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Silkair A320 Flight from Singapore to Cebu via Kalibu MI599 Part 1
U maybe asking, Are you taking the 737? No. It is a A320. My 90 time ride airbus. Was it Boracay that your talking about? Yes but The plane landed in Cebu via Kalibu
GeneralGaming7274 20 Sub Special part 1
Sorry to copy top gear's intro. Please ignore the backround sounds. THANK YOU FOR 20 SUBSCRIBERS!!!!😀😀😀😀
Singapore Air Boeing 787 (Singapore to New York) part 1/6
wanna get more news. All you gotta do is hit the subscribe button then click on the bell. then tick send me all notifications for this channel. click save and DONE! the flight started at 7:45p.m. GMT+8 time. I was in a rush because I don't wanna be late. Take note that this is part 1/6. Roblox cannot video the whole thing so I will upload more part later all recordings taken: Today Flight number: SA05 Class: Economy
(Roblox Flight) Singapore Air 787 (singapore to new york) Part 2/6
This is the rush of me part 2/2 also I have to be afk in one of the parts of this video because I have dinner but when I arrive it was boarding time. Just in time for boarding. If you do not know the details I will refer it again Plane: Boeing 787 Ticket: Economy Class All parts taken on: December 5 How many passengers and crew: I do not know Pilots: i do not know i am gonna say LukasAviator and AviatorSG I apologise again for lag quality some youtubers record their videos in the app itself has no lag
Kerbal Space Program Solar begins but no landing
I already launch my space ship when i saw the sun and moon almost together but when i warp to four The moon move away from the sun then i realise my ship is going down so fast then i seprete my stage and start the liquid fuel engine i put my landing gear down the engine explode in the impact then my gear didin't break :)
Highgamer 7274 Live Stream
get ready for awsomenesss as Highgamer gets to live at 9:00a.m
X plane 10 flight again
I had just tooken off from seattle towards honlolu airport but when my 777 overshoot the runway i would say...Oh my god were gona crash
GeneralGaming7274 intro 2018
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X-plane 10 flight from seattle
Sorry my voice was blur because of the noise of the plane and the screen was small because it was on phone
2 Tips on How to catch a criminal in Jailbreak
here we are in jailbreak. one of the prison games in roblox. this is a short video. I apologise for that I hope these tips are good for you
Ultimate Coaster: Speeda Ka coaster
*Please ignore the sounds I was in a public bus and people were talking* This coaster was my replica for my Theme Park Tycoon 2. My theme park, Roller Coaster Island has about 5 to 10 roller coasters, big and small. Comment down below what roller coaster shall I build next. There will be a challenge saying this: 1. Whats the top speed of Speeda Ka
Kerbal Space Program solar eclipse has begun
I put the time warp to 100 then back to 1 then i saw this i was about to launch again but i launch it Caution:some of the talkings are my brother i apologize for any videos that i make
Aerofly zuirch to bern part 1
After toiring around in taxi way i get a little drift ehen taking sorry for voice again
F1 2014 kvyat part 1 malaysia
An exciting 3rd place get in there