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Aftermath of the Paqui Carolina Reaper One Chip Challenge #OneChipChallenge #sweeps @PaquiChips
This is what it's like after eating the Carolina Reaper chip. Too bad I missed recording me throwing up.
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Kamyraj & Aleya gettin it in on some Biebs.
My 2 nieces dancing to some Justin Bieber.
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Black man beats white woman's tits.
Title says it all
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Kelly and Darryl attempt the Paqui Carolina Reaper One Chip Challenge. #OneChipChallenge
Don't forget to watch on our new channel as well. And subscribe to Spicy Spouses https://youtu.be/k-sOt2ff6IA
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If You Only Knew
Sometimes there's something you really want to say. But you just can't. Not yet, anyway. lyrics: Verse 1 Every time I take you home Almost every time we get off the phone I can hardly ever leave you alone But I gotta get back to me Back to the way it used to be Chorus If you only knew How much I have to catch myself If you only knew How much I have to bite my tongue If you only knew How much I have to stop myself from saying the wrong thing at the wrong time Verse 2 Every time I look in your eyes It's never a big surprise But I feel like I've been living a lie By not sharing how I feel inside Cuz I just keep trying to hide Chorus Bridge Sometimes I wish that you could just read my mind Or at least read between the lines So I'll just keep trying to find a way for me to say The right thing at the right time
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My sick ass dubstep beatbox
I've got dubstep down to a science. Be ready for me when I get some gear to make real shit. Even tho I could save a few grand and just record my voice. The fact is I'm coming. ALCOHOLICA
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Deesh the Quiche
in case anyone was wondering, this is what happens when i'm alone and stoned apparently. i decided I'd hit record and start playing, just to see what happens. didn't turn out too bad.
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Canada verse
colin in toronto. killin time.
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Coming To Terms (What's The Point)
Well There You Have It. It Didn't Work Out.
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Satan's Blood Challenge 2016
We ate wings covered in Satan's Blood. Pepper extract rated at over 800,000 Scoville units. Poppy's Pizza San Antonio 2016.
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It's About Time
This Is How It Usually Feels When It's Just Starting Out
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Darryl and Kelly trying The Last Dab for the first time
I was lucky enough to get my order to go through for the first batch made available to the public. Not only that, but I got the limited edition shirt with it. The letter that came in the package asked the record us opening it and trying it for the first time. #TheLastDab #HotOnes #SeanEvans
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The Transformation
this video is just one take. the audio and video are out of sync. but i kept it that way. just one take.
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hot mustard
eat a table spoon of chinese hot mustard for 5 bucks
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I got some real life poltergeist shit going on in my TV
My TV kept pausing in the middle of the night but not to buffer. Just to make creepy noises for a while. Then I would hit play and again it would stop to make the noises. I went into the bedroom to see if it was my wife or the cat snoring. But it wasn't. So I decided to get footage of it happening with the remote in the same shot as the TV screen. I was creeped out. I don't even believe in that shit.
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You Give Me A Boner
Just An Acoustic Falsetto Song I Wrote One Day. Kinda Funny But Sweet And Romantic All At Once lyrics: verse 1 have i told you you're kick ass, cuz you are you're fucking awesome, you're my shining star my life doesn't seem worth shit when you stay so far so far away from me and i don't think there could be anyone else who makes me feel the way you do on my pee pee chorus: you give me a boner everyday what can i do or say to make you come even close to feeling this way verse 2 i just want to make your panties wet (dripping wet) i wanna be able to smell your feminine scent but i don't want to go inside just yet i wanna go way down below i wanna take the time to show i wanna lick the clit just a little bit because maybe then you will know chorus
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Check it
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Whatever you like acoustic cover
We were drunk. I hope you like it.
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bill is pissed
bill doesnt like the fact that i drink keystone light. he doesnt even like the fact that i' -- Sent from my Helio Ocean
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Music To My Ears
What Its Like To Lose Her
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The Fice Tacoma Tigers fitted baseball cap world premier
If you have to ask, you can't afford it.
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Guarantees solo acoustic Atmosphere cover
just An Acoustic Atmosphere Cover
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