Boom Beach: Hacking and soloing Low Point
The boost was one TD MP and one GBE MP
Boom Beach: Warriors and Tanks vs shield generator III with 2 ice
The slowest and fastest Boom Beach troop work together to bring down a particular base without boosting. Granted there were probably better troop combinations for taking this one, but it's about having fun and trying new things ! TD 42% TH 47% GBE 110%
Boom Beach: Dead End in 7 attacks  (4K)
Seven impeccable hits by some of the best Boom Beach operation attackers. Our mediocre Grenaiders101 (yes, Grenaiders not Grenadiers) have been truly privileged to host this Dead End spectacle
Boom Beach: Tank Core Rush!
Plenty of hits to spare in an op..a good excuse to try something silly and wild, that I've never done before. The damage output was over 450k!
Boom Beach: Mercury solo with Warriors (Stronghold Operation)
This could've been done much better(can't remember the last time I tried such hit) but it serves a point of the viability of warriors in mid-tier ops. The core had around 780k hitpoins
Boom Beach: Zooka Bully Ransom takedown
..just a hit from the "top gun" of our tf:)
Samsung's Bixby handling multiple browsers at once
Just scratching some surface of Bixby's least known advanced capabilities. * please excuse the 480p resolution..for some reason whenever I upload in portrait mode it ends up in 480p
Boom Beach: TMed+Bullit solo on Armadillo (intro: two classic solos)
Tank Medic with Bullit and juice(Energy Drink) was pretty much what brought me to lvl 50 on the Mega Turtle and in top ten of the local leaderboard. I realized it has a very interesting potential for operations, so here is a video to show some of that. Bullit is maxed and juice is lvl 4.
Boom Beach the most OP thing ever! Live recorded vs 10(9boosted) top base with 2 shield gens
..Warriors again:D. Speed serum makes all troop combos way overpowered but this one feels like the most fun to use
Boom Beach : the Grapplers show!
My team mate masterfully taking advantage of two hilariously performing Grapplers
SHADOWGUN LEGENDS first PvP match. AMAZING graphics and performance
..getting my butt kicked while I was busy looking for some blocky and blurry textures! Highly recommend this game
Boom Beach multitasking on a phone
How to make Boom Beach take a bit less of your precious time? Do more booming at the same time (lol)! As true booming ain't just about playing, but also about watching and the community. No software tricks or pc used, just a stock Samsung Android device and its multi window feature
Boom Beach: 1,3 million gold and over 3 million resources in 2 minutes, no attacking!
The best thing about this - my only RR statue is weak, tribes are not all maxed (5,5,4,4,4,4)..so the loot could've been MUCH higher in theory
Boom Beach: do you feel lucky? 1000 diamonds for tickets
I've never been lucky in any lottery but is there more to it here than just bad luck? p.s. the diamonds spent were all earned in-game, haven't had any in app purchased during the past year
Boom Beach: Dr T stage 7 with no losses  (unboosted Warriors and Brick BO lvl 3)
..and Brick with a dash of her usual self, screw this HQ I'm gonna shoot the defenses
Boom Beach: Warriors and Brick getting it done
Warriors are coming back (yet again) from a seeming defeat by the update. Smacking a 3 proto boosted ice base with the help of some heroic shouting. No boost used
Boom Beach: Tribal boosted Riflemen War Factory live recorded + operation core rush
During this tribal period I enjoyed using riflemen almost exclusively. With the extra damage they can replace zookas in pretty much everything but mid to high level operation hits
War Robots: mid level Beacon Rush solo battle on Yamantau
I had much better matches than this one but started recording only yesterday. * the screen recorder was accidentally being set on low bitrate so I applied some lipstick on a pig filtering
Boom Beach Warrior and grappler glitch
As you can see, in this particular base something strange repeatedly happens when I attack it with warriors.
Boom Beach: boostless stomping of huge Ice Queen at 750-ish vp
What to do with a 9 ice with 3 proto weapons on these ranks? Of course, I had to try rubbing it in his/hers face the harder way first (TMed would've actually worked if medics didn't got caught up in smoke). This was too easy
Clash Royale 2v2 - pure gaming joy
Clash Royale in 2v2 mode..a place where everybody(well, almost) is just having fun. Amazingly intense core gameplay yet amazingly low stress levels!
Boom Beach: Strange Attractors w 1 boosted statue
Tre tribal troop boost cycle made me get back into the game and soloing op bases after some period of laid back maintainance mode.
Real Racing 3 lap by lap improvement
..feels good to be behind the RR3 steering wheel after a long time
Boom Beach: Zookas vs 3 lvl3 shield generators
Battle orders lvl 4 with two TD statues (boosted)
Boom Beach: World Record(?) speed resource gain
Over 4 million gold and almost 8 million resources in less than 10 minutes (without trying to be fast) and optionally without using troops (obviously I could have just used two gbe attacks on Imitation stage 5)
Shadowgun Legends: just..WOW
Still can't get over the fact how great this game looks(AND performs at the same time!). In some aspects (hard surface textures, polygon count on static models, resolution) it is almost as good as HALO 5 on Xbox One X 🤥
Boom Beach Hasty Mega Crab, stage 80 Warrior finish
So after reaching my stage 80 goal, I was finally able to just do some no-pressure fun stuff..first hit on stage 80 was a Tank Gren Medic with ED Bullit, and the second was a satisfying (and slightly risky) finish in style 🤜
Boom Beach: TMed with Spark - super strong
I was eyeing for a no loss attack here but despite of some sloppiness, hopefully the attack managed to show some power of the new Tmed. No boost used.
Boom Beach aand some more Tribal Warriors vs high vp boosted 2 shield bases(getting good at it)
My TH(troop health) and BH(buliding health) statues make it very difficult to go for each shield generator separately(not enough gunboat energy) but the extra damage provided by tribal boost allows ignoring the second shield gen.
Boom Beach: making it rain on the "devil"
One of the last hits with Rainmakers before they expired. Nothing special here, just a due tribute video to this cool proto troop
A piece of an old Classic: Oddworld Stranger's Wrath
Played with the iPega controller.
Boom Beach: yet another cocky unboosted one shot War Factory video(live)
Brick and zookas nonchalantly making a short work out of Gearheart
Ah screw it all
Getting WASTED in Shadowgun Legends
Boom Beach: top level fun with tribal boosted warriors (2 top players)
note: the second attack was not done with all warriors aboard
My new gaming rig (Galaxy Note 8)
Just had to film a beauty that is the Note 8, before selling my second camera (my previous phone). And figured why not as well post the video online. P.s. I have no idea why the video is in 480p. The original record is in 1440p and youtube upload settings are set to 1080p