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Using gravity in your drumming - speed, power, energy saving
Use gravity to your advantage with your technique in order to save energy, relax your muscles, increase your speed, and play with power at higher tempos.
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Century Eggs
Trying out Century Eggs after seeing so many food dares (Aka. hundred year eggs, thousand year eggs, etc).
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Eating silkworm pupa
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nhoJ drum solo
Just a drum solo for my mates (been meaning to do one for a while now). Eep, tummy was very inflamed and swollen that day, very unflattering! Cheers to Dylan for being camera man.
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nhoj eating crickets
I'm eating crickets for part of Salsa's competition, always wanted to see what it's like.
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Pickled Mudfish
We have another go at eating pickled mud fish after we didn't actually record the reaction to tasting it. Can we chew it for a minute? Hmm.m...
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We eat the Carolina Reaper - hottest chilli in the world.
Going straight for the jugular. What will it be like, eating the world's hottest pepper? (I can tell you the next morning wasn't pleasant! Was like pooing lava!).
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Trying frozen durian - is it as bad as it's meant to be?
Frozen durian. Supposed to smell like rotten flesh - does it? Some people say it tastes like custard heaven. Some people say it tastes like onion ice-cream? Which is it then? Either way, we were very gassy afterwards!
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Gefilte fish - revisited
We didn't record it the first time, so we thought we'd try it a second time with Tom, a wee friend of ours - only this time we'd try and eat a whole one to make it a little harder. Apparently the fishy bit's made of ground up fish head and bone... that would explain a lot!
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Surströmming - Can we keep it down?
We finally get to tackle one of the world's most feared foods: Surströmming. Can we eat it? Can we keep it down? Can we open the can without puking? This is the one we've been dreading! Hailing from Sweden and consisting of fermented herring, Surströmming is one of the most putrid smelling foods in the world, and it is often thought one *has* to be Swedish to enjoy it.
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