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This is a new addition to my Dyson collection & a very rare beast!! After 5 years of prototyping this was the first production vacuum cleaner created by James Dyson. He was funded by Rotork his former employer and these were made for him by Zanussi in Italy. They were sold through Kleeneze's distribution network and at the Ideal Home Exhibition through 1983 & 1984. Around 500 were made, for the UK market only, as far as I am aware and most will have perished in the 1980s & 1990s. This one after some repairs still functions and has all its onboard tools & adapter. Interest in this initial model lead to licensing agreements in Japan where a slightly modified version of the "Cyclon" was sold by Apex inc. as the "G-Force". This was a premium product selling for the equivalent of £1200 in the 80s!! Licensing revenue from the "G-Force" in Japan and another Dyson designed vacuum, the "Fantom" in the USA plus the proceeds of successful litigation for patent enfringement enabled James Dyson to set up his own company and launch the DC01 in 1993. You can see, very clearly that the Cyclon is the DC01s older brother. The cylone shape, the wheels, the fins, the bin release/handle etc, are extremely similar. It would be interesting to know how many more Cyclons are still in existence?
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Dyson Evolution
A history of early upright Dyson vacuum cleaners with a focus on limited and special editions
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This is my long overdue follow up video comparing and contrasting my extremely rare Kleeneze Rotork Cyclon 1000A ,one of the very few in existence, with a similarly unusual Apex G-Force AC400J the modified version of the original which was made under license for the Japanese market. I am not sure how many of these still exist in Japan. They were a high ticket price item at around US $2000 and as such were a status symbol. Any further information would be appreciated! These two are very important landmarks in the Dyson story the licensing proceeds from the G-Force along with revenue generated by successful litigation in the US helping James Dyson launch his own branded vacuum cleaners!
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