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Jangan pernah Menyerah mukjizat Tuhan ada by-amanda
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You don't know the whole story if you did not watching the whole story (malay subtitle)
In this video, you can see a person kinda looks like(mommy) ask for the interviews person how they can work non stop working without public holidays even you are in sick situations .. You don't know if you didnt watch the whole story (happy ending that make us grateful to know a person named mom) .. she is the most influential person that we ever know in our lives.. after our father .🙏🏾 Im just re-upload this video to show, how important a person named mother , thank you for everything.. (sorry for my english , I'm practising to make it better .
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Blackberry bold 4
I still have it !!!!
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Mount Kinabalu
Mount Kinabalu (Malay: Gunung Kinabalu) is a mountain in Sabah, Malaysia. It is protected as Kinabalu Park, a World Heritage Site. Kinabalu is the highest peak in Borneo's Crocker Range and is the highest mountain in the Malay Archipelago as well as the highest mountain in Malaysia.Mount Kinabalu is also the 20th most prominent mountain in the world by topographic prominence. In 1997, a re-survey using satellite technology established its summit (known as Low's Peak) height at 4,095 metres (13,435 ft) above sea level, which is some 6 metres (20 ft) less than the previously thought and hitherto published figure of 4,101 metres (13,455 ft). Mount Kinabalu includes the Kinabalu montane alpine meadows ecoregion in the montane grasslands and shrublands biome. The mountain and its surroundings are among the most important biological sites in the world, with between 5,000 and 6,000 species of plants, 326 species of birds, and more than 100 mammalian species identified. Among this rich collection of wildlife are famous species such as the gigantic Rafflesia plants and orangutans. Mount Kinabalu has been accorded UNESCO World Heritage status.[
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New Year 2018
Happy new year 2018
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Big sized lizard
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Vengaboys - HOT HOT HOT (screenrecord)
Anyway!.. i hope you guys enjoy this... (some screen video recording @ new features on ios11) .. 🤗🤗🤗🤗
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