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Mane concept red carpet wig rcp1001 leah
Color sr1b/ecaille purchase from wigtypes 22$loving this unit
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Charlie v wig review by vivaca fox
Amazing quality another great wig by vivica collection. ..got this beauty from amazon...
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Mobile washer review..
Great product to have for light clothes i do 3 sets of 12 i move the washer around great item it truly does what it say purchase amazon $24 dollars u need the clothes spinner .....check video on it ..
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Shimmer girl half wig color op430
Love this unit got her from wig types.....
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Waterloo half wig color f4/30 review
Lovely half wig super natural ...purchase from wig types.....hope u guys like the review....takes cares
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Milly wig color pfs4/30 Janet collection
Lovely wig purchase from wig types around 25 $ ...
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Nina alternative clothes spinner last spin
Amazing machine to have makes barely noise and drains clothes to almost dry.. hear the difference when clothes is put right..
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Outer Peruvian lace front wig review
I got my from Amazon color 2 she's really a beauty....hope u guys enjoy the review ......
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Just sing. ..miss whitney Houston that voice was one of a kind
Have fun..wish i sang like that vocals are from my friend. ...shes a amazing singer....
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Amazing clothes spinner nina laundry alternative
In this video it shows how if the clothes is not put properly the machine start moving and making a lound noise that was my fault machine $144.00 on amazon free shipping prime members. .. thanks guys for watching watch 3 video to see the machine doin the right way.
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Best Amy wine house cover back to black.
Amazing vocals. ...
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