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Hearthstone - Warlock - Handlock Variation
Testing a new variation on handlock. Meta is too strong right now, so I'm testing in casual. But it's pretty cool.
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Hearthstone - Priest - Synergy Deck
My new Synergy deck in action. Kinda had a major misplay very early on...but ends up working out pretty well. Still getting the hang of Cho...he so rarely shuffles in!
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Emma's buckets
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Hearthstone - Priest Synergy - Yogg vs C'Thun
Battle of the Old Gods. Which is greater....
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Hearthstone - Dragon Warrior vs Zoolock
The meta shift has drawn me to start playing Dragon Warrior. I switched Sir Finley for N'Zoth's rusty hook and it's been a GREAT trade! Saved me in many situations. Please comment on any misplays you noticed and if you like my videos please subscribe! Thanks for watching!
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Hearthstone - Double Leroy Epic defeat!
Yes, I lost...but man, what an epic loss! First Yogg fails HARD...then the finale is just cringeworthy!!!
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Hearthstone - Dragon Warrior vs Unknown Priest.
I don't know if this person was trolling me, got some extremely bad luck....or just had an awful deck.....but so far the only priests I've seen on ladder are Dragon Priest and they are fierce! This was an interesting game in how I was kinda baffled at what was happening and made some silly mistakes just because I was so confused! Please comment and subscribe if you like watching my videos!
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Hearthstone - Dragon Warrior - Weapons Variation
After playing the standard Dragon Warrior deck for a couple weeks I noticed a few things. One. Deathwing does nothing. He clears board....and 99% of the time dies the next turn. The other thing I noticed is that Ragnoros tends to get 8 RNG off....then he's dead the next turn too. I also noticed that there were more than enough dragons to eliminate the Faerie dragon, since it seems to only be there to have more chance of having one in your hand. Also the second Ghoul only ended up sitting in my hand because I would rather not flame all my minions half the time, because they are hard to keep on board as it is. Since I found myself with tons of dragons in my hand all the time (since the buffed cards are better) and the above stated problems plagued me, I decided a different path would be best. Firstly. I replaced evil classic Deathwing with the new old gods Deathwing Dragon Lord. That way if I get into a jam I can drop him....if he gets killed I will get 2-3 dragons on board to replace him next turn, if the enemy is scared of the cards in my hand...he may actually have a chance of attacking for once! Secondly. I have weapons at each layer of curve. This makes board control so much easier. They are also very incremental. For first draw there is N'zoth's First Mate. Every time I draw him first hand he gets out, on average 6 DMG. He's a 1/1, sure...but if you go first, even the mage can't take him out...so as a body he gets one DMG almost every time. If you get other things on board that are more aggressive, he gets additional hits. He can easily survive to turn 3 or 4 having done, combined with the rusty hook, a fireball's worth of damage. Of course there is the trusty War Axe. But the weaponsmith provides a 3/3 body and a 2/2 weapon at the midrange turn if needed. Upgrade is great for a turn 1 weapon or to enhance any other weapon. Rag is replaced with Gorehowl. This ensures 7 DMG first turn....during your turn, and many more attacks following. If you have Gorehowl and Upgrade at turn 8....that's a non-RNG Rag. Please comment with misplays or suggestions...but before dismissing this idea....give it a shot. Decklist: https://goo.gl/photos/nP65yqwCWsGb8XAn9
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Emma at mygym
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Hearthstone - Warlock - TGT Zoolock
Modified version of a standard Zoolock. Same curve but less bloat and more perm buffs. Still working on getting it able to defend against larger early Druid attacks.
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Hearthstone - Token Druid w/Yogg - Double Fandral!
I'm still getting used to this deck. It's SO FUN. The strategy potential is thru the roof and it can be deadly powerful at control. https://tempostorm.com/hearthstone/decks/token-druid-standard-meta-snapshot-july-31-2016
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Emma being too cute
Cute kid caught being cute
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Hearthstone - Taunt Warrior
Playtesting a Taunt Warrior. Been pretty successful so far. Deck List https://goo.gl/photos/3Tghw7EXGoJCqhm77
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Hearthstone - Reno Jackson Killer
Hearthstone Ranked Destroyed many versions of Reno
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Warlock Dread Stable - A brutal match!
Warlock Dread Stable Vs C'Thun Druid. The flock of ponies NEARLY comes out. Still a brutal fight! Sorry for no music. App screwed up and disabled music before I knew it.
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Warlock - Dread Stable - Reno Humiliation
A really bad misplay leads to a very interesting ending.
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Hearthstone Arena Run
First arena run using Heartharena. Sorry I didn't record the draft. Still getting used to the software on PC. I'll finish this run tomorrow. 4-1 so far!
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Hearthstone Arena - Priest
Hearthstone Arena Deck - Priest FTW. I'm not very good at Arena drafting...I have NEVER seen a single legendary...even tho I play against many. This was actually a pretty decent match tho!
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Emma bike ride
Emma's new bike!
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Hearthstone - Dragon Warrior - Perfect Curve Match
Could this game have been any more perfectly on curve????
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Hearthstone Arena Run Part 2
Well, it's the best I've ever done! Once I get more gold I'll go for a bigger run!
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Hearthstone - Tug - of - War: Cho Edition
Thought I would throw a Cho to collect some spells since my deck was getting thin. Turned into a pretty hilarious misplay.
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2017 Sizzle Reel
Updated 2017 reel
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Hearthstone - Priest - Synergy Deck - Yogg FTW
A horrible start leads to a Yogg end!
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Hearthstone - Priest - Synergy Deck - OTK
He spent so much time clearing board he forgot to consider what another priest might have been holding the whole time....
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Hearthstone - Steel Dragon Warrior - 3 win streak
My twist on Dragon Warrior. Removes a lot of the slowdowns and adds weapons. There are enough weapons to go aggro if needed, or play control. It's playing quite well. Decklist: https://goo.gl/photos/hP4jEfKjvnrSGXXX8
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