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Mane concept red carpet wig rcp1001 leah
Color sr1b/ecaille purchase from wigtypes 22$loving this unit
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Charlie v wig review by vivaca fox
Amazing quality another great wig by vivica collection. ..got this beauty from amazon...
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Waterloo half wig color f4/30 review
Lovely half wig super natural ...purchase from wig types.....hope u guys like the review....takes cares
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Remy and little kim summer jam
Wish little kim would have done some of her songs
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Shimmer girl half wig color op430
Love this unit got her from wig types.....
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Mobile washer review..
Great product to have for light clothes i do 3 sets of 12 i move the washer around great item it truly does what it say purchase amazon $24 dollars u need the clothes spinner .....check video on it ..
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Milly wig color pfs4/30 Janet collection
Lovely wig purchase from wig types around 25 $ ...
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Nina alternative clothes spinner last spin
Amazing machine to have makes barely noise and drains clothes to almost dry.. hear the difference when clothes is put right..
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Just sing. ..miss whitney Houston that voice was one of a kind
Have fun..wish i sang like that vocals are from my friend. ...shes a amazing singer....
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Outer Peruvian lace front wig review
I got my from Amazon color 2 she's really a beauty....hope u guys enjoy the review ......
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Bon jovi concert 2018 madison square section 112 row 18 seat 5
For anyone wanted to know hears the seats for bon jovi at madison garden i thought the seats were going to be bad i was wrong paid $55 section 112 row 18 seat 5
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Maquillaje Permanente ojos y labios
Hola aqui estate la informacion si estas interesado es aserte El maquillaje Permanente Jessica cuerpo y figura 93-28 Corona avenue elmhurts newyork 11373 17186061880 Ella tambien ofrece otra class de servicio como Ultracavitacio,radio frequencia ,lipo masaje, colon terapia,elimanacion de verrugas, auriculoterapia
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Hysteria when your near deffleppard just jamming
Epic time to see deffleppard going back in time listening to them was truly amazing they sounded freaking amazing madison square garden 2018..section 222 seats were prettty amazing
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Best Amy wine house cover back to black.
Amazing vocals. ...
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Review on air or dryer portable dryer
Got this dryer fr eBay $28 work pretty good great for light cloths baby cloths u do need a cloths spinner to rinse all the clothes out I have my mobile washer as well as the Nina spinner for those lazy days that I don't want to do laundry and I need a set of clean clothes.😅
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Loves bites deff leppard
So epic deff leppard 2018 madison square section 222 row 18 .i was in diapers when they were touring to see them live was truly amazing
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Put some sugar on me deff leppard
Madison square 2018
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Surviving the night shift my tips
hey guys hope everyone is doing great just wanted to make this video and give you some of my tips and how to survive the night shift until I guess you're ready to make that change and hope everyone has a great day or night
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Luis miguel madison square section 102 seat 22
Bueno asientos y no muy caro como siemprw que voz y esa sonsira
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Amazing clothes spinner nina laundry alternative
In this video it shows how if the clothes is not put properly the machine start moving and making a lound noise that was my fault machine $144.00 on amazon free shipping prime members. .. thanks guys for watching watch 3 video to see the machine doin the right way.
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Permanent make up eyes and lips
Hey guys hears all the information about Jessica who did my makeup once again do your research is very vital not sponsor I just think Jessica is good at what she does she also has her spa in which she does Ultra cavitation, radio frequency, lipomassage, colon therapy, warts removal, permanent makeup, auricutheraphy .. her website is Jessica cuerpo y figura spa located in Queens Corona 98-28 Corona Ave,elmhurts nyc 11373 phone number 1718 606 1880
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